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Ain't No Stoppin' Me NowJune 2, 2005

Nope. Just keep thinking of things.

Know who's funny? Marcia is funny.

Know what's crazy? This is crazy.

Know what truly freaks me out, but you kinda have to see/hear it? This truly freaks me out. I have no way to deal with this.


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Sometimes it's nice to know that you're not the only one up at three in the morning, knitting and checking out crap online...

That absolutely has to be the most original music "genre" I've heard of in a really long time. As a person who's lived in the South quite a bit in my life (and never being a fan of country music), I can really appreciate the humor of this rap/country mix. Thanks for sharing your funky middle-of-the-night internet finds.

Umm. Damn, Rachel - I don't even know how you find this stuff. I may have nightmares now.

Those are three scary links. Egads.

Cowboy Troy! I saw him in Nashville last year - he shared a stage with Big and Rich. With a 70s cover band as backup. I kid you not. That was one of the most bizarre stage moments I've ever witnessed.

He's mighty fine looking, though - those pix are not retouched much, if at all.

I started to watch the bodybuilder, but had to stop because I was cracking up too much. Folks already think I"m crazy laughing at the computer screen...I'd hate to have to try to explain that.

You are just amazing.

My 4 year old made me play the bodybuilder twice for him. Kept asking me "what's wrong with that guy?"

Oh, wow. The bodybuilder and the ... cowboy music? I have no words.

Thank you for sharing!

Hick-hop? Well, everybody's got to be somewhere, I guess.

I saw Cowboy Troy - he was with Big & Rich who happened to open for Tim McGraw. Tim was awesome - the rest was not so awesome.

dont care much for rap and dont care much for country but why does cowboy troy freak you out? seems ok too me... am i missing something?

Gitchoosome! I see a new catch phrase ala "Giterdone!"

I think the size of the bodybuilders teeny weenie makes a good case against steroids!

Cowboy Troy - file under "things that make me say hmmmmm...."

"I Play Chicken With The Train" is the worst song ever written. Ever. Which is kind of good, in a way, because that means that no matter how bad any song I write is, it won't be worse than that. Unless I decide to rap.

Oh, wow. I think I may be scarred for life.

Now I know why the chicken crossed the road. To escape from Cowboy Troy!

I kinda like Cowboy Troy. I like the song on the line-dancing Napster commercial better, though.

Oh MY GOD! That bodybuilder made me roar with laughter! You threw that laugh all across the Atlantic girl! And HICK HOP! I get hicoughs just from saying it (Hickhops)!
Thanks for the laughs dearest!

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