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Weekend!July 1, 2005

Bathroom update: They say they fixed it. Let's hope, shall we? It's just weird how they can cut a hole in your ceiling, do things, then patch it back up. That doesn't seem right, somehow. It's like skin. It shouldn't just be opened up like that.

He asked, "Do you have the right paint so I can cover up the patch?"


"Well, do you think the owner has the paint?"

"Pretty sure she doesn't." Nine months later, still WOOT! Me! Owner! They'll be back next week to paint the ceiling all one color. Along with the garbage disposal repair-guy. Don't ask. It's been a week.

And I've just been chugging along on Lara. I remember sitting in Cari's living room, watching Iris work on hers. She said, "I have no idea how this works, but I'm hoping it will be a sweater when I'm done." And it was, so she is to be admired.

She's so right. I have no idea what part I'm working on, since it's done side-to-side, and it's Debbie Bliss and she thinks that schematics are tools of the devil. (What is so freaking hard about adding a line drawing? I'm missing something.) I might be working on the back right now. Or a collar. Whatever. If you know, don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise.


I'm using handspun, and I've had NO time to spin, so I'm about to run out of yarn. I'd really like time to spin.

But alas, this weekend promises to be a busy one -- I've got five days off, and there's a show in Bolinas tonight I want to catch, and I think I might try surfing tomorrow for the first time (although I'm legendary for chickening out and sitting on the beach knitting instead), and then Sunday there's a little party I might attend, and Monday I'm going canoeing on the Russian River, and Tuesday is a birthday kind of day. I might spin then. Wait, I see spinning time on Sunday, too. Yay. That means banjo/dobro/lap steel/computer video games time for Lala, so I'm sure she'll be happy to hear about me scheduling spinning time. I actually told sister Christy yesterday that I was going to just sit and spin. She laughed at me, as was right.

So. Have a good, busy, fun weekend, and just tell me, who's a sweet wee dog?



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My boyfriend and I are beginning the house hunting process (almost as scary in Boston as it is in the Bay Area) and when I start to get totally freaked out, I think "Rachael did it. I can too. Rachael did it. I can too". So, thanks for helping a stranger keep her shit together, and have a terrific weekend!

Be very careful about water damage and if you feel you need to get your walls checked, etc., do that.

"They'll be back next week to paint the ceiling all one color. Along with the garbage disposal repair-guy."

So ... you weren't happy with the garbage-disposal repair guy's original color? Was he multi-color when you prefer a monochromatic repair guy? And do they paint over his clothes or is he required to strip? And can we watch, if he's cute?

*grin* Couldn't resist.

- Carolyn B.

This certainly does seem to be a bad time for appliances all over the blog ring doesn't it? I'm still reeling from the purchase of the new washer, toaster, and the frig repair. Breathe. And a very Happy B to you fellow moon child. :)

Oohhhhh! Surfing! That is something I've always wanted to learn...I've even considered going to surf camp :) YOU must do it so that I can live through your pictures and words! Surf for me!

Miss Idaho's got that look teenagers get..MOOOm, you're embarrassing me!

tells ya how often I use the calendar function on my Palm...


I was beginning to think that I was cracked out and was the only that had issues with the magical surprise pieces that appear from a bliss pattern. Tip? Dont ever make shoes by her. Just dont.

Taunt me with the chihuahua, will ya?

Side-to-side sweaters without schematics are evil. My side-to-side experiment ended with a sleeve coming out my butt.

My mistake. Not the pattern.

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