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June 6, 2005

Oh, aren't you patient. Thanks for waiting while we traipsed around for Lala's birthday -- no time to really show you now, so a quick couple o'shots, and I'll try to round some more up tomorrow.

What Lala got for her birthday:



(Man, I'm going to shorten that collar. I tried to play it off like it was all vintage, but it's really just a collar that got away from me by two inches while I forgot to measure. It looks good like that in the back, but that's at the sacrifice of the front. It'll be better shorter.)

What I got for Lala's Birthday


(Oh, and that's the new pink handsupn, but more on that later....)


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That little picture of you two is soOOooOooOo sweet!

OMG you two are cute together! And look so happy. :) The sweater is so cute and retro. Just right.

You both look so happy in that picture, a real kind of happy, ya know? The sweater's great!

Awwwwwww you two are soooo adorable together! I love that picture. Lala looks great in her sweater!

Don't touch the collar! It's beee-you-te-ful

so cute!

I think that sweater is fantastic! The collar does look great in the back. Love the pic of you and Lala together.

Aaaaawwww.....y'all are so cute! Happy (belated) birthday to Lala, and the sweater is great - I'm thinking she might have worn it today, if it was as cool up there as it was down here in the South Bay!

Darlin', it's darlin'. What more can I say?

Springtime, and love is in the air... You two are so darn sweet. There's one advantage to dating women. If you're with a man, you definitely raise your chances of absolutely no gift at any time - EVER (at least he's a sweetie, right? *SIGH*)

That is one happy, warm-looking gal! Oh, and Lala looks great too ;)


Thanks for sharing. Love all of it.

*sigh* the most adorable couple in the world, looking so gosh darn cute, in handknits. makes me all well up! glad you two lovelies had a wonderful time.

Ain't love grand?

p.s. - I just read Lala's post about her birthday and you rock!

PERFECT! You knitted a work of art for the one you love...and Lala looks great in it...and you both are so lucky to have love that lasts.


Aww.. the two of you look so great together. I'm so glad that you got to suprise Lala - sounds like all your planning really paid off.

I'll now be patient and wait for more news on the pink handspun!

That kind of love is contagious!


how damn cute are you two!!! great sweater and even better on the rockin' LaLa. i'm on the fence on the collar - i kinda of like it the way it is.

You two are just so sweet, it makes me tear up. Thanks for the picture share.

That pictures just radiates love and happiness -- thank you! Sweater looks great too!

Since the comment "awwww" is well and truly taken, I will mention the superbness of Lala's hat.

And since everything else is taken, I will mention the superbness of the entire post :)

Yup, multi-talented...you are just too much;-)

Pretty Lala, pretty sweater, pretty Rachael, GORGEOUS together...and many, many more, chicas..

Ahhh those pics were worth waiting for!

So. Friggin'. Adorable. Geez you guys are cute! I know I said I loved the sweater when you showed it the other day, but I love it even more actually on Lala. It's bigger than I thought!

Oooo Lala looks fantastic in it...and you two are SO cute together! *sigh*

OMIGOD!! Get back with allll that cuteness. As I was sitting here, being utterly cuted-out and having tender fuzzy thoughts for you girrls, I saw the little "comment" link, that I have somehow cleverly, NEVER NOTICED!! Shows my blog saavy, or gross lack thereof... So, you are witnessing my first comment to a blog, ever. (What year is it? 2005? I'll catch up sometime..) Anyway, you two are so obviously the world's best, cutest, well matched, most wonderful couple-- it is sweet to witness. Oh, right, and the sweater? Fabulous! And the pink sweater? SO fabulous! And did I mention how freakin' cute you grrls are? SO SO cute. Warms my little heart... and the surprise party? Rockin'. You get the idea... I'll try to keep my comments shorter in the future, I just got giddy, as I tend to... You are THE Knitter. xo

That is the best sweater EVER.
The two of you are sickening. Heh.

I love the way the dancing figures stick out on the back!

Aww, so sweet.

Now, that smile in the first picture just lights up the WORLD. I love the collar. Leave it alone!

Rachael, that is so funny. I didn't even notice the collar when I first looked at the pic and now that you talked about how big it is, suddenly the collar looks bigger than L's head! Oh, the power of suggestion. :) The sweater does look fab either way though. Such a wonderful personal gift.

If you add shortrows to the collar, you can keep the look in the back while having the front look like you want it to.

Have fun!

Love suits you sweetie. It really, really does :)

And happy B to La!

I wouldn't change a thing about that collar.

The sweater is just perfect on Lala. So incredibly perfect. xoxo Kay

I love that picture of you two neckin! Lala's sweater looks gorgeous and the 3d people on the back are a great idea. It draws attention to your hardwork.

You two must move up here so that I can hang out with such hottness!

You two are just TOO cute :)

Aww, that last shot is sweet. Lala looks great in her hoedown sweater!

That picture of the two of you is the adorablest ever. The sweater looks great on La! I love the collar -- keep it!

Rachael, this is the sweetest picture in the world!

That is the sweetest picture in the world!!

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