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GAWKsJune 25, 2005

Whew. It's sure a good thing that I hopped on that supersonic jet this morning when I got off work. Otherwise I'd still be in Oakland for Pride weekend in the Bay Area, and we all know how AWFUL that can be. Dreadful. All those proud people. Humph. We sniff.

No, thank goodness I'm in Brooklyn with my girls.


Well, shoot. (I did however, answer my wonder-some phone while in front of Trader Joe's last night, and talked to all three of my gorgeous ladies. All in the same country! Who would have ever thought?)

Where's that plane ticket? I know I left it lying around here somewhere.

Good thing I still got my Pride.


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I love the picture. I'm also amused that I know what you are talking about because I read all your blogs. :)

Oh, stop it. You're bringing a tear to my eye!

OK, I think I am going to skip both the NASCAR race in Sonoma and the "Revolutionary Anti-War March" in Palo Alto (yes, you read right, Palo Alto) but I am sorely tempted to go check out the Dyke March in SF. We'll see if I can brave the parking issue and actually go.....

That picture is hee-larious.

Have fun at Pride (tee hee, I typed Prude first)!! I'm sure it's a blast out there!

I love it! (and miss you!)

Oh, this is so good. Look at us all together! I'm still getting over the fact that the three of you have speaking voices, and that I've seen Cari and Em from the back. You're real!

I love your photo!

I almost forgive you for making me the one wearing the fucking poncho.

You are SO lucky that I love you.

Love the pic. Totally feeling the BFF-ache. I miss my best friend, too...sneef...

I was really confused when I first saw that picture! Kept wondering why Cari was wearing my poncho! :-)

Hey! I have a friend who is moving to Oakland. Can I pass your name along to her as a potential person to contact? She is a spanish teacher and will be working at a charter school doing an immersion program with kindergarten kids. Hope all is well!!!
xoxoxoxoxo mj

You are a Photoshop goddess. Though selfishly, I'm glad that yesterday you were neither in NYC nor at the parade...

Oooh, I just recognized the orange sneakers in the picture! Hi Mariko!

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