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Knitted DinosaursMay 20, 2005

Have you seen these? Screw baby sweaters, I'm making THESE now for the preggers moms in my life. So cute I can't stand it. I like Bronty the best.


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Those are *awesome*. I love them.

And, hey, how many baby sweaters does a new mom need, really?

Oh. My. God. I have a baby nephew. I can just see me knitting these for him. Multiple times, even. Wow.

Oh my gosh, I love those. I'm finishing the baby cardi that's on the needles and all the other breeders in my life are getting dinosaurs.

Oh. My. God.

So. Cute. Can't. Talk.



You gotta check out Jean Greenhowe's patterns. She's even got little bitty knitted cave people whith her dinos, and all kinds of knitted nonesense. Completely addicting.

Those are cute...guess what I'm printing up at work on Monday?

I love those dinos. Now someone I know needs to actually have a baby! Maybe I'll just make some for myself.

Love the pink handspun -- looks just like the yarn that cotton candy you tried to pass off as roving would become! Only, not as sitcky.

i can't express my excitement in words, they are super cute! i just recently made my son a elephant, next project... dinosaurs. thanks!

I smell a Din-o-long...

Hey Rach!

Thanks for the dinosaurs scoop and link.
I have 2 great nephews who are 2 years old and TOTALLY into dinosaurs...these little guys are perfect!


Thanks Rachael! I think Bronty is blushing :)

The dinosaurs are pretty cute. Have you seen Lucinda Guy's new book? Designs for Kids, I think? I has some pretty gorgeous patterns for mice and cats and dogs and birds... I'm not sure if they're quite as cute as the dinosaurs (and not free), but still fun!

Cute, cute, cute!

These are great! I love the steg :-)

Dude, sorry we missed you, but we did get to see the lovely Kira! Dinosaurs are cool.

I like Mr. Stegs! These look like little stasbhbusters to me, too.

Too funny - I was just surfing the knitting blog world and found the dinosaurs about a half hour before I saw your post. They are just too cute! I especially love their names.

Amy saw these and now the gang at the shop are making them for a friend who's reproducing this summer. They are unbelievable, and I bet she got the idea from you, so thank you. So cut!

OMG! those dinos are super cute. takes me back to the way back machine with me living in the library for the summer and finding a childrens book on how to make felt dinosaurs. I went to the 5 and 10 and bought sheets of felt for 25 cents each and made myself some toys for fun. Perhaps I need to do some more and have plenty of toys for guests.

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