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My Drawn-Out, Photo Heavy BirthdayJuly 5, 2005

Is today. And I'm exHOSSted. I've been partying for days, and seriously, I'm all tuckered out. Diamonds on the soles of my shoes and all that. Let me recap:

Friday: The Whoreshoes played in Bolinas. We drove up in Lala's car, and little Miss Idaho had had another unfortunately timed butt problem (we won't discuss it -- it's gross, but it's okay per the vet, and just takes time to heal). But I can tell you authoritatively that nothing makes you giggle more in a car than having a diapered five-pound dog on your lap.


We had a room at the old saloon, Smileys, and we got into town early enough to walk to the beach and back, and there was time to sit up on the old saloon's porch while I knitted and the girls made their set list.

    Don't Joni and Camilla look like rockstars?

    Harriet keeps an eye on the townsfolk.

    And Miss Idaho recovers.

The show was so much fun -- there was much dancing and a lot of knitting at the bar, too. I got half a sock done between carousing on the dance floor. It's a small town, with all the reg'lars you'd find anywhere else, plus a special bunch of purely Bolinas people, people born and raised on the beach, in the water, eating organically and smoking the same way. The owner of the cafe opened up just for us after the show was over and made root beer floats and quesadillas for everyone, band and entourage, which at that point was about fifteen strong. I never knew a quesadilla could taste that good.

Crashed late that night, and overslept my surf-call, which was Camilla yelling from the front porch, which was okay, because it was overcast and foggy and cold and I didn't feel like learning to surf half-hungover. So we went to the beach and sat and watched, and I have to admit that by the end of the day I rather regretted not learning -- the waves were so low and mild that you could walk out to the break. I think it would be easier to learn in stand-able water. But another time. I did have a great time sitting on the blanket with friends, knitting on the Lara sweater, hugging on the Lala person.

    For warmth, you know.

    There were other knitters among us.

    With the Scary 4th of July Bear

So we got up and brushed off and walked back into town, meaning to head right for Dharma Trading to look at fiber dyeing supplies, but we ran into Steve and Alena who had been busking, but the busking turned into jamming.



    Note the wee dog.

So we got to Dharma Trading a little late that day....

The next day, Sunday, was my partay. I had invited everyone I liked that I could remember, and if you weren't invited, I just forgot, that's all, no ill intent. I thought a few people would show up for dinner, but dude. Twenty people showed! We had the whole back side of Chachacha, and part of the bar.


But all this skin is part of my party, so I was happpppy. (Note how hot Lala looks in her blue suit, talking to Camilla.....) I made a rule that everyone had to dress UP (since, really, when do you get to really dress up anymore besides company Christmas parties, and those blow, we all know), and everyone did. I was thrilled. Everyone looked like a million fucking bucks. It was a beautiful thing.

Then there was dancing and seriously expensive drinks with umbrellas over at the Tonga Room, where the band is on a floating boat in the middle of a lagoon and there's a thundershower every hour. Then we moved on to Encore Karaoke on California Street, where we had a BLAST. As someone said (bless me if I can remember who), "all your friends are good looking AND they can all sing!). Well, yeah. Of course. There was a great moment when Nathania was up, singing an Alannis Morrisette song, and our whole table turned around saying, "Is that really her? Really?" She's fab. And Celia? Great voice AND she yodeled. Just for me. The entire bar went nutso. And she brought knitting:

    My gorgeous sis in the background.

    Oh, yeah.

We closed the bar down. Oy. So we got to bed REALLY late. The next morning, the 4th of July, we woke early after about four hours of sleep and drove up to the Russian River where we went canoeing!

Have you ever done that? Really? Why haven't I? You get in the canoe, spend the next four-ish hours going down the river, stopping to eat and play in the water, and then you paddle some more. At the end, you get out and take the shuttle back up to your car. Totally worth the $30. Burke's Canoes. I'm telling you. No photos, since I was convinced we would capsize and I didn't want to risk my baby, little Treo, getting wet.

The best part of the canoeing was that I learned I'm a bigbig stud. Apparently knitting has given me more arm muscles than I thought, because whenever I paddled, I spun the canoe. I think Lala was a little irritated at first. But eventually we traded spots and I was in the back, steering more than paddling. Just floating down, leisurely. One of my new favorite things to do.

