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FOs on ParadeJuly 24, 2005

Man! Thanks for the veggie comments in the last post! I love them, and they made me feel hungry just reading them, and I actually made a stir-fry and fed it to Lala, and it was good. Really good. Not just okay-for-vegetables good. This green shit might not be half-bad. Thanks for making me my own little recipe book!

So, in return, just for you all, I put on sweaters in a heat wave. Feel the love, baby, because I felt the heat. Okay, not really true, because I took these pictures at home early in the morning, after a twelve hour shift, and it was cool in the house. But still. I sacrifice, for you.

First up for the morning, we have the Autism Cause. Our own darling Greta wrote the pattern. Go HERE to purchase, all for a good cause.


Note Digit posing. Ham. The yarn is handspun Targhee from Maryland Sheep and Wolf, unknown vendor (Deanna, do you remember where I got it? I remember you commenting on it). Sproingy is the only word for this stuff. Okay, and bright is the other word that sproings to mind.


LOVE the dropped stitches. Note Digit still trying to get into the frame. Excellent cause, excellent pattern, and very, very fun.

Next on the Finished Object List:
Lara. (You'd think I'd save these up, and sprinkle them in posts to come, perfect blog fodder, but I'm kind of an all or nothin' gal.)


Pattern: Debbie Bliss's Lara, size medium
Yarn: Handspun Rambouillet (came predyed)
Needles: 3US


I love the effect that knitting it side-to-side in one piece made on the self-stripeyness of it. And I have to say that I LOVE THIS PATTERN. I adore how I had absolutely NO idea how the sweater would be put together, had no idea most of the time whether I was knitting the back or the front. I just followed her instructions, and they were perfect. I cast off, shook the piece around a little, sewed two seams and an inch or three at the neckline, and I had a sweater.


A little truer to color here:


This was, I need you to know, the moment at which I became punch-drunk with tiredness from staying up all night on no sleep.

Things like this happen when I'm this tired:


Yep, that's Stef's smart One Skein Wonder. (And Becky, that's the Luscious Manos yarn you gave me for my birthday! Thanks, doll!) I'm a little dancey in this one. Couldn't help it. Had to shake.

My back porch had better light than indoors, so I was out there taking goofball shots at six in the morning, not caring a whit until my new neighbor drove down the driveway and shot me a whatthehell look. I did that whole straighten-the-face thing and pretended I was photographing the flowers. Then I set this up, which was kinda obvious it wasn't about the flowers, I suppose:


It's a little big, and I cast off TOO loosely, so it's got rather a ruffled appearance. I like it, though.

I like it so much I had to party a little more:


There's actually a whole montage on my camera, showing me making faces and snapping the shutter, and then snapping the shutter again immediately, photographing my goofy laughing face. It's fun to scroll through. Not so fun to blog about, but I couldn't resist one more:


And don't click on this next popup photo if you're made insecure by my sheer hotness. I mean it. Don't click. You will weep from the Hot Rachael.


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Yep Hot, but also fabulously funny, thanks for the laugh on a Sunday needing smiles.
GET SOME SLEEP....a break, some rest, a cuddle and some veggies

Everyone needs to feel dancey now and again --- good for you!! Beautiful work and lovely blog; I enjoy reading so much. Keep up the happy work.
(Wish I could help with the vegetables; I'm a hopeless carnivore myself.)

hey, you look pretty good for someone who has been up all night.

i love the lara -- actually i love all of them.

Excellent knits! I love the colors of the handspun stuff. Yes, hot Rachael is just damn sexy! How do you keep all the admirers at bay? :)

Gorgeous, all of them. But especially the cardi, yum!

I suspect that the "Hot Rachael" will not become as popular a pose to emulate as the "Rachael" is with knit bloggers.

Beautiful, all of it. My favourite is your handspun Rambo Lara. Very cool.

You are such a riot! I love the Lara - it's gorgeous in the Handspun. Still not as lovely as the Hot Rachael, though!

Love the pictures! It's nice to see someone not so uptight and having fun, even in blogland. Lara has to be my fav! The yarn! I have the pattern for the OSW and some manos that needs a pattern..hmmm.

that is the first lara that i have seen that actually makes me want to knit it. you rock!

I'm quite sure that every knit blogger has neighbors who have said "whatthehell" on occasion. We're all out there in our yards doing the "Rachael" or the "Claudia", while our families are thinking we need to be committed.
Your new wardrobe looks very swell!

Look at you! I really like Lara. And very sexy final picture. We're all secretly crushing on you right now. ; )

Love the photos, esp. the last one. And Lara! How fucking awesome! Thanks for confirming that I need to knit that at some point soon... not that I'll need to wear it for awhile, but... well... you know. :-)

Fab knitting ! I love Lara. I really love that you're knitting with your handspun. That's fantastic !
You look fab,even in the silliest of pics.

You're the best! My fave is "Cyclops Rachel".

Lara looks great too!

Well I must say that first pic is the winner. You are a hottie in that one. (Can I say that? Will Lala get mad?)
Those are all great FOs.

I love love love them all.

I have a Lara in a plain colour and it's one of my favourite sweaters. I'm going to have to make a silk garden one this year seeing yours.

