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Dirty SheepJuly 8, 2005

And on different a topic, does anyone understand dirty Scottish humor? I mean, I'm half-Kiwi, so I understand sheep jokes. I love sheep jokes. But this one is beyond the reach of my funnybone. The indomitable MaryB in Richmond sent me a card that neither of us get. If it's VERY dirty, I apologize.

    "Why eye ba ba black sheep,
    Who did this to you?"


Apparently it was with all the other dirty cards, so it must be good and bad. Anyone?

And this, from my final birthday hurrah on Tuesday:


All full of Indian food and happy.

Have a good, safe, peaceful weekend, all y'all.


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I'm Scottish. I mean, I was born there and stuff, and I don't understand it. Either I've been in Canadia so long I'm diluted (I'm about 7% beer as we speak) or it's not dirty, just whoever was sorting the cards didn't understand it either and figured sheep, the Scots, well, it just HAS to be perverted or perverse or something.

I'm leaning towards the latter explanation, myself. Unless there's some guy over ther enamed Shearer causing someone some sort of angst.

I think I'll just go have another beer. You're welcome.

Something to do with football (soccer) I think. Alan Shearer is captain of Newcastle United football team, whose strip (uniform) is vertical black and white stripes. 'Why eye' is a Geordie (people from Newcastle-upon-Tyne) saying, so not Scottish as such, but pretty close.

I hate when I think I'm going to get a dirty joke and I end up with a sports joke.

Thank goodness for Mary -- I stared at the thing for a few minutes trying to figure out what the heck it could mean! lol! Now that I know it's a sports joke I don't feel so bad :)

Mary beat me to the Alan Shearer info. Good to know I'm not the only knitting soccer fan. Although I may be the only one in the States.

Lala made me crack up. Me too. Hate it when that happens.

I suppose the card could still be filthy, if you read between the lines.


You're not the only one. :)

Look at all of us, disappointed by a clean joke. :)

And that's my favourite Rachael-Lala shot yet! Cuties.

Well, yeah, I'm disappointed. A freaking football joke. Geesh.

And you two ARE cuties...what a great couple :-)

I see everyone's got in with the football explanation before me. So I'll just echo how cute a couple you two make. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Darn it, I was hoping to see someone come up with a really dirty translation! Lala's right, its truly disappointing when you expect a good larf over a dirty joke but instead get a sports funny. :-P

You two are the cutest!

Not dirty,but quite funny if you're from the North East of England.
It should be Whae ae,or similar,not 'why' at all.It's a Geordie greeting,as in ''Whae ae hinny''.
There's very strong regional rivalry here,so I need to say that Alan Shearer and Newcastle are rubbish ! Come on 'Boro !!! [Middlesbrough.] You'll have to look at a map. Shocking ! ;-]

I'd imagine it's a complicated pun on the football man and the occupation of the person who does the sheep's coiffure, the shearer...

Oh! I took it as the sheep had a lousy shearer.. and then thought maybe the shearer and the sheep did something naughty together and the sheep was branded a 'criminal'..

Whatever :) Lovely shot of you and the gal.

LOL! I like Amy's interpretation! :-)

I'm deeply disappointed at the innocent explanation.

Being as I'm not much of a "dirty-card" sender, I am in fact quite relieved it turned out not to be! There was another one involving a cross-walk which had been "vandalised" and painted red-and-white stripes....guess that one was soccer-y, too.

There was another sheepy one which was pretty funny: On the outside were drawings of maybe 20 different sheep faces. Some were smiling, some being goofy, some frowning or looking mean. It said at the bottom: "A Birthday Quiz: Which of these sheep do you find the most attractive?" Then on the inside it said "Sooooo...you find sheep attractive?"

I didn't choose that one, but it did make me giggle. And I am NOT giving details on the other ones nearby! I was blushing...

I'm just imagining the person doing the shelving staring at the card for a while...not getting it, not getting it...and just deciding it must be dirty because of the sheep and the guy. Heh.

Thank goodness Mary had an explanation I was killing my little brain trying to find the dirty in that card. Very odd though...ahh well. I also wanted to wish you a very happy belated birthday - it seems as though you and La had a smashing celebration - here's to another great year...cheers!

ok the shearer part i thought might be a reference to alan shearer (and how do i know alan shearer -- i'm french national team soccer fan) but i didn't know anything about the jersey.

glad you had a great birthday. thanks for expressing what i was thinking after hearing about the london bombings but i was in VA and after being called a damn yankee (and as a redsox fan i was offended)i wasn't going to walk down that road.

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