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HoeDownJune 2, 2005

By the time this posts, Lala should have already received her gift, so I can set this to post later today.

First: Lisa? At blogdogblog? She's a miracle. I scoured the internet for a Mary Maxim pattern from the 50s that I wanted to make for Lala's birthday, and couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I turned the internets upside down and shook 'em, and nothing fell out but dust and an apple core. So I sent Lisa an SOS, and she said, "Hey, I actually have an extra copy." Now, who has an extra copy of the best pattern ever written? Lisa does. I aDORE Lisa. Always have.

And here's what Lala's unwrapping, maybe right now, all thanks to our Lisa:


And the back:


Woot! It's Mary Maxim's HoeDown (isn't that perfect?). It's a scream, innit? And I don't think she had any idea I was making it -- I got the yarn three weeks ago (I used Lamb's Pride Bulky on 10.5US (me! On 10.5s!), and worked solidly on it, while at the same time working on my pink handspun to throw her off the scent.

I hate intarsia, and I'm bad at it. You can't tell from the photo, but the people kind of pop out from the back, and I didn't have time to block it. It's almost a neat effect, though. Makes 'em look like they're really dancing.

Oh, I can't WAIT for her to open it. Wooooot!


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Rachael, you left your IPOD at work...it's in your box......MWAH

Brandy says you have some really cool music on there......

Love the sweater!

omg, that is one lovely sweater! And seems like the perfect thing. Show us a pic of it on LaLa when you can ... perhaps in that pose of yours ...

LOL, that sweater made me smile! Great job--it should look wonderful on her. But you'll have to share some photographic proof. :)

Wow! Wowie wow wow, that's some sweater! Today's Mom's birthday, too. I knew there was a good reason to like Lala.

It's awesome. Lala is a lucky lady. :)

That sweater is rad! Amazing!

Beautiful! The front is the nicest intarsia design I've seen yet (don't like intarsia much, especially not knitting it). If I were as cool as Lala, would my boyfriend start giving me as great presents as you give her? Very hypothetical, I'll never be that cool. And he gave up knitting after two inches of garter stitch.

If she's the crying sort, like some pathetic people I know who can tear up at the drop of a pin (ME), it'll definitely bring a tear or two to her eyes. That's a really sweet gift. And, ever cooler because you were able to make it a surprise.

It's a scream! I think the couple on back looks perfect. So cool. You'll have to report her reaction. Fun!

That is just the neatest sweater. I think I had a bunch of stuff like that when I was a kid!

that sweater is awesome. holy shit!! your girl is LOVED.

Fantastic gift! Can you go out with me? ;)

That sweater is a hoot!

A) Very, very cool that someone had an extra pattern like that lying around.

B) It looks great!!

C) You're the coolest girlfriend ever!

That sweater is so funky, I love it! Very cool! Lala is very lucky! Hope you two have a great day together.

that sweater is awesome. i'm sure she'll just love it!

I adore Lisa too. And I adore that sweater!!!

Woohoo! what an awesome sweater. And for it to be a secret, you rock!

Oh, excellent sweater! Hard to find, lovely.

Very funny.

Intarsia is very fiddly, isn't it? I don't mind it so much -- I'll do it when I need to. But it's not my preferrred mode, for sure.

OH! That is SUCH A hoot! Perfect, perfect.

Way too cool and PERFECT! You're a keeper!

Yeah! Gotta share a couple of pics of L's reaction - that sweater is just f-in greaaaaatttt! Great work, great, great, great....

That is a wonderful sweater...funky and fun!

WOW! you rock. What a perfect gift for the perfect grrl.

Happy happy Lala. And may you share many more with each other.


thats soooo awesome! Good job!

ADORABLE!!! How perfect for her!! Isn't it awesome when you find that perfect project for someone?

I just love it!!

Never doubt your intarsia skills, the sweater is great and will be perfect for its intended wearer.

Just think of the pop of the people on the back as a form of bas relief added to give them some three-dimensional substance.!

I have to agree with Iris -- you are the coolest girlfriend! Now all you two need are the matching outfits to the people in the picture.

Wow. Add me to the list of people who think you're the absolutely coolest and caring-est girlfriend anywhere.

Can't wait to hear about her reaction to opening it, and see a pic of it being worn.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend.

Awesome sweater!! You are the best girlfriend *ever*. I am sure Lala will adore it. Oh, and can I mention that I love her name too?

That sweater is so great!! It'll be a huge hit. My own fam, all related to my bluegrass pickin' grandpa, would do well to knit themselves matching ones. Congrats!

holy freakin COWGIRL, batman...
the phrase that had me ROFL?
*I was knitting on my handspun to throw her off the scent...*
oh YEAH, and all of US, too.
you are AMAZING.
Lisa, oh yeah!
I love the fact that she and I share a birthday.
Please give Lala a belated HUG for me,
I've been so lame in the remembering to send stuff
*on time* department...

