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Rock StarMay 4, 2005

And for being so patient in waiting for the Flame pics, more photos for you, these from the Bolinas Whoreshoes show.

Silvia is rad:


And her date (bless me if I can remember his name - Pete?) was cool, too, although this shot doesn't show his best face. I love this shot, though. I hope he doesn't mind. (Silvia, tell me if he does.)


And then there's me with my girl:


And have I mentioned that my girlfriend is a Total Fucking Rock Star?


And here:



See, the one who is picked to take the photos, takes the photos of things she likes. Just sayin'.


Might I proudly add that while she got that fab suit off eBay, I found her the boots in a window in Berkeley. Oh, yeah.

And the sisters were there! In order, Bethany, Christy, and me.


I hate that picture of me (hellllooo, treble chin) but are they not the cutest?


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You are ALL the cutest!

Woo hoo, your girl is such a rock star! The one where she's jamming and biting her lip? Too awesome.

Sigh... I love posts with lots of smiling faces. Glad you had such a great time!

wow. great pics. she is definitely a rock star. very sex-ay. and please tell me m'dear. lap steel guitar or dulcimer?? cos iffen its a dulcimer I believe I would love to have some refresher lessons from your rock star.

Great photos! Is Lala coming to MD with you? I hope I see you there - I'll definitely say HI. I'd love to hear a sample of her singing. (And banjo-ing, if she carries it around, but I'd settle for singing.) Looks like it was a great time!

Rock stars all. I LOVE the suit and the boots -- they are kickass! And Silvia is kickass, too.

OK, I loved the pictures so I had to go listen to the audio. Oh, glory!

(Anytime they need a little descant on 'I'll Fly Away', I'm available. That's tops on the Kay's Funeral Playlist.)

And while we're talking about Lala's outfit, I'll brag that I saw k.d. lang in 1986 (there are some benefits to being older than everybody). She was 3rd on a Steve Earle bill. The greatest cowgirl outfit EVER. (The young folks all start eyerollin' when 1986 comes up; yet I persist.) Halleluia, bye & bye, Kay

Great pix ! You are all so adorable and those boots are fab !

Treble chin indeed -- all three of you have the same one! You don't look so much alike otherwise, but that jawline is spot on.

Oh, how it breaks my heart to see you miserable... ;-)

Those pics are Hottttt. I can't wait to see both of you again--less than a week!

At MD, you are to walk up to every single knit blogger there and demand hugs from me.

Awwwwww, love the picture heavy posts....what a SCORE those boots are...woah.
Day after tomorrow we'll be meeting your banjo girl/Rockstar in PERSON.
I cannot WAIT!

Sil is on her way here right now. Let the festivities begin!

So jealous that you're dating a rock star :-) You look like you're having such fun!!!

Yo, can I hire you as my personal shoe shopper?

Aw how cute are those pix! The three sisters shot will make your momma's day. Lala is indeed a fuckin rockstar and that outfit was the BEST--Whoreshoe worthy! Rachael is stylist to the stars.

Dave won't mind you posting his pix, in fact he's doing the "Runaway Bride" face--you know, like all those shots the CNN plastered all over on that crazy GA bride story. He worked on that face for like a day so it's great to memorialize it...

FUN! I wanna party with you guys!

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