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Pajama DayAugust 11, 2005

I have to tell you what we did on Sunday. I had declared it a Pajama Day, which really only means that I accept no invitations and make no plans. Since I don't think I even own pajamas, it's only a pajama day in Celia-spirit. I've started to block these off once a month in my calendar, and so far I've had two of 'em. They're fantastic.

So we slept in. Nowhere to go! Didn't have to get up at 3:30am to go run a half-marathon! It was great!

Then we got up and took the drive down the coast that we've been meaning to make for, like, forever. First we took the dogs to Fort Funston. I couldn't believe that Lala had lived in the Bay Area for so long with dogs, and had never been there. It's one of the only places in San Francisco that dogs can still be off-leash, but that was just a small part of the fun.


Dude. The hang-gliders. I've seen 'em before, but I'd forgotten just how awe-inspiring they are. And Lala had never seen them, hanging over the ocean, over the cliffs. The thing about Fort Funston is that they're RIGHT over you. You look directly at the people who look like they're going to fall out of the sky at any moment. Great photo HERE and more HERE. And there's a webcam here, but it's the middle of the night right now, and I can't tell whether it's any good or not.


I remember a few years back, when Bethany and I walked the Avon 3-Day Walk for breast cancer, we were routed through Fort Funston. All during the walk, people driving by had honked for us, keeping our feet moving on the 20 miles-per-day. When we were walking at the fort, the hang-gliders cheered and clapped from above us. I remember loving that.

This time, we engaged with a hang-glider even more closely. One soared down quite close to us as we walked along the cliff-edge, and I waved at him. Then he turned around and soared back and hovered above us, looking down. I grabbed Lala and made her turn around and look.

Which is when he dove straight down at us. Straight. Down. It's a mostly silent sport, but there's this loud wind-whistle as the glider hurtles right at your head. PhoooooooooOOOOOOO. I saw him grin at us, I swear I did. I might be making the grin up, placing it in my memory, but I don't think so.

We didn't move, obviously knowing that he wasn't going to commit suicide by crash landing on our heads. It was like a really fun reverse roller-coaster, being freaked out by standing on the land, not moving.

Lala was SO excited by the hang gliders. Miss Idaho and Harriet ran in big loops with huge eyes and happy grins, and so did Lala.

And then it was my turn:

Because Fengari, the beautiful little yarn store in Half-Moon Bay, was having a sidewalk sale.


Now, did you ever? Yarn! Sidwalk sale! And you won't believe me, I know, when I tell you that I didn't buy anything. Well, not from the sidewalk, anway. There might have been a sock yarn incident on the inside, but we're not talking about that.

Then we had olallieberry pie at Duarte's and looked at the fog rolling in as we drove back up the coast.

Then we came home and the dogs were STILL this happy:

    We like to jump UP!

A good day was had by all. Pajama Days rock.


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I bet Lala has found a new hobby...
Sounds like you had a great day.

I think Chitra Divakaruni wrote about those hanggliders, though I can't remember which book...

I keep thinking about your post yesterday and my half-baked comment... It really is remarkable that when anyone (even a doctor) says "fat" or "weight," so many women (me included -- I almost think all women) think first about appearance.

Have you always been comfortable with how you look? Even women who are envied for their looks often don't like their appearances. So rather than ask for your beauty secrets, here's my question: what's your secret for _feeling_ beautiful?

That's what Pajama Days are all about, Rachael. Rest, relaxation, and nurturing the soul. I love how everybody adapts them to their own pattern of living.

Sounds like a lovely day! Half price sidewalk yarn sale? I'm sooo jealous! Haven't seen any of those here in Denver - another great reason to visit the Bay Area!

Ollie ollie ollieberry!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a great day. I love days like that! I'm going to have to start scheduling Pajama Day too.

yes! rachel! great day. i am very excited to now check out Fengari - sounds good. great to meet you (last week? seems forever ago, and i just read that stephanie JUST got home).take care!

I think that everyone should have a mandatory Pajama Day at least twice a month.

Also, since I work at home, sometimes I work in my pj's. There is something about wearing red flannel pajama pants with little teapots on them that makes work a little more bearable on bad days.

Olallieberry piiiiiiiiiiiie!!

That is one of the coolest dog photos I have EVER seen. I love it! Happy dogs are great.

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