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What I'm Listening ToJune 18, 2005

Can't stop listening to The Ditty Bops.


They are so CUTE. Go look at that site. And listen here. Seriously, they are the cutest sound around right now, even though they talk about things like mucus. You can't tell they're talking about things like that (and don't be scared, mostly they're not) because they sound like they're wearing pink pinafores and sitting in oversized porch swings, drinking spiked lemonade before they go out in the roadster to the jitterbug over in the next lane.

Lala found them on a fluke when we went to Hear Music in Berkeley (which she had been all excited about, and which I didn't get. For some reason I thought they were where you went to listen to and buy music produced by Hear, the Starbucks division. Have you seen the pictures of their new group, Antigone Rising? That is a SCARY looking photo, I don't know why, it just is (and the sound ain't that good, either). So I didn't jump up and down for joy. But then we got there, and while yes, it sells Antigone Rising and other coffee compilations, it sells all sorts of everything else, and there are tons of listening stations, and I lost her completely for a while as we went our separate musical ways.)

You will like them. Really.



You bluegrass lovers, you MUST get your hands on the Lonesome Sisters. Not available many places, but I got mine from CDBaby, and they were super quick-like, which is good, since I'm a huge fan of the instant gratification of iTunes. Buy both of them. I mean it. Just do it. You don't even have to listen to them, but if you want to, you can give 'em a spin here: Lonesome Sisters Clips.  Oh, the way their voices blend is incredible, and I love the way they can move from the traditional really old stuff to songs about the bar. Nothing finer. (Maggi, this is SO for you, babe.)


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Yes! Someone else knows of The Ditty Bops!! Heard them on NPR a few weeks back and loved 'em. Your description of their sound is perfect.

Antigone Rising photo looks like they had a serious stylist who came along and said, okay, we need one girl to have dreads or braids, and one pretty girl in the front with long curly hair, and a darker, surlier one in the back, etc. They all look like caricatures! :P

Wow, thanks for the great tips. I like the sound of both groups!

Totally lovin' the Ditty Bops over here... we bought the CD several months ago, and it is great listening. We shimmy (like my sister Kate) all the way to work listening to it in the morns :)

I made the mistake of buying that Antigone Rising CD. Gah. Not horrible, but not great. Not worth the price of admission. Damn you, Starbucks!

Wow, the Ditty Bops are most excellent! They've got a very unique and fresh sound. I think Shimmy Like My Sister Kate is going to be one of my new favorite songs.

Sorry for the double comment... but regarding the Antigone Rising photo, two words: Spice Girls.

Oh, I just love the Ditty Bops. It's one of those albums you just want to pass out to all of your friends! I'll definitely have to check out The Lonesome Sisters. They sound great! I always love music recommendations.

the ditty bops had FIVE songs on grey's anatomy. so that's how i heard about them! :)

How odd, another person just mentioned the Ditty Bops to me!

Awesome! Thanks for the links -- I'm in the mood for new music. Mwah!

Thanks for the link to the Ditty Bops! I heard one of their songs on the Boston College radio station (WZBC -- check www.wzbc.org) and loved it but wasn't able to track them down on the web at that time

I'm loving the Ditty Bops, too! Sister Kate is perpetually in my head!!!

The Ditty Bops...love them. Ya gotta listen to KFOG, you Bay Area Woman...they are in rotation there. Time for me to get the CD, I guess. Thanks for the link.

Did you notice that it's just the same girl five times over on Antigone Rising? A little too Children of the Corn or something for me. I like my girls a little more mussed.

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