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June 13, 2005

Not really off my vacay yet, so only a tiny little post:

My lovely friend Christina, owner of Article Pract in Oakland, is doing me a major favor, and I'd love to help her out in return. She needs help in the store (such a wonderful store....), about 24 hours a week, and I'd love it if a talented knowledgeable reader of mine ended up in the store. Pay depends on experience, of course, and the boss is GREAT! Give the store a call to see when she'll be there, and then bring a resume by in person. Yup. Tell her I sentcha, okay?

Mwah! More soon!


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Dang. The commute would be a long one!

This is awfully tempting.


If I weren't stuck in my lease and if C wasn't firm about not living in CA, I would totally send in my resume. I need out of this town!!!! *dies*

Dude, how much would I love that job?!? But I have to remind myself: the reason I'm job hunting is to move to DC, not stay in Oakland. If I were going to stay, I have a job already...

I don't think Granny would let me go.

Hope you are enjoyin' your vacay.

omg. that's my favorite lys! and i live in SF!
but i don't think I know enough about knitting to work there. :(

What a great job that would be! Fondling wools and snooping at patterns on a daily basis. Mind you most of my wages would no doubt go to paying off my store debt so it is a good thing I am where I am :) Hoping she finds the perfect person.

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