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Il PapaMay 1, 2005

My new favorite blog. Man, I dig the new Pope. And he's cute as a button:

Reuters photo, Alessandro Bianchi

Dr. Evil, anyone? Some believe he signals the end of the world. And this really might.


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girl, I hope that's heavy sarcasm. He soooo does not love you. check out his backstory of being the enforcer on all things woman, gay, and progressive...
ack. mwah.

HAHAHA! I love that new blog. It's so stinking funny. I had to forward the link to a couple of my Catholic friends. They're a little(!) more conservative than I am; I hope they think it's funny. :) Thanks for the belly laugh.

Shit. What if the world ends before I get to use all this YARN?

I'm getting little worried about this obsession of yours. Rosa (and I) think you may need some medication. :-)

I think he looks kinda like Robert Blake. Blech!

Well, the way I figure, I am probably going to Hell, and most of my friends are, too. Therefore, it will be one Helluva party down there!

That blog is hysterical.

W. :)

Well, I just swallowed my coffee and it about killed me (cough cough)...I was laughing so hard at the hitler youth, oop I mean the pope.

Oh, you are so right. Move the extended pinky finger a little closer to the face - say to the lips, and you've got your Dr. Evil. One creepy individual, even without that, though, if you ask me.

Ooh, take a look at the picture on this site:
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/04/25/AR2005042500797.html Now, enlarge it. I know many people would say his hair is a bit disheveled, but I'm thinking, "Is that a horn?" You decide.

And, that other picture you posted. Now that I take a second look, I swear he's saying, "Come here little boy. Would you like a piece of candy." I'm telling you - creepy.

Whew, I'm relieved. I was afraid I was the only one creeped out my the new Pope. Yikes!

High freaking larious. Thanks for sharing the "riches". Gee, I was wondering what happened to Axel...doin' tugawar with Pixie Stix? Maybe he's just knittin'...

Hahaha! Thanks for the link. Though I can think of a lot of other things that might signal the end of the world (or at least the imminent fall of western
"civilization")... sigh. Like the Porsche Cayenne. Or Tom Cruise dating that teenager from Dawson Creek. Call me a pessimist.

I kind of can't believe he casts a reflection...

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