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HowlersJuly 27, 2005

Queer as Folk? Love it. Going out with a bang, isn't it? Nothing subtle or delicate about the show, but I love the way they whamBAM into American politics and policies of hatred and bigotry, with cute Canadian accents and no apologies. And last week's episode (no spoilers) had me bawling. Sobbing. Well done, QAF.

Did you see Ryan's camping trip? Now that's a howler, and in a good way. As is Greta's typo. Heh. Go there. They're interesting. I'm fighting the very onset of a migraine, and might just try one of the myriad drugs the neurologist sent home with me (oh, she was a good doctor. Spent time, listened, asked questions, seemed interested, roundly told me I was fine, with regular old migraines triggered by hormones and sinuses. Just as I had told MY doctor, who hadn't listened and forwarded me on. Oh, well. At least I came out with boxes and boxes of samples to try).

Adah says we're sleepy. Time for bed for all of us.



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BTW, You are a total enabler. i am now on my 3rd OSW for the little girls in my life. Great stashbuster.

You spun that shit? And knit it? Woman, you rock!

Hope you feel better. I am a fellow sufferer. I just read that a mouth guard may help. If the link doesn't come through, you can google migraine mouth guard to find some info.


Nighty-night, Adah!

Yay samples! And yay, doctors that actually listen. Hope one of the samples works.

I don't think I like your regular doctor. I don't care how cute her glasses are.

*sigh.. sleepy cat pictures make me want to curl up and take naps. Glad you got a doc who listened and gave you trial sized meds. Have a great day babe!

I am trying something new for my weather triggered migraines, I will have to let you know in a out 3 weeks if it is working. But I am magnesium (sp) and calcium supplements along with my regular preventative meds to see if that helps. Two weeks is too early to tell. But a sleepy kitty is some one to listen to.

I have had similar migraine patterns to yours (hormonal, at least once a month) and was put on a prophylactic does of atenelol, which is typically used to lower blood pressure but for some reason disrupts the migraine cycle for some patients when taken daily in a low dose. I guess it doesn't work for everyone, but it has definitely reduced the number of migraines I get!

You've got me all teary. I don't care what genders are involved, people in love are a beautiful thing.

A little roaming caused me to stumble across this sweet little wedding must-knit:


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