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FatAugust 10, 2005

I saw the cardiologist today. It was a good visit. He was nice. He spent lots of time with me, and answered all my questions, and gave me an EKG (which was totally interesting -- I felt as if a six-year old were putting stickers all over me) and then said I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT.

And can I tell ya? For a girl who likes her weight, who really believes she was okay with exactly what she looks like, to have a man tell you that, while his eyes go up and down you, feels kinda crappy.

His eyes went from the weight listed on the chart to my body, and then back down again. Then up to my chest. Then back to the number again. Then over to my shoulders. I am NOT making this up, I swear to god.

And then he wouldn't let the "what do you eat" thing go. Dude. C'mon. I only eat veggies. And brown rice. Don't I look like that kind of person? Shut up. I like tofu. I like green things. I would never think about chowing down on some nice, crisp bacon with fluffly cheesy eggs on the side (typo = dies. Wow).

Then I started telling more of the truth. Okay, sometimes I eat Taco Bell. Every once in a great while, maybe a cheeseburger. Or two. Maybe some Mexican food when I'm at work. Or every other night.

He kept raising his eyebrows as I upped the ante. It was embarrassing to see him not believe me (and before you defend me, he was right to not believe me). Okay, some cookies sometimes. Maybe some "healthy" chips? Maybe a little ice cream. He nodded. Maybe some more ice cream. He nodded again. Maybe a shitload of ice cream with lots of hot fudge and brownies, to boot. And some MORE hot fudge! And whipped cream!! Get outta my way!

Snap! The folder closed, and he explained that the fat in my body, while not at the obese level, is still chemically reacting with and against the triglycerides that I have to lower. So he says I need to run more. (Gasp!) And eat better. Period.

And he did say I was right in not going on the meds my silly primary care doctor badly prescribed -- he'd rather me manage the triglycerides with diet and exercise if at all possible, which he thinks it is, since I'm young and have no terrible habits (he doesn't know about the yarn stash), and since the meds can sometimes damage the liver.

More veggies! Less sugar and fat (even fruit is too sugary, he says). Lala, who likes her some girl-shaped girls, is devastated and might just kick his ass. My little trained pugilist.

But I'll just try to be healthier, which will be easier thanks in no small part to your fabulous suggestions of earlier this month, and I'll try not to rankle at a stranger telling me to LOSE WEIGHT (yes, all caps is SO necessary).


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More tips honey? I had dinner at my mum's this weekend. It was Fabulous. Just because she tried one of MY recipes, but with another fish. Yes - Fish! I took fillets and rubbed them with a mixture of olive oil (just a rub - thin) mixed with lemon, dill, salt and some herbs of your choice (There's a herb that tastes like the smell of lemon that I don't know the name of in English). Roll the fish into a loose package of aluminum foil and stuff it in the oven for about 20 min at 275 degrees Celsius (yes, I'm European). Serve with boiled potatoes or rice. YUMMY! It's not dry AND not fat!
Good luck honey! I'm sure the Doc would say the same to me... I should get going with it...

When I needed to lose weight last year I went to see a dietitian. I only went back once to get weighed, and didn't need to go back again. She listened to what I eat already and worked out what would work for me and wrote up a few pages of suggestions. I carefully tracked everything I ate for about two months, slowly lost about 9 kilos and haven't gained it back cause I've changed the way I eat. And now I'm swimming I'm slowly losing again.

Don't go for losing weight darling go for eating mindfully. Mindful of those wonderous curves that make you all woman, cough - scuse me Lala just ruminating here. Mindful that they can stay curvey, but maybe more defined...Lala will smile I assure you. Listen to the doc but listen to your body too. Not the mind that says oh god give me a fix but the body that actually does smile when it is given real treats that keep life swishing through your body not getting blocked by unseen roadblocks:0)
Fish is good not the battered fish n chips so favoured here but fresh sardines, all the white fish, go mackrel fishing...do you have those off your coast then you'll get excercise and grub.
I'd say don't concentrate on losing weight, concentrate on healthy eating and lifestyle which is pretty darned hard for someone who works the delightful hours you do but fridge with lots of edibles that can be thrown in an air tight box before rushing off to work might be a good thing and the cooking and freezing thing is a godsend for those many moments when cooking is just not on. Go for it but carry on being curvey.

Rach, that sucks. Do what you need to do to be healthy and try to treat yourself when you can.

I know that I need to lose weight but I'm resistent for fear of losing my, ahem, curves.

