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June 2, 2005

Look! My first tomatoes!


Okay, that's not true. Two days ago, I had the first two, but they were almost identical to these little suckers. No way you'd have known that, though. Don't know why I felt moved to explain. I tell you, eaten over the sink, sprinkled with salt, nothing better.

Hey! It's Lala's birthday! I'm happy about that. I lurve birthdays and can't wait to celebrate it later with her.

I'm a little discombobulated this morning. I'm just about done with the pink handspun sweater, which I think is going to be nice. This in spite of the fact that  I was making up the pattern as I went, and I apparently thought that my arms were a foot long. They're not, by the way. I ended up with three-quarter length sleeves, which I actually like better than full length, since I'm always overheated. I just need to do a collar of some sort (I'm thinking simple rolled edge) and a zipper. Yay!


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Happy Birthday LaLa! (I'd best just get my lazy self over and wish it to her directly.

Happy Birthday to LaLa! It was my birthday too! :D

hah! I thought you posted this on the first. Not my birthday then... but LaLa's b-day wishes still stand :)

Happy Birthday to LaLa - and is there any way I can say, "Nice tomatoes!" without it sounding...uh...wrong?

Probably not.

Happy birthday to LaLa!

Woo, sexy tomatoes! ;)

Happy Birthday to Lala!

I'm very excited about your tomatoes.Vicarious thrills I guess. I forgot mine last weekend and they died of loneliness (OK. Not true. They died of thirst. Details, details)

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