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HijackedAugust 3, 2005

Yesterday, a couple of knit dorks met up for coffee.


Yes, Stephanie was in town and I hijacked her for a little while prior to her stunning speaking engagement at Stash. I hear that earlier in the day she had tripped and fallen into Artfibers where perhaps she bought some yarn and perhaps she did not. That's what happens when you trip and fall and swipe your Mastercard through the machine on your way down. Or so I hear.

She made the classic mistake, however. Damn. For such a knitting pro, she forgot the basic rules of engagement.

Never. Ever. Leave. The. Sock. Alone.


It might try to go home with the wedding dress. You know how this one ends. Someone always gets hurt.


Or the barista might get her hands on it. (Check for piercings, Steph. All I'm saying.)


Or worse, the sock might turn. You didn't know they did that, did you? (Oh, you did?) Poor Candi. It was nice knowing her.


Actually, Candi was running outside with The Sock, planning on getting me to take a picture of it committing hara-kiri under a car tire, but Stephanie came back out of the yarn shop where she'd gone to use the bathroom (so she says) and totally caught us. Or she would have caught us, had she thought to wonder why we'd been outside and why we'd spun on our heels and raced back inside when she saw us. Bless her little heart, she never even asked.

I have to say, if you haven't seen her speak yet, you MUST. There was something so awesome about sitting in a crowd, listening to her talk, realizing that yes, she IS the Comedian of Our People. Imagine. Surrounded by (mostly) women, all knitting away, just dying laughing over her comments. Jokes! Jokes about KNITTING! Little asides that only people like us would get! Could there be anything funnier to us? She's a funny, funny lady, and she deserves every bit of adulation that she receives.

Sadly, I had to leave early to go to work. But I got to hijack The Sock. That ruled.


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Way to Patty-Hearst the poor sock.

Congrats on the Half Marathon. I just KNEW Mariko would be a fast runner. Watching people train for November in NY, I do get a yen to do it again. Maybe in 2008. That's a special year.

Re: the thighs, remember the vaseline next time. Gross but effective. xoxox Kay

I met Stephanie a couple of months ago and completely agree with your take on her. She's very funny and friendly and you just want to take her home with you! Glad you had fun.

Hey, isn't that barista an undercover superheroine? I'm sure I recognize her from DC comics.

I'm living in hope that the Harlot visits the East Coast of her beautiful homeland. Sigh.

You're sure getting your fill of Stephs from Toronto this year.

What a great picture of you and Steph! Oh, pooh, adulation, schmadulation. She's just a regular chick. With a book. Or two. ;-D

How cool..."cawfee" with the Yarn Harlot! I could kick myself for not getting to Bloomies when she was in NYC! Love Her..and of course, you my dear..and are we gonna see that dress..hummmmmm???

I was looking for you afterwards to introduce myself (I was way overwhelmed by the crowd beforehand), but now I know! You had to go to work ... sad, sad.

Lucky me - I get to see Steph tonight at Powell's while she's still on a Rachael high. And I can't wait to get a better look at that dress you're knitting - will you be sharing pics of the masterpiece in progress?

That Barista? Ummm... well.... that's a look, all righty. Hmmm.

Sneaky way tease us by not really showing that dress... peekin' out of the bag like that.

Awww...most of the people I read get to see her. You are very lucky. Well what I always say is...at least I have her book. Is that your dress in your hands?

The wedding dress...well, can you blame the sock for trying?

That is such a cute picture of you two! Yep, Stephanie's awesome, and although I had to go to Toronto to meet her because promoters think Montréalers can't speak English, it was great to meet a fellow yarn-fondling, height-challenged, deep-voiced knitter. I got to test the theory I had that she might in fact be taller than me, and die laughing in the process. And the spinning...well, you know what happened there...

(she *is* taller than me. sigh.)

Lucky you, coffee with the Harlot AND the Sock! So sorry you had to leave early. I meant to come over and introduce myself. Well, mayble next time... :)

Wow, that's the coolest story ever. And I 'm looking forward to her posts about Artfibers. Cuz I know she bought yarn. You can't NOT buy yarn there.

SO jealous!!

Good for you though and congrats again on the half marathon!

ok, I got a bit worried when Norma's sock hired a layer. Now that I've seen what The Sock tried to do to Candy, I may be too scared to pick up my little bamboo DPNs again...

So are you just going to tease us with little glimpses of the wedding dress and not show us the whole thing until you're wearing it on the big day? I think it's extremely cool that you're knitting your wedding dress, BTW.

I spotted you when I walked into Stash and was going to come up and say hi, since I've commented a few times, but you were gone afterwards. I felt a little bit like a stalker. :)

Bless her little heart? Tee-hee, I was at Stash (so I know what you're really saying) and I agree with your thoughts aboot Stephanie being the comic of knitters, she was a blast.

I'm still laughing...what a perfect thing to do to The Sock. Next thing you know, it's going to be sending her pictures of itself in Egypt and so on...

That's what got me about seeing Stephanie speak -- "Hey, wait a second! This is all about knitting, and these people are laughing WITH me, not AT me! Yay!!!"

No, YOU rule. And that's all we've got to say about THAT.

Aren't we just the WEIRDEST bunch of people, ever?! I mean, Steph admits a blog crush on you (ok, well, then I guess that makes lots of us) and you get to meet a fellow blogger and Totally Awesome Chick, who happens to have similar whacked-out senses of humour (and hubris) as the rest of this..."community". It's just freaking WEIRD! I'm feelin the love...


we get to meet the harlot tonight in seattle! the sock saga was delightfully funny.

Creative evil is the best, you socknapping genius.

And yes, the best thing about a Harlot Event is the being in a room with the similarly afflicted and feeling just...completely right at home. You don't have to explain anything using the small words.

Way to go! The sock looks like it needed a little excitement. I'm so jealous you met the Harlot! Her book is such a hoot.

It's totally true - she is wickedly funny and has a great ability to hold an audience spellbound. It'd be awesome if she did a regular Tales of the Yarn Harlot podcast or something.

You're no slouch in the knitting comedy department yourself, y'know. "Date women" - priceless! :)

psst... your link to Steph's site no worky.

see. this is what happens when you start smoking some seriously good wool. you start acting silly. You take amazingly funny pictures. And you have really funny stories to tell about your blog crushes.

I loved getting to see Stephanie when she was in town. It was the same when we got to meet you and La. We are fabulously lucky to have this electronic device in which to be so familiar. And we are lucky to have such wonderful people to be so wacky with.


You didn't get enough with just meeting her and getting your picture with her. Now she puts your pic on her blog and raves about you. Well I am jealous to say the least.

I SO wish I could have stayed an extra couple of days to be able to meet the Harlot herself. And the Sock, of course...

OMG! Patty-Hearsting a sock right there in BERKELEY! The P-H motherland, as such.

Sorry I had to work, Steph is the best and I'm flagellating myself for being a slave to the man.

Very funny story and pix! Good job.

Hijacking the Harlot's sock. I have a new goal in life. :)

Those baristas. You gotta watch em. But the SOCKS. Now that's a different story, my love. Glad I found ya. xoxo

Ha! You hijacked the Yarn Harlot. How funny is that. I can always rely on you for making me crack a smile. Sounds like a fun time. Congrats on the marathon, too. I'm so impressed how you just got inspired and became a runner. You continually amaze me. Keep it up.

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