And then when we got home, fireworks! Seen from the Emeryville marina, no parking problems, just walked in and watched the Oakland, Emeryville and Berkeley fireworks. I heart fireworks. Majorly. I can't even tell you how stupidly giddy they make me.

And today is the actual birthday, and I'm being lazy and not doing anything I don't want to, so I'm going to spin and read and take a bath and later go out to dinner. It's the most drawn-out, best birthday EVER. And Lala got me this:


Exactly, prezackly what I wanted, lusted for, and couldn't justify buying. Oh, she's good. And Mom sent me this:


which has patterns like this:


I'm so lucky. I know it, think about it, every single dern day. I do. And thanks for reading. Y'all are a great part of my birthday, too. Thirty-three! That's three times my favorite number! Woooot!


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Now THATS how to celebrate a birthday! Happy Birthday!!

Sounds like a FANTASTIC celebration! Happy, happy birthday! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy happy birthday!

(and I have to say that one of the best parts of working at Commuknity with Nathania is that she'll often sing along to whatever we're playing in the store at the moment. She's so lovely!)

Happy Birthday for real, darlin'. Had the time of my life the other nite. MWAH right back atcha!

Thanks for sharing a bit of your birthday with us! Here's to a year full of your favorite things (times three)!

Happy BDay! What a fantastic way to celebrate your special day! Woo hoo!

Happy Birthday Baby !!

You know what? Ms Lala looks like she's darned good for you. Congrats on the b-day, ya young whippersnapper.

Happy birthday! That's a lot of fun to pack into a weekend - did it feel like the hoopla on the 4th was just for you?

Happy Birthday Rachael. sounds like a wonderful time 'cept for the poor dog's bum.

Happy birthday! It sounds like you were well celebrated. Fun!

What a cool birthday celebration! My hat's off to you & yours! (And happy birthday, by the way.)

- Carolyn B.

Happy Birthday! What are you going to do next year?

Happy, happy Birthday! I can't believe I forgot to say it earlier. Sounds like you had the best drawn-out birthday, hope the remainder of the actual is at least as much fun.

Enjoy 33!

Happy, happy birthday Rachael! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend too. Oh, and might I add, you're born in the best month!

Happy birthday!! Oof, what a time you had.

Happy Wonderful Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday...

Thanks so much for sharing your adventure and lovely memories!

*That* is a fabulous birthday. Have a year as wonderful as its start.

the schmoo pics are SO CUTE. Poor schmoo butt problems.
and oh, how I wish I had been at the karaoke. I woulda sung you a song, bay-bee. I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful time, and happy freakin' birthday!

p.s. the Whoreshoes are ALL HOT.

OMG you were a MILE from my house when you were on the Russian River and you didn't write, you didn't call.. waaaaaaaa!
Okay well, you didn't KNOW either, but now you do!

Next time you'll have to let me know, promise!? I'll show ya some G'ville hospitality!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday lady! I am so glad that you have had such an amazing birthday, you sure know how to do it up right! May the magical birthday faerie continue to grant your birthday wishes!!!
Smiles and a big birthday hug~Michelle

Happy, Happy Birthday Rachael! Wishing you a day of love and joy! Sounds like you've already rang in the birthday. Rest up and do whatever you want.

I'm singing you happy birthday right now, with nine minutes left of Tuesday for me...glad I didn't wait til tomorrow to catch up on my reading! If only you could hear me all the way on the opposite side of the country...

Awww, and how great to get to not just have a birthday, but to get to have it over a holiday weekend! In the summertime! Fabulous. Happy, happy, happy! And many, many, many more!

Wow, what a awesome celebration - Happy Birthday!

And I was so taken by the picture of the sweater in the book you got from your mom I immediately hunted one down online.

You know, you just HAVE to love a person who carries their dog in a Snugli??? But I guess you knew that :)

Happy 33rd Rachael!! May it be the VERY BEST year yet!

Dude! Your birthday party was so much fun! I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I heart you, sweetpea!

Glad you had a Happy Birthday! You deserve it because you have a great blog!

Happy Birthday! I've recently become 33 as well and have to say that it's a great number! Looks like you had a fab birthday!

Always late to the party, that's me. Very happy belated bithday!

I'm later than Wendy...a wicked happy wicked belated birthday to you...and that little slinky short sleeve cardigan number in the pattern book...I love it! Glad to vicariously live your good time, and really sorry for poor miss Diaper-Butt.

