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Amy and StephJuly 11, 2005

You know you're in for a good day when it starts like this:


Steph and Amy, both in town, both at the same hotel, both hanging out with ME. That's my big, happy smile. We went for good ole David's Jewish Deli in the theatre district for brunch, and then sent Steph off for an East Bay knit-in while Amy and I shopped.

I have to tell you, I've never been much of a shopper, but I'm learning. I think all the pretty girly prints and skirts are helping, as is the fact that I've been learning that just skimming the surface of Nordstrom while you're gossiping with your friend is just really FUN, whether you buy anything or not.

Of course, you might buy something. You might even buy the very same THING while at Anthropologie:


Isn't Amy the cutest? Lookee:


Steph and her guy Craig (a doll) are just as cute:


These were taken at my favorite bar, the Wild Side West, just before Lala joined us for dinner. We proceeded to eat our weight in sushi, and ohmigod was it good. Then I took them all dancing at a lesbian club with three different dance floors. For a while it was all junior high, girls standing on the sidelines watching the go-go dancers, talking with their friends and trying not to get caught looking at everyone else around them. But then it amped up and the dancing got going and the ogling was great. And my girl danced with me. Apparently she never was real big into dancin', but she's got some moves with me. That's all I know.

And yesterday was an un-official pyjama day, so nothing to report. I spun. I slept until 2pm. I re-watched The Incredibles. I feel fabulous.


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You sure get to meet great people, I was lucky enough to have met them also. Guess I only need to meet YOU now! ;)

Your new top looks terrific. :)

Damn! If I'd known ahead of time that Steph was going to be there, I would have sent her a hug through you.

That Anthropologie top looks gorgeous on you, gorgeous.

oh YEAH! this is just what I needed to lift me outta my funk.
Cute, CUTE girls!
thanks darlin'

So cute! Thank you for posting these!!!! You're my twin now, you know?

Hey, that's a great shirt! I want one! Glad you had so much fun.

Looks like fun and holy smokes you look so pretty in that first pic. :)

I had a blast. Thanks for a fab Saturday in San Francisco.

What a bunch o' stunners...

Geez, I'd buy that shirt too if it looked THAT good on me :-)

Great shirt, on BOTH of you!

It was awesome to actually hear your voice on my machine - what a nice surprise to come home to! :) You guys look hot in your new shirts. I'm glad (and jealous) that you got to hang out (with Steph too, no less!)

Look at those sexy ladies! Va-va-voom!

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

I'm tempted to stop by the local Anthropologie (it's a Philly store, ya know) and see if I can find that top!

Glad you had a great time!

I think that you are the most photogenic person I've ever "met". SERIOUSLY!

Lovely time! That wheel looks fun. Wah. (as I sit here at my desk)

Rachel you are positively glowing you are so happy....it is wonderful to see, truly. :)

Cute picture of you guys in the same shirts [they look great - I hope you both bought them!]

I love the lenghth of your hair right now. So pretty!

Fun times!

I've been hearing so much about Steph's trip to CA, I feel like I got to go on a mini-vacation as well!

Aren't you both too HOT in that top. Dancing...what fun! Shopping...what fun! What more could you ask for?

Nice choice of shirt, you look great in it. I ogle now and then. There is no harm in that right? Sometimes the girl is so good looking, how could you not?

You know, you are just so happy and exhuberent and joyful that it does my heart good. I'm behind on the blogreading, but stuff like this is really improving my Friday afternoon!

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