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Happy FridayMay 27, 2005

I wish I had a picture for you, but I don't, but I want to show you the socks I'm making out of some Cormo handspun.

Dude. I spun wool and now I'm making socks. That's WILD. (What is that the Yarn Harlot says about our obsession? At least we're not this obsessed with cabbage. Thank god. It could be so much worse.) And I spun it so fine that even double-plied it's about DK weight. Maybe a tad heavier.

And that Cormo is soft. I was skeptical while spinning, because it was such a pain in my arse, sticky and short, just at the edge of my spinning ability, but knitted up it's pretty dang fine. (But I can't think about Cormo without thinking P0rno, which is what Lala heard when my friend Deanna and I raced off to track it down in Maryland. The P0rno fiber. Oh, yeah, baby.)

This weekend: The Whoreshoes are playing the 5th Ave. Marina at the Oakland Embarcadero on Saturday afternoon. Come on by if you're in the area, and hoot and holler a bit. I'll also be relaxing. It's been a long week, and I some TiVo to catch up on. Can't WAIT. (Originally typed Can't WATI, which is accurate. I don't think I can wati at all.)

And I wrote. Woot!


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In a way, isn't it *all* porno fiber?

Not even a camera phone pic? ;(

Glad you wrote. Have a fabulous weekend.

the cormo IS amazing....
glad to hear you were able to conquer the
shortness of the fiber...
look at YOU, spinning SOCK yarn.
and Writing.
I'm turning a catrwheel for you....

Can't WATI. tee hee. I love funny typos.

I wanna see the Whoreshoes play! When's the tour to Athens, GA????

Have a great weekend!

We're all watiing for you to show us the pics of your socks and yarn - it's amazing that it was a short while ago you started to spin and now...

You're making me feel like a total slacker. The icing on the cake would have been picture. I guess you really are my friend after all.
Thanks, I feel better. ;-)

Wow! THIN yarn? Cormo? What a gal! That Joy wheel is aptly named...

Handspun socks! Fantastic! Do you have the Twisted Sisters book yet? If not, check it out. You'll love it.

(And I love you! MWAH!)

"At least we're not this obsessed with cabbage."

Ok, where do I send the bill for the keyboard that I just spit coffee all over??? :-)

Mheh. I almost AM this obsessed with cabbage and all things cruciferous. He Who Is In Much Less Shit Of Late will, however, only eat cabbage under the direst of circumstances.

Hmm, wonder how mr. smartypants would feel about a great big plate of boiled GREEN COTTON??


Sorry. Graveyard shift. Forgive me.

And kudos on the sock yarn. I'm still at the "big fat lumpy worms" stage.

With the cabbage it would really be the smell wouldn't it? Not the space or the rabbits......it would be the smell.

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