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PresentingMay 17, 2005

No time or energy to blog much today, so I'll use Em's 10 minute method.


New socks! Aren't the best color? And know what the best part is? I didn't make them! Lala did. And my feet love them. Happy, happy feet dance....


Treats! From Nurse Knitty Wendy, knitting pencils, GORGEOUS stitch markers, and best of all, CCEggs! I can't thank you enough. I may make it to next Easter now.

Okay. My tired ass needs more coffee in prep for the week starting tonight. Where do weekends GO, anyway? Coffee, coffee, coffee.... (and chocolate!)


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oh and i was THERE while she was knitting those beauties....

You are quite welcome. Enjoy.

W. :)

What great socks! As if we didn't already know Lala is the greatest, she makes you socks, too! Wow!

So pretty! I love the colour!

Weekends get sucking into the same swirling vortex as mates to your favorite socks and essential US 1 dpns. *nod* We should stalk down this vortex and tell it where to go.


Very cute and fun socks! And I totally agree about needing coffee and chocolate! Yes, those two items are in the "necessity" category!

Thanks for the donation. Have a fab day

Gorgeous socks! What yarn did she use? I love the colours in them. And (*extreme newbie knitter question alert*) what's a knitting pencil and where would you use it?

I'm going to go drool over Cadbury's Creme Eggs as I'm sure that the few I found in expensive grocery stores here in America tasted different from the ones I'm used to back home in England.

Cadbury Creme Eggs. How funny.
Hey, Nice Sox! Sox of Luv!

Oh, how sweet is that? La is a keeper! Gotta love a girl who makes you handknit socks. And they look great!

Hey aren't you a lucky girl to be on the receiving end of hand knit socks. They're gorgeous! Btw, are they cotton? I made some out of a similar colorway, in cotton, a while back. Don't remember the brand but I loved the color!

Better living through caffeinated beverages, baby.

Very cheery color! There's nothing better than handknit socks... except when someone else knits them for you!

cool socks! and even cooler you didn't have to knit them, lol! i'm actually waiting for a few pair to knit themselves up in my "knitting in waiting" basket, hee hee.

Those are fantabulous socks. Happy dance rocks too. Nice site and great pics.

Thanks for commenting on the site earlier.

Those are the Lala Comes to Brooklyn socks!!!

(miss you, darlin' when are you and la moving here?) MWAH!

love the socks!!!

those are pretty socks. lala rules!

Could you really ask MORE of a partner??? Handknit sock are a total labour of love. The ultimate act!

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