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NoisyAugust 22, 2005

There's a tree-trimmer in my backyard -- the fellow who owns the big old sycamore behind me has decided to take it out, so they had to back a tree-eater-truck up my driveway after I moved my car. The guy could barely drive the truck, and it was only luck that I had JUST walked across the driveway when he put it in drive instead of reverse and shot out into the street. He looked kind of sheepish. I'm sure I looked kind of terrified.

The cats are not enjoying the noise. They're sure they're next. No, what're next are the ANTS that have moved my house over by three inches overnight. I'm going to vacuum them up and mail them back to Uncle Milton. I especially like how their entrance is in my bedroom, so that the mass has to tromp through the bedroom and living room in order to get to the kitchen. But even with all the best holistic advice that y'all have given me in the past, I find that the best way to deal with them is to (Lala, my little Buddhist, close your eyes) shoot Raid into the crack from which they're tromping, and then 409 the heck out of the rest of them, killing them and cleaning my floors at the same time. Erg. I need to mop now. I have the serious cleaning urge.

But first, some photos of SpinPorn. I'm finally spinning again, having had time last week while I was sick. This is the most beautifully colored green/pink from Carolina Homespun, 70% merino, 30% tussah silk. I got 8 ounces from them, and strangely enough, I found another four of almost identical stuff at Deep Color, so I think I'll have enough for nice big lace something. It's two-ply, closer to sport weight than lace, but I LOVE it. It's the finest weight I've ever managed.


With the flash, to show the silk,


And up close, because I like it:


Also, This Just In:

Why My Girlfriend Is Better Than Your Husband


With all respect to your husband, of course. But while having a Sunday morning lie-in, Lala decided she wanted to learn how to use the drop spindle, which, it turns out, she was AMAZING at. She understood the fiber much more intuitively than I ever did when starting on the spindle. And dude, that's HOT.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a fundraising party for our friend Jodi Terry (who's running the AIDS Marathon in Honolulu, the same one I did last year -- go support her! She's as much of a runner as I was last year, having not run a mile since high school, and she just ran 14 miles last week! Run, Jodi, run!). 

At the party Lala was spinning like a, like a, well, like a spinner, and a gal named Indira wanted to try.

    Another natural.

Oh, spinning is good. So is the nectarine I'm eating. Hope your day is happy.


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Dude, Knitter, can I just tell you how much I love you? I LOVE YOU!! You have been so supportive and generous and wonderful- over and over again. I am so glad you came to the party... and I am touched to be mentioned in your blog! Awww. Thanks for the publicity. I owe you a big favor or five.. =)
Oh, and girl, you can limbo! You, Lala and Won-ju were the the cutest! We'll get together soon.
-Jodi xoxo

That's so hilarious! We have the same red flowers IKEA bought sheets! And they show in my blog entry from today too! What are the odds??
And just as I start knitting, I read knitting blogs about spinning and sewing! The inspiration never stops! Lemme just get the hang of some knitting and I might join you in All The Creativity There Is after that! (Do you paint? I do. Egoistic me is just looking for something you can't do you amazing woman you!)

Ehm... see... the sheets don't show in my entry, but they could. They're right there behind the dog... out of frame.

I'm in awe of your spinning. It's absolutely the best!

Yes it is hot that she wants to do something that you do. And that she can do it. Glad you are feeling better. No, there isn't much else you can do with the ants. They migrate through the house every year.

and on top of everything else she's spinning in bed. that's a real talent, and it's extra cute too.

you little enabler you! and that fiber with the resulting yarn is going to be kick ass beautiful!

I never realized that I was addicted to porn... spinning-porn that is. Temptress! It will always keep me coming back!

Hmm. Well, Lala is sure better than MY husband because... well... I don't have one. Thank god. ;-)

It was only a matter of time with that spindle, you realise... :-)

I have three words for you: Grant's Ant Stakes. It seems like every year I get a big line of ants who just need to get into the cats' food, and as soon as I see them I set out a couple of stakes, near where they've entered the house and then one by the food source, and within 2 days they're all gone. Buh bye.

LOVE Grant's Ant Stakes. Go to Long's and grab some up. And you're welcome. ;)

you're such a fibre pusher! your silk is gorgeous too -- ahh to be so multi-talented . . .

Um, Lala is so cute in bed with the drop spindle. Also cute: that bad-ass yarn you spun. SO impressed.

That is some truly gorgeous ... spinning. Really. The shine. The silk. The.... okay. I'd better stop.

Lemme see if I understand this properly? That's 2-ply sport weight?? Seriously? I spun on a wheel last weekend for the first time. (I never could get the hang of a drop spindle). I can't even imagine what it would be like to spin something that fine. Kudos to you!

Imagine my dismay when I came home from my class at SCRAP with my homemade drop spindle, which for the life of me I could not get the hang of, and five minutes later my Mr. had spun several yards. Patently unfair, though it prompted him to ask me if I might want a spinning wheel someday.

What I really stopped by to tell you is that KPIG is now being broadcast on 1510 AM in the Bay Area. Maybe you knew that already, but I recall some time ago that you were looking for a good bluegrass/Americana station. Now we have one.

You are doing a fabulous job as the left coast spinning syndicate.

Oh, so THAT'S why I haven't been able to spin as well as the rest of you -- I wasn't holding my tongue right!

Thanks, Indira!


There is no denying that Lala us ubercoool/ubercute. I will say that Dr. Pig may be an evil male alter ego to Lala. He built his own spindle out of a CD and a dowel. And then there's that whole slamgrass thing that made me love him in the first place.

Your spinning looks beautiful--great colors! I haven't been able to spin lace-weight yet, either, but I'm getting closer all the time.

Can I trade husband in for cute spinning bluegrass-playing girlfriend? One that does laundry? ;) Spinning in bed is good 'cause you can hang the spindle over the side! Go Lala! Go Rach! Go Jodi Terry! GO AIDS MARATHONERS!!! My runners did 20 miles on Sunday! GO G'TOWN SUNDAY! Um. Yes. Site Assistant Kel shall now shut up and go back to work.

Poor little kitties--I hope the noise lets up soon!

Ooh, what you spun is so pretty!

I need to learn how to spin....Okay I have been tagged on my blog by crystal... I must finish my list of 6 people to tag with you Rachael. Your the last one. Tag questions are on my blog. Hope you are feeling a little better and they have stop making all that racket...

Ahem....cracked up at "why my gf is better..."

When listening to friends talk about the ups and downs of marriage/relationship...you have no idea how hard it is to not say "Dude...you need a woman."

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