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Want a Job? June 30, 2005

Anyone want to work at the magical, amazing, one-of-a-kind Artfibers? Here's what Kira would like to tell you:

Artfibers of San Francisco is looking for a part-time sales/customer service person for our retail store at 124 Sutter Street. Preference will be given to those with retail/customer service experience. Hand-knitting skills and experience must be at the intermediate to advanced level with emphasis on sweaters. Familiarity with Artfibers brand yarns is a plus. Attention to detail, reliability as well as good listening, learning and people skills are important. Work schedule is 12:00 - 4:00 Monday through Friday (may be negotiable). Wage is $12.00 per hour plus great yarn discounts to the right person. Must be able to start immediately. See our website: to learn more about our company. Call 415.956.6319 to schedule an appointment for an interview.

I am pleasantly surprised and terribly anxious all at the same time. DJ, the new owner of the upper unit got hold of J, the guy who just sold it to her. And he's being very, very cool. He showed up yesterday afternoon when he told me he would, and he had his plumber guy with him, and they went into my bathroom and listened to the upper unit leaking above our heads. Man, I've never whipped a bra off a shower rod that fast before. Nothing like two males in your bathroom gazing up at the ceiling to make you realize your lingerie is probably dry.

They hemmed and hawed and knocked and said okay, they'd be back the next day.

"Oh, you're going to work up there tomorrow?" I ask, still blissfully naive.

"Yes. Down here. What time's good for you?"

"For what?"

"For the work."

"Because you need access to my unit?"

"Yeah. For the work."

"What work, exactly?"

"Ripping out the ceiling."

Oh, shit.

I mean, it's good in the long, dry run. Even though he doesn't own it anymore, J's going to take care of it all, and it sounds like they probably know what they're doing, although his plumber is definitely an under-the-table kind of guy. (J is probably scared of a non-disclosure lawsuit, I'd imagine.)

But lord, where am I going to pee for those long hours of work? The neighbors won't be home, that's already established, and I don't really want to leave my house full of strangers who might let my cats out (oh, please, not that). Must. Not. Drink. Coffee.

I have to tell you, the new owner is being great, too, all apologies and extremely nice. I think maybe she was in shock from everything else breaking this week. She just looked overwhelmed. I honestly like her personality, very much. This is just a speed-method for getting to know my neighbor.

Well, I'll take trial by water over trial by fire any day.


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When I was pregnant and having my toilet replaced, I put a chamber pot in my bedroom and emptied it when the work was done. Rustic, yes, practical? You bet.

I enjoy your blog - I hope your plumbing situation works out! Knowing you CAN'T use the bathroom will make you NEED to more, of course! I noticed your LMM button. I just went to PEI and, of course, Green Gables. Pics are on my blog. It was a great trip - I'm an LMM fan too, so I had always wanted to go there. I also wanted to be a red-head and an orphan, but that didn't work out. I'm sure my parents are happy about the orphan part.

Can you pee at you upstairs neighbors? That only seems fair to me.

See, I just knew it would turn out! My mama always said that most folks will give you exactly what you expect of them. You went upstairs expecting her to take care of it, and she DID! She totally just freaked out and didn't have an immediate clue what to do. I'm glad for ya!

Meep! I can't help but feel this is somehow my fault -- that by knowing you I inadvertently passed along the Faulty Ceiling Disease. Can you hang out at your old house? If I ever get a contractor I will worry about the cats.

By the by, presumably she will not be able to use the upstairs neighbor's toilet because the plumbing will be open and might only serve to shower her own bathroom in pee. (Sorry, that was icky, but true.)

glad to hear that everything turned out for the best.

I'm glad she turned out to be a nice person, and is working with you to get the problem fixed. Oh, the joys of homeownership :)

I would love to work in a yarn shop. Unfortunately I am not advanced enough for any of that. Not that I could move there, LOL. But that would just be a dream job, getting to be with the yarn all day. Sigh. Well good luck with the repairs, I hope you aren't too inconvenienced.

Whew! Thank god it's getting fixed with little to no hassle! And thank god your neighbor is cool!

What a relief that the new neighbor turned out to be cool about it. She WAS probably freaked out by all the stuff that was going awry her first week in her new home. Hope the construction/plumbing/whatever work goes swiftly.

Don't worry too much about the ceiling. It will look traumatic, but it's MUCH better than them trying to downplay it (that's what happened to me). If they tried to fix it from upstairs, they'd probably have to remove her bathtub! Once you have new gypboard & paint it will look like new. Maybe you can wheedle a new paint job out of them! And just tell them when you have to use your bathroom, they can surely take a break.

I'm glad the plumbing nonsense is getting worked out, but sorry about the hassles involved. I've had ceiling-falling issues before too, maybe it's viral.

Thanks for stopping by, by the way, the encouragement was most appreciated.

Have fun NOT thinking about water tomorrow.

I second the chamber pot idea. And, I highly reccomend locking the cats, and their litter box (hmm, maybe they will share...) in your bedroom while the work people are there. Good luck!

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