Okay now, Rach, get Lala and look away: Lala, I'm still getting used to Michelle's body and she started losing weight three years ago and stopped a year ago. I just keep reminding myself that it's all for the best. I like me some girl shaped girls too! But in the end, you love 'em- curvy, thin, whatever!

What a pain! It's SO hard to eat well sometimes too ... I find that I'm at my worst after a few beers / glasses of wine ...and then I'll eat whatever someone puts in front of me. Cheese fries, um, YUM.

But, you will be fabulous at any weight! Good luck with the healthy eating. I know you can do it!


Just ouch.


Rachael, you have a body I would kill for, and not in a way that Lala needs to fight me over. You are shaped beautifully, you look HOT in sweaters and you're fit. Tell doctor dude to shove it.

[you could cut out the Taco Bell, though. that stuff is gross. :-)]

Okay, I hope that I don't offend any of my doctor friends, but I'm of the "I think I'll get a second opinion" variety. I know this isn't the norm and I am not generalizing, but a lot of the doctors I know eat badly and/or smoke. My husband's general practitioner is what some would consider "overweight" herself.

I'd probably get a second opinion.

First, can Craig see your cardiologist. Any doctor who provides lifestyle change advice over pills is a winner (regardless of the you need to lose weight stuff).

Second, I think you're way ahead of your doc. You've started to make the changes and you've started to think about what you eat and how you move.

The trick is to balance your health and your happiness (and really you're at an increased statistical risk, you're NOT unhealthy).

I have found that I like to eat carrot sticks in front of the tv and comp... it's not good to shovel food in your mouth while surfing, but it's carrot sticks! Just vitamins and water! Plus they're a little sweet :9

You can tell Lala that your overall shape will not change. Your proportions will stay the same, for better or worse. I kinda dreaded losing weight, but when I switched to being a vegetarian, I dropped 24 lbs in about 4 mos... not that I'm advocating it, but it was very easy. :)

I'm shocked by his answer for you to loose weight. Just the other day you posted a pic of you and I thought to myself how great you looked. Best of luck!

A good place to start is cutting out the extras, and seeing where that gets you. My boy used to drink lots of soda and eat lots of chips-n-salsa, and when he cut tht out, it was an immediate calorie defecit. Remember that this is for your health, your life. I would also suggest talking to a nutritionist, if your health insurance covers it. She can help you identify weak spots and suggest ways to feel like you are getting a treat, even if its healthy. Good luck!

If you talk to a nutritionist, depending on who you see, you might just get a second opinion out of that on the weight issue...I did that, and the nutritionist said my curves were JUST FINE but my diet sucked. Curves are still curvy, just placed a little differently now, is all. Lala has nothing to worry about.

Courage to you, though. And yeah, that Taco Bell crap...yeeeeek.

I have tons of health problems in my family, and am constantly annoyed at my doctor for telling me I "look great" and "am perfectly healthy" without checking my sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. When I'm very high risk. Moving back out to Boston should mean a change in doctor, and perhaps someone who will help me be more proactive about preventative care. That said, I think you look lovely, alas, sometimes we need to go past a confort point for health reasons aside from weight or clothing size. My old boss ran 10 miles + every morning, and had super high cholesterol. It's all in the diet.

Humph. Rachael, I think you look fantastic, and part of the reason is that you're so obviously comfortable in your skin and just _you_. Heck, I ASPIRE to look like you. You know, part of what's interesting about your post is that you don't seem to have any doubts about your appearance -- not that you SHOULD of course, but it's what so many other people would say that your lack of worry about it is notable.

Though if losing a few pounds what it takes for you to be healthy, OK. They tell us in WW that a 10% loss is enough to make a big difference in your health, and I've seen research that even a 5% loss can be really beneficial to your blood chemistry. In other words, it doesn't have to be huge. And it may be that eating healthier foods, not necessarily cutting out all the yummy ones, and not necessarily losing any weight, will do the trick.

And most dieticians are extremely skeptical of doctors' nutritional training. He may be right that diet will lower your cholesterol, but a dietician might have better advice on how to go about it. (I think anyone who advises against fruit is barking up the wrong tree.)

Cripes, what a blow. I know that a doctor would tell me the exact same thing, and my diet has really gone to hell lately. Time to buck up and work on that more. How anyone expects me to actually prepare food when it's 100 degrees out is beyond me, though.

I wouldn't worry about losing those curves. Some things are built to last.

