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T-TiredMay 19, 2005

Lala is funny today. She's funny everyday, ackshally. Today I am not funny, mostly because I'm Tired. Not little t-tired, but Big T-Tired. Cats who keep their gals awake during the day when it's time to sleep should at least be able to do dishes. Instead, Digit's great talent is to throw up in dark corners where it won't be seen until I tread in it going to the bathroom for the fifteenth time since lying down.


There. Did you? That's a sign you're probably not schizophrenic by the way. In case you were wondering.

But the good thing is is that I'm going to pick up Lala from work now, since apparently she's NEVER getting her car out of the shop and I get to steal a couple of hours with her before I go to work. Worth being tired for, I tell you. Maybe I'll get more coffee out of the deal, too.


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Uh Oh. I actually did yawn.... we may have a problem.

Although, I am tired. Not Tired, just tired :-)

didn't yawn when i read it, but did just now while typing it. interesting!

Mmmnnnn. Coooffeeee.

(Sorry. I'm a little punchy myself. Loving the home-made sweater from the previous post.)

You bettah get some coffee and smooches!
[I think I spelled my url right now! ; )]
Have a great weekend!

Crap, I didn't yawn at all! To the crazy house with me...

Dude, I didn't yawn... am I nuts?

Cats who keep their gals awake during the day when it's time to sleep should at least be able to do dishes.

haha! so true. i only have a fish, so i'm out of luck anyway. :)

Three Things: 1) that stepping in vomit of any kind is nasty. 2) You absolutely must show a picture of your cute feet in those socks AND in the shoes like on Sunday, so freaking cute. And I forget the third thing. Must be cause now I'm yawning so hard. Okay, I'm not, really.

EEEEWWWWW!! That was gross! You can tell I dont have a cat! Get some rest! Beg told me that if a person doesnt get enough sleep, their body begins to crave more food than normal in order to make up for the energy it would've produced during sleepy time. She said it doesnt work, it just makes one grow. :-)


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