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ProudJune 27, 2005

I had the most knitty weekend. Oh, wait, it was Pride, right? That, too. Proud gay knitting, that's me.

Okay, that kind of is me. Eeep.


I went to the Dyke March (yes, you can call it that, since that's its official name), and saw all of the people that I wanted to see, and none that I didn't, so that was really good. I watched the bikes go (O, the bikes....), and then walked to where our party place is at Dolores and 16th, where we drank and danced and watched the March go by. Lazy marcher, me. There were a lot of women who looked REALLY cold, if you get my drift. Me, I was warm. Most of the time. There may have been a breeze once, but it didn't last long, and although I've heard there was photographic proof, I haven't seen it, so we're all right. There WAS a woman in a window above us who was so well endowed that every time she hung her torso out the window to the cheers of the marchers, I thought she was going to topple out. I couldn't watch. That much.

    I didn't ride in the march, but I was on the back of Geena's bike, dammit! Halfway to my goal....

Sadly, my rockstar girlfriend (she rocks out) was recording and missed the march, but I collected all her friends like any girlfriend should, and we ate massive veggie burritos and then drank beer at the Lex, where we watched all the young hip lesbians flirt. I *so* don't have the right glasses. But I really liked the person I was sitting with, you know?

That was Pride. I didn't go to the parade, I wasn't that proud. I was sleepy and stayed in bed, instead.

Then the Strizz had a little informal thingie at her house, where I knit for like, six hours. That was really nice.




Ask me for names and links. Lazy.

And today, my girls Kira and Rachel came over and we sat at a local cafe (World Ground on MacArthur) and knitted for another few hours.


Much progress was made on my first Lara sleeve (from homespun!) but none to show, because I am, as I have repeatedly stated, lazy.

And now I'm hungry, and laziness is driving me to go out to my car and go to Taco Bell. That's terrible, isn't it? Oh, yum. Bean burrito, no onions, sour cream. The perfect end to a fabulous, relaxing weekend. (Even if I wasn't in Brooklyn. Humph.)



If there was anything gonna make me almost wish I'd been there and not here...it really sounds like an excellent weekend.

(I'm sleepy) MWAH!

Like, she was going to topple out of the window, or her prodigious boobage was going to tear itself free of her fashion statement?

Anyhow, I think next year we should all start the "Rent a Bike for Rachael for the Dyke March" Fund. Then all other hot hip grrls can fight over who gets to ride on the back of your bike!

Your motorcycle pic is cool. -And I just had to say, on the Taco Bell front I always order my bean burritos like that- the best!

I wish you could've been here AND I could've been there. Glad you also had a great weekend, you and your proud gay knitting. xo

In the 3rd picture of the 3 @ J Strizzy's, the person on the left is Nathania Apple (http://nathaniaapple.typepad.com).

And Taco Bell bean burritos rule. Mmmm-mmm-good.

I love the BART(muni?) pic.

And look at you so proud in your pink homespun! Girls do rock. Yes, indeedleedoo.

Proud gay knitting seems fine to me. But please - not the rainbow hotpants... I've only been in one pride march (in Stockholm) and there were NO BOOBIES! What is wrong with this country, did we export all our sin in the 60's so there's none left for ourselves?

You look so cute on the back of the bike but undoubtedly cuter on the front. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

You look so fabulous sitting on the back of that bike!!!

The last pic is my fave :)

And you should make it up to T.O. one year for Pride - we're a very proud city!!

Whoa... the dark-haired woman in the yellow shrug with the apple green shirt - is there a pattern for that yellow shrug? I've been looking for one just like that, and the one she's wearing is so cute.

Oh, and happy pride everyone!

I love that last picture.

I'll pitch in a couple of bucks to get you riding a big hog next year.

love that last pic.

Pride. is. so. awesome.

yay! 6 hours of knitting and the march...you rule!

Aw, I need to get back to Oakland so I can knit at World Ground. Also, I can't decide which midnight snack I miss more: bean burritos at taco bell (35th & MacArthur, of course) or the general snackiness of the taco trucks on International?? Congratulations on being such a proud gay knitter!! :)

I love the reflection in your last picture!

Be proud girl! ; )

You are hothothot on the back of that bike. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend! I'm so proud to know a proud gay knitter like you!

I love that last photo. LOVE it.

And I'm sure glad someone took pictures at my place, since I couldn't...

I love World Ground -- used to go every Saturday morning. Good on ya.... pride, knitting, breezes..... :)

It's Pride season and same-sex marriage legislation has just passed...in Canada. I love my country.

(Most of the parades have just ended in Canada, but I think Vancouver's Pride Week is still to come. It's going to be a hell of a party. Do you think there'll be knitting?)

Marie, do you have real marriage rights for same sex couples now? That is cool. We only have an almost-marriage here (for example not the same rules for foreign citizens, children, who can perform the rites), but equal marriage rights are being discussed.

As regarding to a previous post, if you saw anything cool in leather and you want to make it, try using faux suede. That way it will be soft and look close to the real thing. Without the "stuffing" though.

You deserve it! Happy Birthday, grrl!

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