In all fairness, it seems he wasn't talking about your appearance (which is gorgeous) but about your body fat percentage in relation to a specific medical condition. You, my beloved, have a medical condition that requires you now take better care of that gorgeous bod.You look great, but it's those organs (especially that huge heart of yours) that keep our Rach going... What's more veggies and less ice cream when it's a matter of keeping that ticker happy? It's about balance and moderation. Eat really well most of the time, and give yourself room to enjoy the ice cream and (shudder) bacon and all that occasionally. Even once a week. Six really good days, one cheat day...

I love you. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Sweetie -- I probably would have written the WHOLE POST in capitol letters -- sheeesh.

Your body is beautiful but if loosing a few curves is what has to happen for you to be healthier... then it is worth it. I have a bunch of girlfriends that are all fairly athletic and eat healthy but are not skinny, shapeless woman. They all have their beautiful curves even though they are active and healthy. I see you in that catagory.
Good luck!

It's hard to hear doctors and other authorities telling you what do do/not do, eat/not eat, etc. Goodness knows I've avoided going to the doctor many times because I hate being harrangued about such things. But, the advice is usually good, not always, but usually. In this case the advice seems sound -- and focused on making you healthier, not thinner for thinner's sake. Besides, if you run more, it'll inspire me to run more and I need it too!

You are SO not fat! You looked pretty freaking skinny to me at Maryland! But a better diet and exercise is always good.

I think you look great. What is he talking about you need to lose weight? I say you ought to just eat healthier (like we all do wink), and that will take care of it.

Aw, that sucks ass, but I think the dr. was right to give you the tough love. Looks have very little to do with health, and everyone's body is different. Changing eating habits is very, very hard, but I know you can do it. Want to go for a hike in Tilden Park this weekend? I'll bore you by pointing out all the birds I can identify.

Did he happen to say anything about not letting complete strangers touch your toes?

Rach! I can so relate to your doctor visit. EKG's can be interesting but its not fun to hear that you need to lose weight. My parents and I have been doing the South Beach and I have to say that it is really working! My bp has gone down and I haven't had my Cholesterol checked but I know my Dad's went down so its all good.

And guess what, I eat more now than I ever did in the past and for a girl who likes to eat, this is a good thing!

De Lurking here.

My SO and I decided we needed to drop a few pounds. We actually started April 1st ~eyes rolling. Went to a nutritionist and he put us on a strict diet to begin with. It was tough at first, but as we started to see/feel results it got easier. We're both pretty much eating what we want to these days, but those wants have change. We've also got a better idea of what a normal sized portion is. My guy lost almost 60 pounds and I lost 25. No one I knew thought I should loose weight and let me tell you, I didn't think I had 20+ pounds to shed.
Good luck with it.... it really is a mind over matter thing.

You'll be fine! Eat healthy food as much as you can and when you want a little treat...make it little and really tastey. You can do it. Moving the body is really the key. Have you thought of trying weight training? It's been a life saver for me.

Wow, comment consensus! It's great to read so many women who understand that fat is a feminist issue. Your readers rock. I think we're all agreed that we want more Rachael in the world, not less. But the doc is adding a time dimension--longevity, not just present-tense curves.

His remarks about the triglycerides sound much more helpful. Maybe "you need to lose weight" is the sound-bite, shorthand he sticks in for people who tune out science words?

I'm sorry, but I am annoyed with the doc. I'm assuming that he was fit with a low body fat percentage as he preached to you from his soap box. I don't think the pointed looks at your body were necessary at all.


I completely agree with everyone. Lala will not be losing her curvy girl, you'll just be a little more healthy. Curves come natural to your body-type and wouldn't go away even if you wanted them to. That's what I don't understand about people who diet. They want a completely different body-type than the one they were born with. It's just not a healthy goal. You goal, on the other hand, is completely attainable. Perhaps a few less brownies with your ice cream and a few more healthy snacks. I love me some carrots and hummus. It just gets me through the day.

I totally understand about the doctor looking you up and down in the office, though. Doesn't it just make you feel dirty? I used to be very, very underweight and my doctor would always tell me that I needed to gain. I would eat like crazy, but I was dancing so much that I couldn't keep up with my calorie loss. There was nothing I could do about it, but he always made me feel so bad about myself. It's a yucky feeling, but when you reach that perfect (for you) body-fat ratio, I swear you feel so much better. I know I did.

Poor Lala.

