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June 22, 2005

Yes, I took that last wee post down. It felt passive-aggressive, and I hate being that, although I've been known to be good at it.

Still sick. Stomach flu with fever, and I thought I was getting better this morning, but as the day wears achingly slowly on, I feel worse, so I'm staying close to the bed, drinking a lot of fluids. And sleeping a lot.

I'm never sick. Unless I have something terrifically big, like that pneumonia last year, but I don't get the flu.

BORING. There is nothing more boring than writing about being sick, and it's tedious to read, too.

So instead, go visit my friend Anne at her new blog, just up, Paper Tiger Knits. Yay, Anne! And because there are SO many cool Ann(e)s in the world (and it's my favorite name, you know), you should go visit Ann of the Alpacas. She sent me some fiber a few months ago, just 'cause, and it is the SOFTEST stuff. Really. Go gitchoo some of this at Maplecorners.


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Ah, stink! I hope you begin to feel better soon...sounds miserable. Sending good thoughts!

Hmmm... what did i miss in that last post? Everything okay?

Damnit. I'm sorry I picked on you now. There's nothing worse, and what a weird time of year to be sick. *hug*

Yes, there are many wonderful Annes out there in blogland - I've noticed a great many who share my name in my travels. I hope you feel better soon. :)

Damn! I missed the passive aggressive goodness... Hope you'll be better soon. I didn't get the part about the realtor - did you sell your house?

I love your hot water bottle cover pattern - can I use it in my shop as a sample for a "finding free patterns on the web for cool little knitted thingies" class that we teach?
We really do have a class named that and we use patterns (with permission and names) as examples of what you can find.

I'm actively hoping for you to feel better. Stomach flu is THE WORST because you really can't do a whole lot, nor can you enjoy eating or moving around a lot. I suggest sitting outside early in the morning when it's still cool. It feels really good to an achy and frustrated mind (and body).

uh-oh. what did I miss?
I hope my lame, distracted email wasn't the source of your
PA snit.
cuz I loves you.

Awww, Rach. This is your body's way of making you feel better that you didn't have plans to come to Brooklyn, because to be sick for that would be awful. So get better, and THEN come out. Yeah.


Bummer - I hope you feel better very soon. This really is the worst time of year to be sick, but you are not alone -- there's a few more over here on the East Coast. I'm also sorry I missed the passive aggressive post -- I would rather get caught up in someone else's PA than have to bother with my own! :-P

Hope you're feeling better soon! In the meanwhile, I hope there is an good Bette Davis or Joan Crawford on TV today. Daytime TV can be SO disappointing!

Hang in there. There's very few things in life WORSE than being sick. But at least it's temporary! Just for the record, I did see the PA post. Ah, a tendancy that's all too close to my heart. Thus the CD site (which is back up, btw.)

Still not better?? I think you need a vacation! Hope you're out kickin' ass soon.

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