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WhewJuly 28, 2005

You all are too much. I am overwhelmed with your response. Haven't even made it through my reading of all the fabulous, loving, comments, but several people wanted to know where they could throw their money. Funny you should ask.

Until July 31st, any contribution you make to the Human Rights Campaign (the largest group working for gay rights) will be matched by Bruce Bastian, a donor and HRC Board Member. Think about it, your donation of any amount will be doubled, how cool is that? Go HERE and click on the link to the right in red.



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I just made a donation in your and Lala's honor :)

Oh Rachael, congrats to you both, so much. I just read your last post and got teary and then I got chills, and got happy. People like you make the world a better place - and people like you and Lala belong together, and the God I believe in is totally okay with you getting married - in fact, I think she's totally happy about it. :) hugs to you and your sweetie!

How horrifying! One can hope and pray for change. What is totally awesome is you and Lala. How about we all knit you a white(pink/red/orange?) square and you sew them up into a big ol weddin skirt?

and if your employer matches donations, well, your contribution is tripled!

Hi Rachael
I just want to congratulate you both and wish you all the happiness in the future!
If you lived here in Denmark,you and Lala would have the same rights as everybody else!
I have, with great pleasure, red your blog for the last couple of month, and I enjoy it so much!
Your knitting is superb, and your positive attitude to life, is contagious, in the good sense :)

I missed commenting to your original post, but I wanted to say congratulations! You gals are so cute together! May you have lifetimes of happiness and acceptance by the world :) *hug*

I'm a big sap, and I think that you two are doing exactly the right thing for each other and for the world . . .

All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
All you need is love (all together now)
All you need is love (everybody)
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

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