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Must Be An August ThingAugust 23, 2005

Because the blog ennui is on. Julia and Em even doubled up on the blahs, without knowing it.

I've taken to making myself little notes of blog ideas, because when I sit down to write, I cain't think of a thing that might tickle anyone's interest, least of all mine. So I just decided to steal my own comment from Em's site:

But the point, for me, at blog inception, was to write. And it keeps us writing, no matter how trivial or silly it seems. And it keeps our friends happy. Plus, archives are the BEST way to find out when a lease is up.

It's true. I can't count the number of times I've used my own archives for reference. What yarn did I use? What was the name of that restaurant? What was I thinking when I signed up for X? It's like a searchable public brain.

Plus, it's writing. And that's what it's all about.

But, man, BLAH! We need to have a blog party, yo. Get some folks drunk and start rumors and peep on people making out behind the barn. Spice things up 'round these parts.


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Sounds like a party! Count me in!

I realized recently [after rereading my own blog] that I need to post the specifics about my projects. I had to try to remember the needle color I was using for a project, because i certainly couldn't recall the size!

Blah blah blah!!!

I'm so in the same boat. I actually even made my own blog idea list on my Palm. Kinda sad, maybe. But at least I have a few days worth of ideas.

I'm just gonna sit behind the barn and drink until someone shows up to join me.

I'd love an invitation to such a party, but a problem and an amazing thing all at once is the fact that the bloggers are spread over the world! I mean... it's touch to cross the Atlantic for a party...

i hope you blog about seeing emmy lou harris for free cause i am charteuse with envy!

A searchable public brain. That is funny. And true. Sounds like a good party. I am up for it.

We could always have a drunken lace challenge...oh, wait, we already do that ;-)

It must be early for me because I read "PUBIC" brain, instead of "public". Ha!
I hate going back and reading my blog. It's kind of like hearing your own voice. Ew.

You are so right about the archives. I search mine all the time, especially for pictures. Drunken contests sound like a plan.

Yep, my blog is my memory... I search the archives for just about everything... it is very helpful ;)

Have a good one, Rachael!

My blog is partly about writing for me too, but I find that since I kept a traditional, private journal for so long, I have trouble "journaling" in public. Is this odd? I suppose blogging is still writing, regardless of whether I think the writing is as "good" as what goes in my journal. Plus, it gets me into a drunken party/contest. Woo hoo!

I've not yet searched my archives since my blog's only been up since June, but I have searched my old livejournal that I've had for seven years (!!) to look back on old relationships and things I was doing at the time. It's really creepy to read your 15-year-old self. Like a time machine or somethin'...

yes. I search for when I staredt or finished something. I also use it to store those links to cool things people tell me about but that I don't remember for awhile.

august ennui is everywhere. I decided after my vacation that I needed to write everyday. Even if its mundane. Just b'c I need to. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

A party sounds like a great idea. With all that's been going on in my life lately you'd think I'd be blogging constantly, but in fact I don't feel like it at all.

Wow! I do like this idea. I need a spice and jazz at the moment.

I'm definitely feeling the August blahs too... I think it has something to do with switching gears from summer to fall. Slowing down before gearing up maybe? I mean, if you aren't in school, or don't have kids in school, everyone kind of gets back into real life in September after the holiday, ya know?

Now there's a sensible plan to stir up some blog fodder.

I wrote about vaginas today. You could always do that.

Seriously, though, it is about the writing--I've been more productive with blog ideas than article ideas so I'm running with it because, writing really is the point.

We are almost at the cusp of a season change which could possible give us a bit of the blahs, it has for me at least. I am feeling ansy for some fall weather and I have been in a serious knitting funk, for some reason can't wrap anything around my needles lately. I could go for a pitcher of sangrias or margaritas or some long island ice teas.

Totally, man!!! I just went thru my archives yesterday. It's like I'm wrackin' my brain for cool, interesting stuff to write about, but all I can think is..."man, it's foggy here today."

Ooh, blog party!

Public brain; I like that.

Drunken lace party? I'm in. I can bring the bourbon and some bluegrass tunes.

HA! I haven't written in any of my online things since January! TOP THAT! I want to dismantle everything I currently have (and am not writing in) and re-mantle up a new design for it but with all the other stuff going on it just seems so pointless.

Although I don't have a blog, I have been keeping a traditional journal on and off for years, and have frequently gone back through them to find out something.

Oh, and Bronwyn, you think reading your 15-y-o self is weird, try 8. Wild.

This is the second time I've seen the words "blog ennui" in two days in two totally different places, so at least I know it's not just me who sits down to write every day and goes "bleeeehhhh..." At first I blamed it on the fact that I am thisclose to vacation, but eh.

I use my blog for memory purposes, too. It's handier than a paper journal, and has color pictures, too!

Yeah, someone needs to diss someone's blog and get a good fight going. But not me. I love everyone. Well, except the ones who diss others.

Last time I got the blog blues I took a dare: combine two random things into a short essay. A friend came up with rubber chickens and toilet plungers.

So, your challenge, if you chose to accept it is to somehow combine spinning wheels and elephant tusks. Go!

I'm all over the blog party. I'm fighting the blog ennui very hard. I'm forcing myself to post twice a week for this entire month, just to keep the blog alive. I think if I didn't have a set quota, there wouldn't be any blogging going on for this entire month. Sad, isn't it?

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