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Late Sunday AfternoonMay 22, 2005

It is such a nice afternoon. I woke up early with Lala and took her to BART so she could go into the city and be all Buddha-ey, and I went home. I had all intentions of spinning, of cleaning, of organizing.... Lala and I have so little time together that we really try to spend the weekend together, which is fabulous for two lovebirds. Couldn't be better. But the loner in me loved the prospect of a whole day alone in my little house.

So I got home, ate some raisin toast, drank a cup of coffee, stared out the window, and then fell asleep. For two hours. I'm not a napper, but I love those rare naps that sneak up on you and hit you in the back of the head with a heavy-ass skillet. I woke to the phone ringing -- a pal wanted to go to brunch and to shop for a while, so I met her at La Med in Rockridge, where the mochas are to die for, and the brunch is surprisingly wonderful.

I've been living in this short wraparound skirt for two days now, loving it, and I think it would be easy to copy. So we went to Stone Mountain & Daughter, a big ole fabric store and got a couple of yards of orange and green fabric. I'm going to try a new latch mechanism -- my old sewing machine (circa 1941?) doesn't do buttonholes (doesn't do anything but forward and, haltingly, back), and I thought about snaps or hooks, but rejected them for something I saw in their notions area. Bra hooks. What do you think? They come as if you'd cut off the last two inches of each end of your bra, and I think they'll be easy to sew in by hand, and they'll be industrial in strength. I always worry, wearing a wraparound. Not a time to go commando, if you know what I mean.

Which brings me to now -- I'm supposed to pick up La off BART anytime now, and I was in the area of her place, so I came here instead of going home. I'm stealing her internet connection, and borrowing her dogs for company. I cleaned up the back yard, pulling out tons of nasty ivy and refilling the fountain. I cleaned off all the outdoor chairs so that people can come and visit. Maybe a barbecue sometime? I can feel that it's almost summer, and while I'm not that big a fan of summer (too hot, too busy), I do love the warm nights on the back porch swing, looking at the flowers and tomatoes (I have four big ripening tomatoes on my sunny front deck, and Lala has five or six little green cherry tomatoes).

So now I'm listening to the birds sing, the traffic hum very far away. When I lived in this apartment, I loved the peace that it came with. My new home is peaceful, and I like to open the sliding glass door sometimes to the air, but with it open, the freeway roar is deafening. Here, it's just calm. I do realize that I got nothing I meant to done today. I'm tempted to lie down again, but I'm so sleepy, that skillet might get me again. I'm waiting for Lala to call so I can pick her up and then go to my house, where we have last week's Lost to catch up on. I like that we have two homes.

Yawn. Enjoy the rest of your weekend....


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Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing day. So glad you got to have one.

Have a nice week.

Sounds great.... I am so jealous!!!!

Greast post. I am so conflicted about being bihomal. I love being in my house but I love being with Sandra and she loves being in her house... we never get enough of either being alone or of being together, and that's kind of nice.

This post just makes me grin. Big ol grin!

Nothing done? Cleaning the backyard? Brunch with a friend? A nice nap? Shopping for a new project?

Sounds like a productive, and lovely, day!

what a great day. and what a sense of happy exuding from your post!

yay. pat the schmoos for me.

I too am too attached to both my boyfriend and my own space to really commit to either one fully. I love being with him, but there is a sense of relief when he's working and I've got the apartment to myself. I wonder if there have been any marriages that had two homes (and survived)? It seems the only time we fight is when we are together tooo long and get fussy for our own space.

It makes you wonder if it can be done. Each one makes you appreciate the other more. :)

LOVE the post, I think I could hear the birdies singing as I read it! Post info on your short wrap skirt if you get it done, I've been looking for a good one and can't seem to find one anywhere! They're comfy and airy-er for summers!

I'm all for the 2 house thing, makes you appreciate both your time together and time apart!

Mhmmm, skillet naps. Don't you love it when you sit down on the couch to tie your shoe, and wake up happy a while latter, having just gently slumped over to sleep? Didn't Denny's used to have really good omelets called skillet suppers? Melting cheese, melting into naps, its all good.

all's I wanna do is nap now.....you're getting very sleepy..... sleepy... sleepyyyyyy

Glad you had such a nice day! And bra hooks sound like an excellent idea.

Mmmmmmmmm... naps and alone time. Always a good idea. I spent yesterday detoxing from having company all weekend. Thank goodness for Queen Victoria and her birthday still being a holiday in the "colony". I'm still catching up on all my blog reading. Love the Koolaid Koloured spun-all-on-your-own aren't-you-awesome yarn. It looks yummy.

Honey, I've got you beat on the sewing machine front. My old Singer sewing machine, which I used from childhood through my late thirties, was originally a treadle. My grandmother finally had it "electric-ized" as a young woman and, being a bit of a luddite, didn't like it anymore after she modernized it. That old machine was a trooper - just went forward, not backward, and certainly nothing fancy like buttonholes or different stitch styles! And it would sew through steel, I swear! When it finally gave up for good I replaced it with a used Singer that I bought for $20 in a thrift shop. My "new" machine was made in the fifties and a friend of mine tried to trade me for it with her brand new, VERY fancy, $400 sewing machine which she hated. Gotta love the good, old, reliable stuff!

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