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RandomJuly 29, 2005

I have learned tonight that it is funny as HELL to walk into a room and without saying hello, say in a deadpan voice, "I ain't no holla back girl." Especially if you happen to be male.

(Can you tell I'm trying to change the subject? I embarrassed Lala (hard to do, dude, SCORE!) and now all your comments are embarrassing ME. But hey. All those comments? And not one mean-spirited or unkind or even mildly scolding? Knitters fuckin' rock.)

Lambtown this Saturday! Lambies! Fiber! (Why did I just buy that expensive bra? I should have remembered I'm saving for fiber.....) Who's going?

Mariko, Joanna, Becca and I are running the SF Half Marathon on Sunday. Anyone I'm forgetting? Actually, Mariko might be running the full thing, since she does these at the drop of a box of candy. Not sure. I don't think so, though.

Me, I haven't been training. I've been running, sure. But only little runs. So I'm going to go out on Sunday and run as far as I want to and then stop. I paid sixty bucks, dammit. I want a tee shirt. We'll call it a nice six or eight miler. I really don't think I'll make the whole 13.1. But we'll see.

So, happy weekend. Thanks for being fabulous.


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I'm obviously a bit slow, but I just reread your earlier post and saw that you are KNITTING the wedding dress? For real? Are you designing it, is there a commercial pattern, inquiring minds want to know!

I've been lurking for some time - this seems like the perfect opportunity to de-lurk. Congratulations! I live in the only province in Canada that is trying to fight our new marriage law, so we're not all sorted out up here yet either. But hey, if things ever get too ugly in the US, there are lots of Canadians ready to welcome you with open arms.

I just saw the announcement - congratulations! Are you going to move in together now or be old-fashioned and wait?
Oh, and Iran sucks. Sweden does too because we send gay people who want refugee status back. How about that? The motivation is that it's not dangerous to be gay in Iran, as long as you aren't open about it. Wow.
I look forward immensely to seeing the wedding dress! Have you set a date yet?

Hey, good luck this weekend!! I have a 10k next weekend and I'm scared... But for $60 you should feel free to mosey around and drink all the Gatorade you want, if you feel l ike it. (There's supposed to be great swag at this one...)

I WISH I was going to Lambtown. Fondle some stuff for the unlucky us, eh?

Run it, girl.

You will so be able to do the whole thing! I ran my first half marathon after not training and only running up to 6 miles before hand. I don't recommend it but it is do-able. Run GIRL Run! And now I'm sad that I didn't participate but I'll do my best to next time Mariko invites me.

I didn't read your engagement post until today...congratulations! I'm a long time lurker that has always been inspired by your blog, your bravery and beauty. (I love alliterations!) Thanks for the post telling blogging lurkers to comment more and the world of knitblogs will open itself to us.
Run, knit sister!

You go, half-marathon-runnin' girl! You can totally do it. Remember, the last half is the way back so it doesn't count ;) Come run Nawlins with us in Febroooary!

Hi Rachel,

Check out the Sheep to Shawl contest at Lambtown! Some friends and I have a team in the knitted shawl contest - it should be fun to watch us have a meltdown in the heat!

Aww, you two are the cutest. I'm so glad you've gone and told everyone. Congratulations and hugs and smiles all around.

I may not fare much better in the race than you -- I trained like a good girl for a while but got sidetracked with moving and studying for the bar exam, and have barely run in over a month. But I'll do my best and so will you, and that's the best we can do! See you Sunday; I can't wait to hear about the lambs!

Run as much as you can, which I bet will end up being more than half and finish with a nice stroll to the finish line.

And have fun girly!


Run Rachael Run!
I couldn't help the whole Forest Gump thing - - I dunno, seems funny here.
Anyway just putting together that lace you showed the other day.....knitted wedding dress...very very sneaky! Is it a super secret project or are you sharing more?
Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm also going to Lambtown and am quite excited about it. I just learned how to spin on a drop spindle last month and now can't wait to learn on a wheel.

And, belated congratulations to you and Lala.

I had knee problems training for my 2nd half marathon, and rather than hurt my knee worse, I just quit when it hurt, resulting in me not training for more than 5 miles at a time... I was going to walk half of it, but I ended up running (plodding) the WHOLE THING... uff da. (and my knee didn't hurt at the end, only in the middle! I must have beat it into submission.) So now that I know I can NOT train and do fairly almost okay, it has put a serious damper on my training schedule. (run or knit? hmm.) Good thing my sis and hubby are there to pull/push me out the door! :P

I'm training for a half marathon in Jan. Hopefully I'll make it. Good luck on your run :)

Oh, Rachel! Congratulations. I am so happy for you two. I really am. I wish you a long and happy life together, as you two seem to be made for one another. And I am really excited to see what you come up with for the wedding dress. This is great!

A few comments as I catch up on blogreading from the socialist gingerbread house that is Holland!

1. Congrats, etc.!!

2. I met Bruce Bastian last summer while I was volunteering for HRC--he is such a great guy and did you know that he lives in Utah?? Just goes to show that there are love-friendly people in all parts of this crazy country.

3. Keep the wedding dress updates coming--This will be EPIC.

4. I think we're destined to run into each other in real life at some point--I live at Mills and my boyfriend lives 2 blocks from Wild Side West... are we stalking each other??

I'm just stopping by, and I haven't had the chance to wish you much happiness. I hope you have it. Lots.

Second, my daughters erupt into peels of laughter when I walk in and say "I ain't no holla back girl." It is even funnier to them that I know the words. I have a habit of driving my husband batty by saying, "Pete?" He answers, "Yes?" and then I will break into a phrase of a song, or just say it in a monotone voice. Yeah, he loves that. Pete? Yes? "Dude looks like a lady!"

I ain't no hollaback girl! (In a dead pan voice, of course!)

I turn around for like ONE FREAKING minute and I miss the big announcement. [jenny rolls around, grimacing, pretending the rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth..]

Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple. Super congrats. And G*ddammit, there will be gay marriage in this country. I have to believe it WILL happen. Otherwise, I can't get up in the morning.

I hope you kicked that Half Marathon's butt. :)

Hi, I've been lurking about and reading your blog, this seems like a good time to finally comment.

Congratulations! ::throws confetti, ect::

Also, knitting a wedding dress--you are far, far braver than I will ever be.

And a half marathon, too. You may be my new idol. ;) Seriously, your blog is so inspiring, and I'm impressed.

Shame on me for not having time to read my blogs. How could I be gone when all this was going on?
CONGRATULATIONS! To both of you. I am sure it will be a forever thing!
And OMG you are KNITTING your wedding dress?? Wow. I can't wait to see that!
Best wishes to a long and happy life together!

1. Congratulations! It's so good to believe in big love.

2. Title Nine! I work there! You wanna discount, you let me know. :)

Oh Geez - out of the loop! But hey, 215 comments probably kept you busy. Anyway - CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement. That is wonderful! I am glad you have found your soul mate...Happy Knitting to you both!

Anna, we may ALL be bugging you for a discount. :) (I'm kidding. But I love that catalog, no kidding.)

Ms. Herron! You finished the half! Congratulations!


I just have to say, as a person about to become a leader of Christians, about your July 31st post --

Amen, sister. Preach! PREACH!

Holy smokes, I just disappeared for a week and you've just outdone yourself blogging this week! Major congrats to both you and La, I'm so happy for you both! And congrats on the marathon too!

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