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New ToyJune 16, 2005

Say hello to my little friend.


Of course, I only got one (the silver one). I suppose I only need one, eh? I spent pretty much all of last weekend playing with it. Thank god Lala geeks out as hard as I do -- she got my old phone when I upgraded, so we spent hours just mucking about in the new programs. So Palm Treo 600 users: Any tips? Programs that I should get? Any info on free ringtones? (Why are they so hard to find for this phone? Dude.)

It's amazing. It's now carrying my full schedule, and my work overtime balances, and my phone book. It takes photos. It tells me what time it is, everywhere in the world (why that one thrills me so much, I don't know. But it does). I bought a little fold-out keyboard, and it's carrying in memo form the writing I'm working on right now. So in my little black purse, I can fit my writing AND a sock-in-progress. I'm dying here. Watch me fan myself.

I lurve me some technology.

Did I mention it takes photos?

Miss Idaho:


Adah in low light:


And in really low light in a local dive bar:


That's my favorite graffiti, ever.

Okay, back to playing with my device....


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I heart Miss Idaho. And Adah looks elega

That is the greatest phonetoycamerathingy EVER.

Oh, honey,

Just did that story on geek knitting. You need this...KnitAble--to track your inventory, needles, yarn, etc., and Sweater Wizard, so you can download patterns for easy on-the-go paperless knitting.

Oh, and if you have GPS capabilities, you can map directions to your favorite LYSes.


Wow - your new thingamajig takes a damn good picture!

It's always nice getting a new phone. But it is also nice when you get the hand-me-down phone. After all it is new to you, and just as much fun.

Wanties. Then I wouldn't have to carry palm and phone and camera and I would have room in my purse for other goodies like yarn.

Watch you don't get a sore neck. I just got a 650 after my 300 flipped its lid. I can check email from anywhere on webmail but can't seem to compose.

Glad someone mentioned the knitting software... think of it... knitting software- in your PURSE! Right there with your sock-in-progress and writing. Fantastic.

miss idaho is such a cutie! smooches to her!

Uh-oh, time to knit a new cozy...right?


Ooh, neato! And thanks for reminding me that I need to upgrade my own silly-ass phone. Camera phone, here I come. Woot!

it takes great photos! i love technology too!

I have the exact same phone! It was too much $$ but I love it! Have fun!

hey! there's a picture of my car on the gray phone!

So jealous! I've been dying for one of those Treos. My friend Cyd has one. Sigh....

I feel you - I just got a new Palm Zire yesterday! (didn't jump to a Treo because I like my LG phone and it actually freaks me out a bit to have everything in one device!) My Palm m515 bit the dust a while ago and I finally realized that I missed it the most while knitting! I love, love, love CountAble - don't know how I ever kept track of my rows and patterns before. Have fun!

Oh, a new girlfriend. I've been abandoned to the Treo 650.

Awwww... Adah! So, when are you going to spin that cool roving behind her? New toys are always good. I'm still jealous of your flipscreencamera.

Oh, I loves me some Palm toys. (I just adopted a tapwave Zodiac into the family) I second the CountAble program. Very handy!

I adore my Treo 600! I installed P Tunes and bought a 1 gigabyte SD card, and use it as my MP3 player (1 gig holds 15+ CD's worth of music). I also installed Vindigo and the Zagat survey (you have to pay for that one) to give me maps, pestaurant rec's, shopping advice, public restroom locales, etc. I installed Avantgo and signed up to get the NY Times, and other daily newspapers which I sync to daily. PacDude is a pacman like video game. My husband recently found me a *pink* silicone cover from palmone.com , so now mine is a very girly pink PDA/phone/camera/MP3 player handheld device. I call it my transponder.

wow, that takes great photographs! of course, you've got some great subjects there. and that grafitti is hilarious.

a little late on the commenting, but...mary maxim's hoedown is amazing!!!

You can download free trials of KnitAble and CountAble here:

I designed both, so let me know if you have questions!

I forgot to mention that I have serious lust for a 650 to replace my aging Clie, but our local cellular store said that they haven't been able to get the 650's yet. The development device that I had was the first one they had seen. I was sad to have to send it back and now I want my own. WAHHHHHHHHH.... I like the pictures your 600 took, I may have to go that route soon if the 650's don't show.

Oh look. My eyes suddenly turned green.

We get to upgrade our phones next week and I'm SO SO tempted by the Palm 650 that Verizon offers. Do you find yours too bulky to talk on or to carry around??

Wow - holy bells & whistles, Batman! Gonna knit that baby a protective handspun cozy?
Really good pics from a phone. Wow, again. That graffiti - the illicit side of the ALA ;o), so funny. Depending on what you're reading, it might make for an interesting experience.

You can upload your own mp3s and create ringtones out of them here: http://mobile17.smashsworld.com/

Not sure if it works with your particular phone, but certainly worth a try.

My hubby has one - uber-gadget-geek that he is. He LOVES it. So, Knitable's been suggested. I recommend:

Bejeweled. Most addidictive game ever. Great for waits.
eReader (ereader.com). (I read a lot of ebooks...)

Little Miss Idaho looks like a big dog! Good for her ego.

I've had a Treo 600 for over a year and love it! It's a lot more convenient than juggling my old Handspring (the former name for Palm One) Visor and crappy old phone. I use Wordsmith for Word documents but you can get other programs for handling word docs. Countable is great and there's a free palm version of Adobe acrobat which is v useful for pdf knitting patterns.

I love my palm zire 71. My camra, in comparison, sucks!! I have been lusting for one of those. I do need a new phone...PocketTunes for mp3s, Bejeweled 2 for my fav game, Adobe Acrobat. Ebooks are great, too. ereader.com is my fav. I need to check out the knitable and countable. :)

i just got my treo 650 yesterday - can anybody out there just kind of get me started - i'm not sure what i should work on first - thanks

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