I am making a conscious effort to eat foods that are not processed and not eat fast food. Which is more difficult than not these days when there's more of it available and it's more accessible. I am also trying to eat more fish than chicken and more chicken than pork and red meat put together. I am also trying to get my protein from dairy. My dietitian said that people loose more weight in the stomach area if they eat yogurt twice a day. I just bought a yogurt machine, yay!

Again, poor Lala. I am sure you can keep a few curves for her :D

You spoke the minds of most and I repeat MOST everyone out there!!!!! Ughhhhhh, I am glad I resisted the fast food lunch urge.
Good luck and tell Lala it will be ok, it is always ok.

Rachel, from looking at your pics, I'd guess that you're proportional, like me. When you lose weight, you'll lose it all over your body--making your curves more curvy, not less. (My DH just looooves my added curvy-ness!)

OMG he sounds JUST like my PA - all this eat healthy, get exercise, lose weight bullcrap; I wonder if they teach it at Dr. school or something. My "caring & helpful" PA suggested I keep a diary of everything I eat for 2 weeks to see if I could figure out what it was that was keeping me from losing weight; it was all just a dirty trick to make ME realize what I was eating, cruel heartless PA.
She gets worse though; I go back 1 year later and *ding ding* 50 pounds lighter and she doesn't say a SINGLE WORD about my weight NOT ONE WORD. AND she still had them take all of my blood for their damn cholesterol tests. Bloody vampires.

I know you are going to do your best to figure out what you need to do to take care of yourself and do whatever that is. I mean, I trust you to figure it out. But I would say this: please take this doctor with a grain of salt. We live in a fatphobic society and doctors are not magically immune to the b.s. propaganda we are all swimming in when it comes to this subject. The more research gets done, the more scientists are finding that a) fewer medical conditions are related to obesity/"overweight"-ness than we used to think, and b) people who eat well and are active are healthier than those who don't/aren't, no matter who is skinny and who is fat and who is in between. It sounds like given your triglycerides you should probably continue your effort to eat better, maybe a bit more aggressively, and step up or at least continue your running or other regular exercise. But that may or may not have anything to do with your losing weight. You could do those things and not lose weight and get better. You could do those things and lose weight and not get better.

Anyways, I'm going off here. The main thing is that I don't think the scientific community has really reached a consensus on a lot of issues surrounding weight and its relationship to health. And to the extent that it seems like they have, it's partly this unquestioning attitude that most people, including doctors, have that is based on unproven, arbitrary, weirdly politically motivated prejudices.

p.s. You are beautiful, and you would be if you gained some weight or lost some. I'm sure Lala feels the same way.

P.S. I got diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia today. I'm supposed to see a dietician in a couple of weeks. I've been reading different stuff on the web about this condition and some people say you can't have any sugar or booze, so even though other recommendations were more moderate, I'm a little scared.

I think you look good, but, you want your heart happy, too. Did he say you had to lose weight, or do you need to lose fat? It makes a difference - if you need to lose fat and you are willing to work with weights, you burn the fat, you build the muscles, you are still girl shaped and you would be surprised how much you can eat. It's a good thing. Kim

that doctor was full of crap. where does he get off, anyway? he can suck my big white ass. no fruit? what the f?? that's too extreme. eat rabbit food and run ten miles a day?? fuuuuuck that shit. I say eat the bacon, baby. Put some ice cream on it while you're at it. top it off with a Mexican pizza no meat.

Also delurking...to tell you you're extra hot.

I'm starting (again) to get back on the healthy eating thing -- I totally can't figure why a doctor hasn't said the same thing to me yet.

I admire you for not freaking out, all caps aside. Many of us (meaning girl-shaped girls...okay, meaning me) would have taken that pretty badly, but you have the kind of security in yourself that is all too rare these days. Best of luck, pretty lady!

I am beginning to hate all of your doctors for you. Deep breath.

God. All that shit women are told."Fat. Lose weight. I just want you to be healthy. Please make the right choices." Even when it is meant to be helpful - it's still so sexual political.

Blah fucking blah blah.

I have to go because I am going to be late for my Weight Watchers meeting (no joke).

I am beginning to hate all of your doctors for you. Deep breath.

God. All that shit women are told."Fat. Lose weight. I just want you to be healthy. Please make the right choices." Even when it is meant to be helpful - it's still so sexually political.

Blah fucking blah blah.

Do it for Lala.

...At least he didn't touch... I mean.. .molest your toe.

Ick-- sorry that you had bad news from the doc. I was told the same thing, and my friends were shocked as well, since I don't really look overweight.

