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UpdateMay 3, 2005

I swear, I took pictures of the new pink Flame sweater, but my internet has been intermittent at home, and lately more mittent than inter. I tried all day to fire up the computer, but nothing doing. So now I'm at work and have only time to show you a George update.

Remember what he looked like when I lived where Lala lives now? Now that crazy asparagus thing is sticking up like this:



This is how tall he is this week. Way, way over the rooftop:


And from a distance, his top disappears into the clouds over the rooftop. We're going to climb it and steal the giant's gold. Or his duck. I can't remember. Goose that laid the golden egg? Maybe that's it. Whatever, we're there.



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OK, I know this is vulgar, but is anyone else astonished by the phallic nature of this plant??

Yikes! I read that agave "bloom stems" can get up to 40 feet high and I pshawed! But George is going for it, isn't he? Keep us updated! Even if you have to hire a cherry picker to get up to the top to take a picture of the flower!

First thing I thought of too!! George is nice... but very, very phallic. What is he????

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