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The Pros and the ConsJune 21, 2005

Con: I'm still sick. It wasn't the tequila, alas. Indeed, the tequila didn't do anything to kill the little germ that's attacking my innards and doing a Mexican Hat Dance in there.

Con: Doc barely looked at me, implied it was the flu, and didn't even bother with trying to help my migraines, just wrote a referral to a neurologist.

Pro: Discovered the fasting blood-work that I've needed for more than a year could be done in the office right across the very hallway in the building where my realtor is, and realized that with the flu, I had been fasting, all right. Got that done.

Con: The lady didn't do very well drawing the blood. Nope. Ouch.

Pro: Walked out of the realtor's office with checks to pay off ALL my credit cards, thanks to a refinance and the fact that the creeks didn't rise (LA Times article notwithstanding). The cards have been around my neck for about thirteen years. It feels amazing.

Con: Walked in the house and destroyed the venetian blinds by foolishly trying to open them. Silly of me, that.

Pro: I fixed them and now feel like a big stud.

Con: Still have a germ doing a manic little dance in my tummy, now to a Gloria Estefan cha-cha. No one's happy in there, man.

Going back to bed now. Exhausted. Hope you're well.


It's amazing how I feel like a big stud for fixing the dumbest stuff, like realizing that our bathtub was clogged when we moved in here because the previous owner never cleaned the hair out of the drain when they moved. Ew.

And I always thought that if the lab people are getting paid to stab you in the arm, the least they could do is be GOOD at it. Jeez. Hope you're feeling better soon!

I hope that internal tummy dance stops soon. Feel better!

Sorry you're sick but yay for you for paying off your credit card debt. That's big.

It doesn't help matters that the stomach ailment is preventing you from properly celebrating your debt-free status.

Still, WOOT! and double-WOOT! And here's to feeling better fast fast fast.

In hopes that laughter is the best medicine, I say this:

I still think you should pee on a stick.

OH, I just kill myself. I really do!

Feel better soon! You stud!

I hope you feel better soon. But paying off debts. Wow! Way to go Rachael.

I hope you feel better soon!

Boo for sick!
Yay for debtfreeness!

I'm glad you've finally released your inner big stud. ;)

Get better. Had the flu last week and on another PRO side you feel reborn after getting over it.

Working on getting all my debts paid off too, feels GREAT!! So freeing.

feel better - and congrats on the credit cards! Now if you just can resist picking up ANOTHER expensive fiber-related habit... (unless you have room to raise alpacas or something, in which case you definitely should. they are so cute!) ;)

Yay for debt-free-ness! Hoping to get there one day myself... sigh.... ;)

I hope you're asleep as I write this and that you're feeling much much better as you read this, all healthy and refreshed in the morning.

Feel better soon!!! You are such a stud for not only fixing your blinds, but paying off your debt- that is superamazing. Congratulations!

Not much better, but this too shall pass.

That sucks that you're not feeling well. I hope you get better soon.

I maxed out 8 credit cards in college and just paid those off about 5 years ago. Let me tell you, there is no better feeling than getting those debts off your back.

another reason for you and La to move to Canada -- universal health care. I feel you on the migraines. There are no decent words for them. . . feel better soon and go out and celebrate being CC debt-free!

Hope you feel better soon. The crud is going around like wildfire!

Party tequila: $35
Stomach settlers: $5
Food while fasting: free
Paying off your credits, being a studly blinds-fixer, and sleeping under your own ceiling: priceless.

(I know, this is trite by now, but still fun.)

Free advice for flu sufferers: Stay low, stay hydrated and stay inside (i.e. we don't want 'cha out here spreading those bugs).
I hope that the pros soon start outweighing the cons.
ya big blind fixin' stud. Heh.

Feel better! And congrats on the refinancing!!! =)

I'm sorry you are so sick, I hpe you get to feeling better quickly. But congrats on refinancing! Hurrah for you! Especially doing it before the payments skyrocket. I must do that before May of next year. How long have you been in your place?

And good going on being debt-free? How awesome is that!!!

aww - sorry you feel ill, hope your up & kickin soon. But, yeah for kicking the credit cards - now go get yourself a suze orman book from the library and learn how to become a totally debt free gazillionaire! (When I dream, I dream big - even for other people - you will "thank" me when you're a gazillionaire right?) But seriously, check out Suze Orman, she has tons of good advice that they don't go telling you until its too late.

Getting rid of debt feels so good, doesn't it? Especially all in one big fell swoop like that. Congrats!

Hope you're feeling better by Sunday...

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