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We Got The KnitterMay 1, 2005

From Christy:
The Knit Club

Oh. My. God.

Okay. Now I'm going to bed.


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Teehee! Hey this won the 2nd place after all too! ;)

Screw the New York Times - THAT was the best way to start off my Sunday morning. Killer.

I've never been so proud to say that I graduated from WWU. I made my own movie too but it had nothing to do with knitting and I doubt it would have won a prize -- my darling friends are wonderful people but they are not actors.

"There never were any others." That's how I feel sometimes, living in no-knitter-land. My only communication with other knitters is online. How do you know you guys really exist :-)?

That is so awesome! And to think, I just moved back to belingham, went to western longer-ago than I am wiling to admit, and....lived in mathes hall back in the day...must be something in the carpet glue. I do love too that the first kid could actually knit, even if the rest were just shuffling needles. ;-) what a great link!

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