Since you need veggie recipes, I have a yummy one for you-- hope you like beets, not pickled ones, fresh ones!- If so, then just boil, or bake a few, run under cold water and slip off the skin. saute' some FRESH horseradish (1 tablespoon) in butter- olive oil would work (2 Tablespoons), add apple cider vinegar (1 Tablespoon) and roll the beets in it. Sprinle w/ salt and pepper. This came from Cooks Garden- they have other veggie recipes on line at www.cooksgarden.com . of course they want you to buy the cook book- which is probably well worth the price, but there are some yummy sounding things and if you sign up for the free news letter you will get a recipe surprise every now and then..Good luck

You are a funny, funny girl.


hottie, indeed!
Love the new flippy hair DO
and your finished objects are GAWJEEUS
As Always!

Oh, I'm weeping, all right!

Lara is da bomb, girl, and the ruffly OSW and purty drapey shrug are nice, too. So many knits! It might take me a while to get over this post. :)

My Dear, I do believe you've reached the maximum allowable FO's to show in one post. All are very cute - but your Lara is *fabulous!!* Great job. :)

They're all lovely. As are you. I'm packing up all my stash in the van as we speak, and running away to sweep you off your feet.

Well, you know. I would be if it weren't for Ben. And Lala. And, you know, the different countries and the fact I can't get my stash in my van, and all.

And my cat.

Great sweaters, great shots! When did your hair get so freaking long (she comments jealously..)

heh heh heh. Hot Rachael.
That Lara sweater really makes me want to spin yarn. The yarn is gorgeous and I can see how fun it would be to watch the fiber go through all the transformations to go from fluff to sweater. Not enough to actually make me spin, but almost.

Pant . . . pant . . . pant . . .

I need a cigarette.

Im almost done with Firey Bolero
I can't wait to wear it and take pic's like you...

Quick! I need a shower!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Wow, I love the beautiful stripeyness of your handspun. Did you navajo ply the shrug? That is one fabulous bunch of FOs, and yes, you are just terribly hot.

Speaking of which, it's so nice to see Lara on a woman with curves. I think it looks great. I wasn't sure it would be flattering on me, and frankly I thought it looked a little too much like a bathrobe on the anorexic model, but on you it's...well, hot. So, now Lara is on the to-do list. Like that list is not long enough.

You really are quite the cutie, and of course you look even better in a gorgeous sweater made out of yarn you spun yourself. I will have to learn to live with the jealousy.

oh my god dude. totally hilarious you're just a nutso.

so you started spinning let's see was it even six whole months ago? and you've already spun the yarn for entire sweaters? is the spinning wheel attached to your hip? do you take it everywhere you go? does lala have to pry your little hands off it?

crazy!!! i got my spinning wheel....ages ago and i haven't even plyed on it yet...

love love love them!!! all three! and you're so sassy in all the shrug pictures, especially the hot Rachael. HOT.

Q-TEE-PIE!! Love Lara!! Love the Pix!!! as always, keeping your faithful readers smilin!!

lovely. especially Lara. I love the pattern it's very similar to the bolero in IK.

:) that's hott shot, btw :P

Love the photos! Lara is awesome and isn't the One Skein Wonder fun? I made one for my daughter last month.

Goodness you are hot aren't you. I was really expecting Digit to be wearing a thing or two with the heat, but I see he came out unscathed. So many finished objects, I've got to know are you knitting in your sleep??

You are so awesome. Wow. heeheehee!

I love the Hot Rachael shot. hahaha!

Really cute, all of 'em. Well, the "Hot Rachel" wasn't nearly as cute as the winking little smirk one immediately preceeding. I think you made me smile for the first time in days.

U R prolific AND hilarious! "Hot Rachael" really is best described as "hot". And I must get me a lara. Oh my.

Wow. What a calvalcade of FO's.

(and... I was totally overcome by the Hot Rachael - took since yesterday to comment :-) )


I really like the Lara as well. Where did you get the Rambouillet to make it?

your FO's are wonderful and inspiring!

Wow. All those handspun sweaters. I'm in awe.

Love them, love them all. Especially Lara, beautiful; love the yarn. Pics are great, you are such a nut!!!!

I don't know how you do it- every time, you make a sweater that I've seen before and always thought, 'Eh.' Then there's you, doing your infamous pose, and the sweater (and it's the sweater, not the pose, although the pose is great, don't get me wrong) and I think 'OhmigodineedtomakethatnownowNOWNOWNOW!'

Fabulous, truly fabulous.

Damn you're cute. :) (And the knitted thingies look fab too)

GIRL! Git on down witcha bad self! I feel so honored to have beheld the famed sweater in person yesterday! I am all about your solo photo shoot. Keep it up!

That IS super hot, mmm! That lace is looking pretty, sorry it sucks so much. I have no words of advice, no one has been in sharing their torments. All your FOs look lovely, darlink. I'm needing veggie sandwiches with you. Give you more veggies and me more Rachael time, a win - win if you ask me. - xoxo!

You are HILARIOUS! Love the knits.

I also "pretend" to photograph flowers on my back porch. Methinks the neighbors are not fooled.

Totally lovin' those FOs, Rachael. Great work! This is the 2nd Lara I have seen and loved... I think this is a sign. All of them are great, but I feel that one calling to me...

Take care~

Ok, so I'm a little behind the 8-ball with posting comments but whoo-girlie! Punch drunk is awesome on ya!

And SEXAY Rachael. Breowr! Makes me think of that song..."I touch myself..." *gasp!*

Rock on, chicklet. But stop putting out so many FOs. You're making the rest of us schlepps (who don't work 12hr shifts even) look bad.

And weep I did. Can't wait to see you this weekend...

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