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BetterJune 23, 2005

Well, mostly better. Fever still lingers a bit, but only in that drive you crazy am-I-feverish-or-not kind of way. Not enough to cramp my style, or prevent me from going to work tonight, although I slept almost thirteen hours last night and just got up from a three hour nap this afternoon.  Well prepared for a night of sitting on my ass, I think.

So I have nothing interesting to say, having done nothing in the past three days. So I'll give you a couple of pics of the most interesting things around me recently (sadly, La's been super-duper busy, so I've been amusing myself with movies and cats and spinning).

How I spent last night:


And yes, that ball of wool is bigger than Adah. She weighs more, though. It's destined to be Debbie Bliss's Lara, I think, if the gauge comes out. Just what I need. Another sweater in California. But at least the nice thing is I seldom wear a coat here, just sweaters at night, so I actually get use out of them....

And it's spinning up (two-ply) into this:


It's rather uneven, and I'm really struggling with it. It's a stubborn Rambouillet from A Touch of Twist out of Schenectady, obtained in Maryland. Drafting more is helping, but it's still aggressive and jumpy. I think I'd gotten used to the nice merinos and this is hard for me. But it's a good challenge.

Also, I just saw this in my living room. I love my house. (And my Treo, for taking the picture. Not bad for a phone, no?)



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Hey! I've got that basket, and mine is full of yarn too. Actually, mine if full of the stalled Fish Wall Hanging that I'm going to get back to someday. We both have such great taste.

Hey! I've got that basket, and mine is full of yarn too. Actually, mine if full of the stalled Fish Wall Hanging that I'm going to get back to someday. We both have such great taste.

Just de-lurking to say that I am a fellow Oaklandish, and was driving up near the Chabot Observatory today when I saw the funniest sort of tree. I looked down at the base of the tree-like-thing and all suspicions were confirmed. It was one of Georges cousins! So I yelled HI GEORGES COUSIN at the top of my lungs out the window. Hope you're feeling better.

Glad you're feeling a bit better! Adah looks supremely 50's-postcard-Technicolor in that picture.

Well. Thanks to your boasting (and the quality of those camera pics), I spent too much $$ and bought my own Treo 650. Shhhh...don't tell the hubby, yet...I can't wait to get it in the mail. Woohoo! New toy. Any hints from the 600 that I should know about?

Cats snuggling is the most cheering-upest thing on earth, don't you think? Whenever my cat's balled up in the window, fat haunches barely on the ledge, I can't help but smile. :)

I am desperate to learn to spin BTW; how much was your wheel? (I really want a Kromsky Mazurka, mostly because it looks like a torture device!)

(ignore the seemingly whiney bits)
WAH! I wanna come and sit and spin and snuggle the cats. *sigh. it all looks so very relaxing.

Hey I have that same basket too !
Full of yarn of course. It sits on my dresser full of yarn desigated for baby things. I got mine at Marshalls in Boston, I know you shop at Marshalls, too Ms. Claudia !

Glad to hear you're feeling mostly-better. And I envy you your natural light; what a lovely sunny spot to sit bent over the wheel, if you can get the cat out of the chair.

Glad to hear your feeling better - the treo is a goddess!

keep feeling better, monkey-monk...toe? what toe? heh.

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