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RecapMay 31, 2005

Golly. This past weekend was SO busy and SO much fun. Of course, now I'm exhausted and I'm about a week behind in email (forgive me), but I'm happy-tired.

Lala's show on Saturday was great -- it was held down by the water on the embarcadero in Oakland, in one of those in-between spaces -- not really legal, no one really minding except for the city council every once in a while, but then the city forgets again they're there. People live on their boats and in old warehouses, and every once in a while throw a great big party like they did on Saturday.

The Whoreshoes were up first, but they were missing their fiddle player Joni, a resident of the marina, so people stood around and drank beer and barbequed what they'd brought. Janine and her husband showed up and we sat knitting on the concrete, watching the people. It was a good mix of adults, kids, and dogs, but while I'd warned Janine it might be a lot of hippies, turns out I was wrong, and it was a lot of hipsters. (Janine confided "we probably would done better with the hippies....") I didn't quite fit in, either, but thank god I was wearing my new shirt.  

The fiddle player finished her boat race (they lost, thus the lateness). The band was great, as usual. The crowd dug 'em. Of course. They're hot. Afterward, a group of us trooped down to the water to see Joni's new little yacht, which was lovely. Made me want to live on a boat, just for a moment. I love that rocking, that moment of finding the place in your knees where they turn to mercury and move with the water. I'm good on water (which is why I don't understand why I get so carsick, but there you go).

When we got to the boat, there were already people playing: two fiddles, a stand-up bass, and two guitars. Lala boarded with her banjo, and I boarded with my knitting. Yes, I felt a little funny about that, but I offered contralto on "I'll Fly Away," so I called it good and kept knitting.

The sun went down. We watched the pelicans dive. Music drifted over the water. It was gorgeous.


And I really like this one:


Apart from that night, though, I got precious little knitting done, and NO SPINNING. There. Aren't you sad for me? Tragic, yes. But Wednesday afternoon, I should get a little in. I hope. I've also agreed to train for the SF Half-Marathon (that Mariko may be cute, but she's RUTHLESS), so I have to get a run in too. Lord. Spin or run? What would you pick? I can tell you which one I like best. Bet you can guess.


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what a cool way to spend an evening! glad to hear you contributed a bit of harmony to the night. :)

Oh, that's a gorgeous song... I wish I could run the SF Half! Maybe next year.Glad you hada good weekend!

You get carsick because you're a cancer and we have weak stomachs. Airsickness is my specialty!

Looks like a good weekend was had by all!

Thanks so much for that t shirt link. I might have to get one of those!
The bride shirts on that site are soooo funny as well!
Okay, maybe just to those of us who work in the wedding industry, but still...

Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend.

You really doing it! She is ruthless but oh so cute!

Fun weekend! Now, I need some more specific details about the boat. What kind? Size? Peter needs details!
I hope you got that run in, little missy.

OH I loved the shirts, thanks! I'm loving the pics, very artsy! Sounds like a good time was had by all.

I *have* to get one of those t-shirts!

Thanks for the links to those shirts! Hippies, hipsters... what's the difference? Glad you had a good time, though.

Good photos. I seriously wish I had made a better effort to get to Lala's show, as I think I missed something great!

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