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June 20, 2005

Bleah. I'm feeling just the littlest bit queasy, and my stomach is upset. I'm not sure what to chalk it up to: It may just be that I'm tired, even though I got plenty of sleep. We had a great day yesterday, lying in the (really hot) sun in Stern Grove in San Francisco, listening to Lucinda Williams and John Doe play a concert for FREE. Well, I'm sure they got paid for it. But we didn't pay, nope.

And man, were there a lot of people. Luckily, we knew friends of friends of friends who got there at ten in the morning for the two o'clock show, and got great seats. We brought things to do:


That's the Herron Mandola, the mandola that my dad manufactures. Anyone interested, let me know and I'll put you in contact with him.  It's got a sweet, sweet tone....

I brought knitting, and only knit about three rows. It was so friggen HOT. Lala was happy, cold-blooded thing that she is. I was pretty happy, but for a little while I was miserable and went into the shade to cool off. I run so much hotter than most people, and I don't like getting overheated. That's why I think my general malaise today has something to do with yesterday. Plus I believe there was a bottle of hot tequila being passed around. Note: Tequila should be warm at most. Hot is just asking for trouble.

So I'm off to laze about some more. One more picture for your WTF file:


It's seriously a book of short linked period romances, with the same cats romping through each story. As near as I can tell, that is. Did you ever?


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Weird is good. When your book comes out, it should have a weird but fun cover too!

Um, no, I never. I... the book... wow.

All that sun and tequila will dehydrate you, and I've gotten queasy before from inadequate hydration levels. So here's some [Gatorade] and a big glass of [water] - lie down and take it easy a bit, okay? ;)

Well, that's no Danielle Steele. :) I hope you are feeling better.

Even I say that's pushing it.

It sounds like great fun, even with the hot tequila and sweltering heat.

I miss you!

Amazing what actually gets published!

Tequila, sun, heat -- I wouldn't even be conscious the next day. But sometimes, that's just the price of fun.

I was just feeling bad for you, but then I got to the kittens and now I feel quesy. Gah.

(bad mass market paperback) MWAH!

Hope you're feeling better soon. I'd have to say that Wedding Day Kittens IS NOT on my summer reading list (and it won't be)! ;)

(Thump!) Excuse me . . . I fell off my chair. Wedding Day Kittens?? Sheesh!

Let me see if I have this right: your country won't let gay people get married, but underage domestic animals are permitted to tie the knot? Stop the insanity! Where's the justice?

John Doe and Lucinda Williams! Lucky. I read about John Doe playing on SFGate yesterday (in the story about the renovation of Stern Grove)--and I was like, "dang."

Hope the queasy's worn off by now...

Wedding day kittens scares the dickens out of me.


I think you're pregnant. *running fast outta here!*

if only you had know that I was with my friends in the overflow meadow stretched out on a blanket in the shade! We sat for an hour or more in the sun and then were very thankful when the shade came over our spot and cooled us off. the accoustics weren't so good, but I'm like you - I don't do well in the heat so I gladly traded the accoustics for shade

Um, Rachael, I have PILES of books by Ferguson, even other kitten short stories (Autumn Kittens, Valentine Kittens...), mostly Regencies! Ferguson is one of the better authors in the genre. I suspect one needs cancer in order to get into the mindset to read such overwhelmingly positive stuff, but hey -- it works for me!

On a different topic, did you see Nathania's latest post?

I'm proud to say that I never did.

Your dad is so cool! I didn't realize he made instruments.

Well, no. No, I absolutely never. Geez, what people will publish (and other people will buy)!

I too was at the concert and had a lovely spot in the shade near the stage right corner. It actually was a little cold for me. If I'd only known you were there I could have traded places.

Holy crap, your Dad is the Herron guy? I never knew. I have serious serious parent envy. Can I borrow him please? I used to play mando and am trying to switch to banjo, but a mandola . . . mmmmmmmmmm. I'll see if any of my jamming pals are in the market. I bet that was one amazing show. We're on the way to see Del McCoury and Old Crow Medicine Show tonight.

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