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On Writing (Again)May 25, 2005

Let's write about writing, shall we? And how lately, I just haven't? You've heard it before, I know. And in my defense, I'll tell you that I wrote an article for a local rag last week, and I've got an article due next week for a national one.

But to the real writing: The Big Book and the little book and the one that's germinating and about to poke a green tendril out of the ground.... That's a lot of writing to be doing, and a lot of writing that I've been avoiding.

Honestly, it's not even like I've been actively running away. It's just that when I'm home and alone, I'd rather be spinning, because it's the new addiction, don'tcha know. I could and should write in the wee hours at work. That's always my goal. I get a forty minute break and I could get a good chunk of writing done then, but I haven't been taking my break lately. I could get out my computer right now. It's hiding below my work terminal and I just stubbed my toe on it. But every night, zero-dark-thirty rolls around, and it's finally quiet, and I'm finally off the police radio, and my brain is zapped and I gape at the work screen instead.

Yeah, I guess that's running away.

It is, isn't it? Grrr.

Oh, my lazy, lazy self. And I think I've recently figured it out -- I always do consider myself lazy even though god knows most wouldn't. I knit a lot and I spin a lot and my house is always neat and clean (sick, yeah) and the bills are paid and usually I run some during the week, and heaven knows I sneak Lala in wherever/whenever I can. But when I don't write I'm being lazy. It's what I love best, what I want to do most. When I write, I can lie on the couch doing NOTHING and feel happy about it. When I write, I'm less driven in all other areas, and that can be very useful. Dust bunnies are our friends.

I used to get my writing done when I woke up. RIGHT when I woke up. I'm talking coffee in hand, computer on, tapping out words before the brain screams NO! Okay. I should listen to myself. Today, this afternoon, after my day-sleep, I'll do that. No email, no blogs until the work is done. And I'll tell you if I did or not. Damn, I should make a little chart with boxes or something and check them off on days I Really Write. Shame is a seriously strong motivator, indeed. I'll use anything at this point. Only I don't know how to write that kind of code.

Or I'll just keep rambling on and on and on in blog-format and call it writing, which it kind of is, and kind of isn't. Y'know?



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I guess if you really WANT to write that bad, do set a certain time in your schedule and just do it. Hooking it up to a cuppa coffee sounds great, make it a routine thing. Make clear to all around you (nice people who call youo ut for a stroll etc) that that's a time where you work, ehh, write :)

yeh, shame works as a motivator for me every time. have you read 'the war of art'? i think it's by stephen pressfield. apart from having a very good title, it's pretty good on the subject of resistance, and the different ways we employ it to avoid doing things we really do want to do.

Thank you for your post. I'm right there with you. The pain is intense at times, the shame even more so, the feeling that I'm a fake, a poser, a wannabe. But does that get me writing?

I've always said, if someone took away my camera I'd be sad. If someone told me I'd never write again, I'd be devastated.

Ugh. I hope we both get something done today. Even if it's just a few words.

I don't know Rachael, reading your post I am reminded of Margene and her product vs. process. The two get intermingled. Sometimes one takes the lead rein. I hope you find time to write today because you enjoy it.

I have a question about writing. I know that you have all this "stuff" in your head. When you have an idea about a plot, character, etc. do you write a note or something to remind yourself? Or do you have the whole thing in your mind already, and it just flows while you type?

I have always loved reading, and I have often wondered about the process one takes to get from idea to book.

W. :)

Write on....
a thousand words a day, no matter what, eh?

I know exactly what you mean about the writing thing, and I feel terrible--it's been MONTHS since I sat down in front of my computer to write (you know, as opposed to reading blogs and generally web-browsing). At this rate, it's going to take me about 497 years to finish my book! (My second book; the first is done and sitting woefully because no publishers seem to want it.) Now, really, enough of this nonsense--go write NOW! (grin)

I'm getting you a box of gold stars to put on your chart.... NOTHING motivates like gold stars!

My most productive writing period was when I was getting up and walking straight to my desk. Because, if I give myself any time at all to think, I *will* find something else to do. Even play solitaire on my computer.

I always get up at 6:00 am, clean, cook breakfast and run three miles before work. For years I felt lazy-ashamed because I don't arrive at my office until 9:00. Not any more. Give yourself a break. Your creativity would suffer if you didn't give yourself time.

Yes, what Greta said (not surprising). A non-negotiable schedule and a non-negotiable minimum page-per-day count is exactly what did the trick for me. Having specific hours on specific days when I was required to be at that computer... It turned out to be a beautiful thing. We who hate structure most are often those who need it most... at least in some areas.

That said, even when you aren't writing your brain is still chewing over those books in progress, so some marination time should be allowed as well, dontcha think?

Now git yer ass over to that laptop, Missy.



As you may or may not know (depending on blog visitation), I am on vacation this week. Since Sunday I have done morning pages AND 1000 words each day. Monday I also worked through ten pages of editing on a manuscript.

I have not done any of this in far too long, so using days that did not leave me drained of all energy and ambition to get started again seemed like a plan.

So go to it and I'll be right there with you!

By the way, yay for the articles, local and national!


Hey, girl, don't be so hard on yourself. Working the shifts you do is very hard on the brain. My husband has worked regular shifts as well as second or third shifts and there is a definite change in his "oomph" when he is on second or third shift. You'll find your time, hang in there!

Maybe you should rename the blog again:
Wheel A Go Go ;)
But really, you've been through this before, you'll certainly go through it again, maybe instead of writing more you could go back and read what you've written for inspiration as to where to go from here. Dunno, I'm still blaming lack of writing on the mysterious writing space I am supposed to be creating; I figure if I've got a good fall back excuse I should use it as often as possible.

Blame it on the sundae and apple pie!!

I am right there with you...shame is a huge motivator, eh? I will admit it is nice to find others who go through the same thing (the feeling lazy even though no one would consider you so). Big sigh...

Write away...

Okay, a girl's gotta ask: What's the difference between reallyreallyreally wanting to knit (or spin) and reallyreallyreally wanting to write, but you do the one and you don't do the other? Seriously; I wanna know.

Writing. It seems so difficult to do! I applaud your determination to sit down and do it! DO IT GIRL!!! WRITE YOUR ASS OFF!!!

I feel the way you do, except about exercise. Can't motivate. But you know what, being able to lie on the couch doing nothing and enjoying it, that's VERY important, too. I can't do it, I get too edgy. I can't just "do nothing." So let me know how you motivate to run!

You write stuff. Doesn't matter where you write it (unless it's a bathroom wall). That makes you a writer.

Well, that's what I tell myself, anyhow. Please don't disillusion me. The thought of writing something as big as a book gets me all twitchy and stuff. You're brave!

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