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And This Just In:June 30, 2005

Spain ROCKS. Amazing.


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i love zapatero's quote... 'expanding the opportunities for happiness'

Yay for Spain!! That is awesome :)

listening to npr this am...and thought...

"I bet Rachael will post!"

Yay Spain! You make us PROUD.

I can't believe it. I thought the Catholics had this all wrapped up, but apparently parliament has more integrity than I gave them credit for. Hooray! Four countries down, only around two hundred to go. We'll get there.

it makes me proud that my family is from Spain!! woohooo!! maybe once the european countries get on board our back-asswards "free" america will get the drift.

i want all my gay friends and family to enjoy the all benefits of successful marriages and the unfortunate costly divorces :)

i have to say that i was very surprised by this. but i guess spain also understands the concept of the separation of church and state.

i found it interesting that the spanish reaction to a terrorist action is great unity. so different from the US.

And Canadia! Don't forget our neighbors to the North!

And yesterday the California Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the domestic partners laws. Yay, yay.

Hey, BTW, you can always come hang out with me while your bathroom is being torn up. I'd likely be working, but you could nap on the couch, watch TV, pick through the tangled mass of yarn I'm calling a workbasket... I can definitely sympathize after last week's roofing ordeal. If the cats can stay in carriers or in one room, maybe they could come over too.

Damn right it does. I knew there was a reason I was getting weird urges to move back to Madrid lately.

Copycats. ;P

Yeah! Seems times are a'changing. Hope Bush knows how to read the papers, see what the WORLD is doing...

¡Eviva España!

That kicks ass, yay for Spain!... and don't forget it's happening here in Canada, too.. :)

Its nice to see that there is some sanity in this world.

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