Sounds like you had an AWESOME weekend! As well you should, on your birthday! Happy belated!

Oh, baby, you deserved such a great time like that. I love all the pix (the one of the two of you and the one with Lala playing guitar with Miss Idaho in her snugli especially). I wish I coulda been there. Sniff. Happy birthday again--could this year be any better than LAST year?

i'm glad to see you've already had so much birthdayish fun. have a good one...

Happy Birthday, pretty grrl!
It's gonna be a terrific year for you, chica.

Birthdays are so wonderful! Here's to many more!

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a faboo time :)

Happy, Happy Birthday!! Hope it was as fun as it looks!

What a blast! (Celia can yodel? Love it.) Happy 33rd, my dear! Fabulous!

Happy birthday! Canoeing, huh? I LOVE canoeing. Sounds like the perfect birthday weekend. Your b-day and a national holiday all rolled into one nifty little package. Happy 11x3!!

Congrabulations!!!!! (not a typo, a funny word)

Sounds great.

Happy belated B-day (and I hope the day after is great too!)

Belated Happy Birthday Rachael!

Belated Happy Birthday Rachael!

Happy belated! What a wonderful time you had. The best birthday I ever had was my 16th and when I went to Graceland (my aunt's idea). But nowadays, it's just another day. I am glad yours wasn't.


Happy, Happy Birthday Rach!
Wishing you all the happiness your BIG, sweet heart can stand!

Glad you had wonderful birthday! Good friends, good food (drink), good music; what more could you want?

Happy happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Happy birthday, girlie! You're a year behind me ;) Sounds like you had the best birthday ever!

Happy happy! You're just a few weeks younger than me. So far I'm enjoying 33--hope you do too.

Woohoo! What a great birthday -- 5 whole days of it! Thanks for inviting me; I had a marvelous time.

And I love that cabled cardigan from the book your mama sent...

A belated

*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !

You had a fantastic time,didn't you ? Fab !

Happy Birthday Rachael! I'm sorry I missed it. Now go rest up! You are the official Party Animal.

Happy Birthday! 33 is a good year--enjoy!

Happy Birthday Rachael!!! Great photos, sounds like an awesome day. :) xox

Happy next day after your birthday day!! (and a get-well smooch to Miss Idaho and her sore tushie)

Belated birthday wishes from Sweden! (Unfortunately the time difference isn't large enough for me to blame the lateness on...)

You only got the birthday celebration you deserved! And thank you so much for brightening my day by letting me read about it!

Many warm hugs from one of your biggest blog-fans!

Happy Belated Birthday!! Clearly, a great time was had by all. It's great to live vicariously.

Enjoy 33, as I recall, it's a great year. Must be all those lucky elevens.

Shit, I didn't get the word great into the last sentence! I was going for a world's record. And if you believe that, I have a bridge...

Shit, I didn't get the word great into the last sentence! I was going for a world's record. And if you believe that, I have a bridge...

Shit, I didn't get the word great into the last sentence. I was intentionally going for a record (right...).

Shit, I didn't get the word great into the last sentence. I was intentionally going for a record (right...).

Happy, happy birthday! Lucky you, knee-deep in fabulous friends, food, family and festivities.

Hey Rachy-pooh! Happy belated birthday! Sorry I couldn't make it, sounds like you all had a blast!!! HUGS

Hey Rachy-pooh! Happy belated birthday! Sorry I couldn't make it, sounds like you all had a blast!!! HUGS

Damn. That sounds like it was a great birthday weekend which you totally deserved. Glad to hear you had such a blast!

I just wanted to comment on todays blog that (and this is REALLY important...) Cormo was MADE for making socks! Yeah on your beauties!

Hey there!

No one told me. Wonju is here now and that is the first I heard of the party. Read La's blog and that was the first I heard about the exploding butt dog. I guess I am so old that I miss it all.

Anyway... A very happy birthday. Next time, remember, old guys like to have fun too.


Happy Belated Birthday! And thanks so much for all the pics of the wee doggie. Hope she's feeling better. The two of you have been so spoiled!!!
Enjoy it, you deserve it.

OMG! I have that same exact book! I use to work in a library and they threw out a ton of old knitting books in a purge. It's an awesome book!!! If you ever make something from it, tell me! We could have a mini-KAL!

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