Mindful eating really is the key, and I found that it helps to keep track every day. Try www.fitday.com because it's free and they have a lot of foods entered in for you already. Plus, if you're struggling, you can make the jounal PUBLIC and people will hold you accountable when you eat Taco Bell. But maybe I'm just a glutton for guilt...

According to the American Heart Association Omega-3 fatty acids can help lower triglyceride levels. If you don't like eating fish, supplemental omega-3 is easy to find.

Rach, you look wonderful - no two ways about that. And Lala obviously loves YOU for YOU, and will continue to do so (any word on when/if you'd be thinking of coming to Toronto for that yarn shower, btw? sure it's a bribe, but I'm ok with that) BUT if the specialist is suggesting an increased level of exercise and some changes in your diet to prevent becoming dependant on medication to manage your health, that's NOT a bad thing. It's something everyone needs to do in some way - you just have the added motivation of triglyceride levels.

And being the daughter of an Endocrinologist, I may have a different perspective on the 'looking you up and down' issue. He may be an SOB who was just ogling - I wasn't there so I don't know - but it's also entirely possible he was checking body ratios and weight distribution visually as part of the diagnosis. It can make a difference where your body chooses to store things. It's not good that it made you uncomfortable, but it may have been unintentional on his part. Really.

oh, and i love Taco Bell too. ya, I know it's not great for me, but I just crave it sometimes.

sounds like you have a really healthy approach to your doctor's news. diet is such a sticky topic - hope you figure out sumpin' that works for you. you can always hop on over to my blog on fridays for veg recipes that are usually healthy - i expect they'll get healthier over the next year too as i'm about to head off to school for holistic nutrition.

on a completely different note - can i convince you to let me publish your waterbottle holder pattern in the next issue of my zine? we talked about it a while ago...

This is about being healthy, not about being fat. Eating lots of unprocessed, high fiber food will help your blood fats and general well-being and you will feel better. You can eat unprocessed foods and feel fuller (and lose weight) because of the fiber. Excercise and weight training will help regardless of weight. It will change the ratios. Eat to be healthy, not to lose weight. And you look just fine, great even, but that is not the issue. ((Hugs))

Do you really need to lose weight? Sounds like you need to change your body chemistry. Eating healthy is a good thing, but take it in small steps so you can monitor what works for you. Those fast food empty calories are sooo bad. Lots of chemicals and preservatives along with the fat content. Work with a nutritionist to come up with a plan that is right for you.

Yeah, i need to eat better and lose weight too...diabetes runs on both sides of the family and I'll be damned if I have to deal with that. I guess I shouldn't have had that whole pint of ice cream yesterday....

I got told that my toddler son eats too many carbs yesterday and I didn't handle it as well as you handled your rude doctor!

I think you look great the way you are too, but I wish you luck in the weight wars anyway. :)

Shit, dude, I think you look great, and it's so cool to know a woman who's actually happy with her own body in this Barbie-Doll/Jessica-Simpson bullshit world we live in. If the dumb-ass doc thinks you need to lose weight for health reasons, that's one thing, but his lookin-ya-up-and-down and starin' at the chest-behavior was so totally unprofessional. Shame on him!

Sorry to hear about the bad experience. Been there, done that -- the bullying doctor, everything.

I lost about 70 lbs back at the beginning of Atkins' resurgence seven or eight years ago and have kept most of it off, though I did regain about 20 lbs and could stand to re-lose that (this puts me in the overweight but not obese category). I vacillate between "I look ok at this weight" and "I really could stand to lose about 15 lbs", depending on how my clothes are fitting on a given day. But it's really about how I feel, not about how other people feel about me, and that's the important thing. I'm mostly ok at the weight I'm at, but wouldn't want to be heavier because I've seen friends need back surgery and knee replacements, and I'd like to avoid those structural problems if possible. I do need to work more on getting my own cholesterol level a bit down, however, and am working on the diet end of things. Exercize is harder -- thinking of getting an MP3 player as a bribe to myself to do more of that. (It's SO boring...)

Speaking of low-carb, it's got a bad rap from people who just take a superficial look, but it does work for many people. The reason it works is that you feel fuller if you eat protein, and stop eating sooner, so you have an overall lower calorie intake. If you eat a lot of empty starchy calories (think potato chips or french fries), you wind up eating more overall, and have more calories to burn off. I don't do strict low-carb anymore, but I do try to stay sugar-free simply as a way to hold down my calorie intake.