Oh. My. Goddess. I LOVE IT. That has to be the best bday gift ever -- you're just fantastic Rachael! How thoughtful and beautiful!

I'm dying, this is so cool.

I think maybe the Big Boned Gal needs the pattern. Feelin' swappy?

Lucky Lala!

xoxo kay

HOLY COW! That sweatah is on fockin' fiah! You did a great job on it, its beautimous!

Coolest. Present. Ever.

absolutely the coolest gift ever!! you and LaLa are so cute :) she's gonna love it and I can't wait to see a picture of her modeling it.

Very cool sweater. Looks perfect to me!

Oh, my dear! You really *are* in love, aren't you?

Happy Birthday Lala!

(...'n Rach...the La gurl is lucky to have you!)

WOW. Just, WOW.

That sweater is the coolest! Way to boss that intarsia around.
She will love it!

That will match really well with the cowboy hat she picked up at the Sheep and Wolf Festival, too!

So cute! You must make her model it and put pictures of her on your blog so we can OOH and AAH about your work and how much we are jealous of LA for having such a great girlfriend who makes cool ass sweaters for her and how jealous we are of you for having such a cool girlfriend who will allow you to put pictures of her cool new sweater on your blog. WHEW!

THAT is awesome. i'm sure she'll wear it every day for at least a week. :) what a great gift!

That. Is. Fabulous.

Well done - well chosen and well done.

I can't think of a more perfect sweater or a more perfect couple.

But, wait--where are the poodles dancing on records?

Oh, that is SO GOOD! In fact, it's a hoot(enanny)! Next post will be Lala modelling, right?

ADORABLE! That's the word. You are so sneaky - I like that in a person!

Happy Birthday, Lala!

oh my god. gorgeous, gorgeous.

That sweater is awesome! Love the dancin' folks on the back. Looking forward to the modeling shots.

Lucky Lala! You made that in 3 weeks!? Even on 10.5s, that's speedy and amazing and cool and a labor of love!

OMG that sweater rules. The boy would be so jealous. Must never let him read your blog ever.

It's the bestest in the westest, it shorely is, and so are you! Happy Birthday Lala!

Beautiful! And I'm floored that you made that in just 3 weeks. Holy cow.

wow! a work of art a work of love
it's beautiful

You are one AWESOME Girlfriend!

That sweater is cracking. me. up.

It's perfect! I love the intarsia couple. You did a fantastic job,and I am amazed you were able to keep the knitting a secret all along.

That's amazing. Three weeks?!? 10.5s, for loosey-goosey you?!? I love it. It's perfect for Lala -- she's a lucky gal...

Sigh, what a wonderful gift Rachael :) Love in action!

Aw man, that's a GREAT sweater and Lala will love it for sure! Those peeps on the back look perfect and I'm sure you're just being a perfectionista.

that sweater is so HOT -- your rock! you must post photos of Lala modeling it. just looking at it is making me need to go dance around in my cowgirl boots!

GET. OUT. Amazing.

(But do you have photographic evidence of *you* with the 10.5's? I mean, I guess I'll believe you, but...)

Awesome!! That is the cutest sweater, she will look awesome in it. :)

Rachael, What a wonderful job you did with this sweater for La. She is a lucky girl (as you both area to have each other) and I'm sure she loves this sweater! It seems perfect for her. It's really a cute pattern and I love the people dancing on the back, so cute! Please post pics of La modeling it sometime soon. Glad you were able to surprise her!!

Dang it, girl - You ARE fast! I didn't even notice that the yarn was gone. Wowza. And it looks heavenly, even better than I imagined. Well done, and lucky Lala. xoxo

That is the coolest sweater! Fess up, you can knit in your sleep - can't you?

Happy Birthday Lala!!

You did a great job. From I've seen Lala wear, that shape should suit her well. I'm a little surprised, though; I didn't think the cool kids knit Mary Maxim stuff :-).

C'mon, c'mon-what did she think? It's so cute, send it here if she doesn't like it.(fat chance)

That's adorable! Makes me smile. So totally appropriate, too.

OMG! That sweater is doing a Doe-Cee-Doe right across my computer screen!!!

Just the thing for the La - Happy Birthday!

Beautiful job, btw. Intarsia is always a little poppy, no?!

I love that sweater!!! what a cute picture. I would be thrilled to wear it.

omg. i. seriously love. that sweater.

now i have to turn the internet upside down for the pattern...its FABULOUS!!!

That's amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!
I'm just wondering how big it is... I'm looking for a pen, a finger or a coffeecup in pictures like this for scale, but I imagine the photos of Lala beside it and... Oh! It fits perfectly! Well done Rachael! ;)

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