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Lazy DayJuly 18, 2005

My fabulous sister brought me a copy of the new Harry Potter on Friday night, just after midnight, so I got to stroke the book jacket all night (it was pretty busy and I was doing other things that night at work, so I didn't get to start it then). And I've been busy since then with a Fun Filled Weekend, so I'm not much past page 100 yet, but I've decided the very nicest thing that can possibly happen on a Monday morning when your girl has to be at work is lying in bed, reading and dozing between Potter pages until noon. Or maybe until just after noon, if one were going to tell the whole truth. And maybe one only actually got up because she knew she could keep doing the same thing all day and then she'd NEVER sleep tonight. Or maybe not. You never know.

And hey, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. I've never seen the original movie except in snippets on TV, so it never made an impression on me, but I read both the Charlie books over and over and over and over when I was a kid, and damn. Tim Burton NAILED it. He got in my head and pulled the movie out, and I've never had that experience before. I have to admit, the Oompa-loompas were a little different in my mind and weren't so pimp-esque, but that was great. And Johnny, oh, Johnny. He's the hottest thing on the big screen, isn't he?

Yep. That's all I've got today. Lazy. I believe I'll go splash about in the tub now.


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What a fabulous day!

I'm holding off on the new Potter as a reward for making it through another workweek. Oy.

Yeah, maybe, but the Willy Wonka in my head doesn't look like Michael Jackson.

So... totally bragging here. My husband is friends with the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory screenwriter... they went to college together. He has already seen the movie... I still need to go.

And the HP book is very good.

I wanna go back to bed myself!
Johnnie Depp is the HOTTEST! Can't wait to see it...I really love Tim Burton.

We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Friday. I agree, he nailed it.

And why is it even though Johnny Depp hides behind make-up and freakish behavior, his sexyness still blazes through?

I so wish I had your day.

Step OFF my movie star fake boyfriend. :)

I think we are having ice cream for dinner tonight. It's about a bajillion degrees out.

Ooh, this pleases me enormously. Tim Burton+Johnny Depp=my personal movie heaven, so I've been waiting with great anticipation, tempered with just a smidgeon of fear that somehow, mysteriously, they'd screw it up. I shoulda known better. Now I can look forward to it with unalloyed delight!

be careful in the bathtub - maybe you should bring an umbrella in case the ceiling decides it's not really fixed yet!! ;)

Ahhhh....to have a lazy day. My 10 year old son and I are reading the book at the same time. We had to work out a reading schedule. I'm jealous!

Bought the HP book Saturday morning and saw Charlie in the afternoon. Can't wait to buy the movie on DVD and see what kind of extras are included. And the book? Trying to treat it like a box of very good chocolates and I'm doling it out a little at a time (I really want to binge though!)

I am sad to say that I have never read the book. I love the original movie though. I am sure I will like the new one too. Although just from the previews, he does scare me a bit. But the oompa-loompas scared me from the first one. But I was younger then.

Ah, yes, Harry. He just arrived in my mail today. I'm all a-twitter. I was washing dishes last night and realized they were talking about some of the plot-stuff on the news...it's like DONT TELL ME! Argh. Have fun readin' it!

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