I haven't read the South Beach book, but it sounds like a really good plan -- healthy fats (like salmon, olive oil, etc.), which is more or less what I wound up doing anyway. Oh, and speaking of healthy fats, see if your local grocery store carries Omega-3 eggs (under different brand names). The chickens are fed on a feed that makes their eggs higher in good fats, which can help with your triglycerides.

So, some good "treat" tips that worked for me for losing weight, if you're interested (if not, stop reading here):
No munching carrots in front of the TV, as someone has already recommended. They're high in sugar, which means instant calories that you'll just have to burn off. You can put moderate amount of high-calorie vegetables (like carrots, corn, potatoes, that kind of thing) back into your diet once you get to the weight you want to be at.

The doc is wrong about all fruit being too sugary. Some fruit is -- oranges, apples, plums etc. are all really high in carbohdrates. However, some fruit -- berries, in particular -- have a lot of vitamins and aren't that high in sugar, so you can make fruit shakes with plain yogurt and artificial sweetener that are very good, and satisfy that sweet tooth urge.

They're coming out with low-carb chocolate these days, too; you can't eat a lot of them at one sitting, though, because maltitol is a laxitive when eaten in large quantities.

Anyway, good luck, whatever you decide to do! And don't let the bastards get you down.

Check out "French Women Don't Get Fat" from your library (not that I'm saying you're fat, mind you!). There is some good advice about how to eat, along the lines of the mindful eating that Mary-Ellen mentioned. The best thing is that you don't have to deprive yourself. The book also has some rather yummy (and easy) recipes in it. By the way, I found that that when I was training for a marathon, my cholesterol dropped about 100 points. That's a major incentive to continue running! Good luck!

On the bright side you are already a jogger AND you have quit smoking. Could be a lot worse my dear! (SOB!)

So that's not a good day at the doctor's is it? I think it'll just get you all riled up to fire up the running and the rest will take care of itself. Besides, all of us think you're beautiful already!

Sweet mother of god.

And THIS is exactly why I don't go to my doctor. Of course I'll die fat, and soon, but at least there's the ... um ... fuck. Can't think of a good side. Bacon, maybe.

When I die (next month) you can have my stash. I'll make sure all of the fleece is carded before I go.

It's so easy to think you eat healthy enough just because you're happy with your weight, isn't it? I'm not overweight yet, but I have no idea how to eat properly, and I've gained two pounds a month this year so I will be soon. WW seems to me to be the most rational way to eat healthy, and it's worked very well for my sister in law. I'm going to borrow her books (no money for meetings). I don't seem to remember - are you feeling ill at all or do these glyce-things just show up on tests and Ruin Everything? Good luck with the eating and running anyways.

FFirst of all some doctors have finally figured out that the charts are wrong. I am short but according to the charts I am obese yets I carry a lot of muscle weight and only some fat. Check with a dietican and see about cleaning up your diet. You don't have to cut out Taco Bell or the ice cream just reduce the frequency. I still eat ice cream but only a teaspoon or so once a week. And I don't miss it. And I have lost over 25 pounds sicne cleaning up my diet and I still have my curves.

my guess is that if your triglycerides weren't out of control, he'd have no problem with your weight either.

i'm sorry honey -- because like many here i would die to have your figure -- but you've got yourself some less than good genes there (i'm sure not from your little mama or your dad -- probably from some bad ass back in your family line -- maybe a pirate or something who had high trigycerides) so he's just looking for a healthy alternative to the meds.

I forget who mentioned it before, but you are not fat. I think it's the body fat percentage that's up, per se, and that's why the doctor is telling you to lose weight. I believe that you need to continue in the vein of eating healthier. You can have the ucky Taco Bell or ice cream, just in moderation and of course, you will need to exercise to keep your heart in good condition as well as the rest of your body. Once you are on the right track with that, you will probably lose some weight, but then your body will even out. I think you look great and that you are a beautiful, curvy girl that doesn't need to "lose weight", but from a health perspective, you probably need to tone it up and bring your body fat percentage down. It happens and don't let it get the best of you.

I haven't read all the comments here, so I apologize if this is a repeat ... There is a great, and supportive group of knitters with fantastic ideas on how to get fit.

The group is called "Knit n Fit", and here are the links.
The Yahoo Group -- http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/KNITnFIT/
The Webring -- http://www.ringsurf.com/netring?ring=knitnfit;action=list

Good luck and have fun! Losing weight is hard work. I got a pedometer and gave myself a goal as to how many steps a day I have to take and it forces me to walk more -- to take that extra step. Maybe something like that would help you too! :)

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