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KeplerAugust 19, 2005

Yo! My new favorite sweater! I knew I liked that Emily for a reason. And it's a free pattern! Isn't it amazing? I have to make it.


Pattern HERE.  Emily rocks.


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The cable is awesome! It's beyond my ability but I can't wait to see you do it.

It's a lovely sweater, she graceously modeled it last weekend at SnB in Campbell. Isn't that cable amazing?

Fab sweater! Thanks for the link!

Now that's the sweater I've been looking for! Thanks for the link!

Isn't that cable just the cat's pajamas?! It looks even better in person. What a great pattern :)

Emily does rock! I saw that sweater a while back at Commuknity, and honestly, I can't stop thinking of it.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy yarn for it today, while I'm working. Because, you know, I need new yarn (like a hole in my head...).

Very cute! Printing that up today and adding it to the queue!

Well! That's quite a shout-out, Rachael! Thanks cutie. Any time you feel like telling me I rock, you just go right ahead ;)
Glad you like the pattern!

Wow! Thanks for the link - That's a great sweater!

Your last entry reminds me that I have a bone to pick with you, girl. A loooooong time ago, when I firstfirst stumbled over your blog, I asked you to send me the hotty patt. But here it is, two and a half years later and we're, like, total pals, but still no hotty patt. Harrumph. :-)

Er, that wouldn't be a 2.5-year-old hotty patt reminder on your Treo, would it?

WOW! That is one gorgeous sweater, thanks for sharing the link. :)

Yes, she totally does. And so does the sweater. I've seen it in person and dude, it's incredible.

Oh man. I have to make that. And I'm ONE skein short of having enough of a yarn I really like ... wonder if I could do the cables in black and the rest of the body in ... no. Wonder if I could buy more yarn. *g*

I just happen to have 12 skeins of woodnymph at home. The coincidence is overwhelming!

It is a gorgeous sweater. And, it has a knit-along blog now, http://keplerkal.blogspot.com/. I am so impressed!

Dang! Not only is this a great sweater, but I have the yarn to make it... and I got the yarn from, wait for it, Art Fibers.

Thanks for enabling me (genuine, heartfelt), and The Mr. thanks you too (somewhat more sarcastically, but only somewhat since the next cabled sweater will be a ManSweater of DOOM for him... so this is practice, right?).

What a beautiful sweater! The fit is awesome! I'd say that I'd take that pattern on, but I've got a cabled cardigan that's been in the works for...well, let's just say that it's been in the works.

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