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How I Keep All the Fiber For MyselfMay 12, 2005

Or "Rachael eats the other bloggers."


Proof that y'all usually only see the good pictures, since my camera is the only one that takes decent pictures of me. But this unflattering one that Lala took? Too good to pass up. This is how I got out of the festival with all that fiber for myself. Don't tell, but I knocked over several of the smaller bloggers and ran off with their fiber, too.... Doesn't Carrie look scared?


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Okay, that's hilarious! With the haul you took in Maryland, I would have taken other bloggers down to protect it, too. And, can I just say, that in that picture I have monstrous hands...My hand is as big as Carrie! :-)

Go, Rachel! What's everyone behind you looking at so intently...other than lots of awesome fibery goodness?

"RooooOOOOOOOOOAAAAAArrrrrr!" I can hear Attenborough narrating the scene now.

What ARE they staring at?

I'm so laughing at that face your making! I'll be sure to steer clear of your and your fiber!

That picture is hilarious! But jeez, you had precious fiber to protect, I woulda been all BAAAAAACK OOOOOOFFF, too!

I adore the pic of you spinning in the airport, by the way. My friend has an Ashford Joy she is in luv with her little baby.

Oh man. I needed a laugh like that. *wiping tears from my eyes*

That picture is too freaking funny for words. I see a caption:

"Stay away from my fiber, you bitch!"

Thanks for posting that photo -- not many people have the ability to poke fun at themselves!

Wow, I don't remember being that scared, and I was there standing right behind Carrie :) Roarin' like a lion, but sweet as a lamb!

I'm glad I had that day's purchases safely hidden in my backpack. oooh scary.

heheh...in all those pics..I'm cowering behind ei hoping you'll eat her first! hehe (see my sleeve?)

I didn't get to say Hi...my brains were mush from fiber overload...but it was awesome to see you!

Caption #1: "I am woman! Hear me ROAR!"

Caption #2: "Yaawwwwnnnn...."

Caption #3: "You think I have ENOUGH FIBER already? Oh, that's hilarious!"

Sorry I missed it!

OK, so Sarah B. has enormous hands, Carrie looks scared, I look stoned and you look ferocious... I think this picture is an all-around winner! But we did let you get away with all of the fiber, not even leaving any for Sunday, so it must have worked!

Priceless picture... now maybe I'm glad I didn't run up to you last weekend... you are veeerrry scaaarrrry (hehe, kidding - just lots of love over here)

Well, that goes a long way to explain why I saw so few bloggers on Sunday.

Too, too funny. Rrrrrrrrrrawr! Like a mother lion protecting her young...

I love that face! That's your super-big-laugh face! You're "I know! Can you BELIEVE it?! I think I bought every ounce of fiber on the eastern seaboard" face.

ohmygod I am LOVING that pic and the happy place it takes me too.. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

that's funny. haha.

Bwahahahaha! Now watch it, young lady, or yer face will freeze that way...

I think we were all looking at the amish man with the microphone asking us "where are you from?" ....um, all over the place! we're INTERNET FRIENDS!

You look adorable in that picture. Seriously. Classic Rachael happy face.

I was maybe a *little* scared of all that fiber.... ;)

Thanks, Rach. I need cheering up, and this photo helps immensely. :)

Oh... Now I'm even more bummed that I didn't go to MS&W. I would have loved to have met you in person (and all my other knitting blog buddies). I'm glad you had a great time and I'm thrilled to see all the spinning. I can hardly wait to see the posts. Happy knitting, spinning and life!

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