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June 24, 2005

I just totally stubbed my toe. On my ankle. While lying asleep in bed.

I so win. (But if you can top it, let me know in comments, please.)

This is Pride weekend, y'all! While I don't plan on hootin' and hollerin' at the parade, because I'd honestly rather sleep in on Sunday morning, you all know I LOVE the Dyke March on Saturday night. Love it. Love, love, love it. Love the women, love the safety in numbers, love the clothes or lack thereof, LOVE the motorcycles. There will be photos, probably edited for content.

So please, think good thoughts for this year's event. Last year, a friend of mine was bashed just outside the Lexington, one of the only lesbian bars in town. He broke her nose before three people ripped him off her. Amazing that something like that could happen in San Francisco, on Pride weekend, but really, it's just amazing and horrifying that it could ever happen, anywhere, in this reasonably educated society.

Come play! Or be Proud where you are.
loving (MWAH).


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I haven't been to Pride weekend in a couple of years. I think it is great! I am glad that I won't be leaving too much of the open attitudes when I relocate. New Hampshire is between Vermont and Massachussets, so I'm hoping that they're as positive too.

Be safe, and have fun. And take a picture of the one with the least on that looks the best. Then when you get home, figure out how to knit it!
Just a thought.

I think the Yarn Harlot's got you beat today, though possibly not by much.

Have a better weekend!

Witcha in spirit, gurl!

Have fun and play well with others! We all love ya!

Happy thoughts coming your way! Enjoy your weekend!

Yay! Happy Pride to you and La!

Ohh, you have fun- remember, lots of us are proud of you being proud!

Have a wicked good time :-)

Sounds like you'll being having tons of fun. Personally, though, I'd take a pass on the nose-bashing thing.

Have a great time, be safe. Wouldn't you know I missed both Long Beach and LA Pride? I'm hanging my head in shame. March with those Dykes for me!

That's horrible about your friend...I don't understand people and I'm always kinda fearful that shit like that will happen.

Hope you have fun today. My daughter Heather tells me she often hit herself in the nose with her knee while she is asleep. She says she wraps the blanket around her feet and while she is asleep she will pull the blanket up and her feet come with the blanket. Knee bends hits nose.
She has done other things but she is usually awake.

Okay - I think I might have you beat. Googled something,clicked the wrong search, ended up somewhere I didn't mean to be... and I got such a welcome committee you wouldn't believe! The pop ups! The porn! The nasty little houseguest that loaded itself right into some very important program that makes everything work and POOF - no more anything. All gone. EVERYTHNG. Bye Bye. Turn it off, turn it on - blank screen. No icons, no start menu... all gone.

The lovely man at the computer fix-em-up store (while shaking his head, sucking in air through his teeth) asked if I had a recent back up.

Backups? Who needs backups?

Way too much money later (that was NOT budgeted for, I can promise you) - I have a spankin' new shiny computer... with not a .doc or a .xls on it.

Woo Hoo Pride!!!

A couple of weeks before a wedding where I had to wear a strapless dress, I was trying to snuggle up to my husband and I cut my shoulder open on my thumbnail. I had a three inch scar for about 18 months.

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