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Several things I'm thinking about: August 12, 2005

  • Wonderfalls. Why didn't anyone tell me about this show? I'm watching the repeats on the new Logo channel and lovin' em.
  • I know myself pretty well. Like tonight, when I was packing, I was putting clothes into my take-everywhere canvas travel carry-on. When I unzipped a small compartment, I felt a rustle. It was a note. A small, folded up piece of white paper. I carefully unfolded it, expecting to find an old address tag. Instead, it said in my own handwriting, "Do not use this pocket until you wash out the melted Cadbury Creme Egg." I would NEVER have remembered that melted egg.
  • Pickathon. I'm going. Fabulous line-up, camping out, bluegrass, and no worries other than bringing no chairs. I'm inordinately annoyed with myself that I didn't pack Lala's car with chairs, because after three days of knitting sitting on the ground, I'm going to be a big whiny effin grouch. But oh, well. Lala and friends drove up yesterday, and I'm on an early flight today, so by the time you read this, I'll be in Portland, looking for a ride from a friend of a friend who's going to pick me up either at the airport or somewhere in Portland after I call her when I land. I don't normally travel this sloppily, but it's kind of liberating. We're only staying a couple of days for the festival and then driving at high rates of speed back down the west coast to get Lala to work on Monday, so I'm not packing much more than some tank tops and a bunch of yarn. Can't wait.

Y'all have a great weekend, and I'll catch up on email when I get home.


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You have a great weekend, too.

(I still have one Creme Egg in my fridge, and I think of you every time I see it there.)

Loved loved loved Wonderfalls while it was on and was super sad when it ended. I hear the DVD has an actual closure to the short-lived series; I may check it out. How freaking cute is the main girl?

Well, at least you made it half way up here! ;-)

P.S. TMK and I also both loved Wonderfalls and were really disappointed when it was cancelled.

Thank You for providing me with a good laugh this morning! Your Creme Egg note is so very much something that I would do myself!

Well, shoot! I would have been happy to take time off to chauffer you around (who wants to be at work anyway on a Friday?). Have fun at the Pickathon!

I LOVE that Creme Egg story. I can't quite believe that anyone's organised enough to leave a note-to-self without being organised enough to wash it out before putting the bag away (I'm definitely not organised enough for either), but I love that you are. Brilliant.

My hubby and I were absolute fans of Wonderfalls. It probably got canned because there was no laugh track. [sigh] Every once in a while Fox creates a gem that gets overlooked because they don't plan on any new show going more than 6 episodes. Maybe it will be like Family Guy and make a comeback if we all talk about how much we love it!

Ah, to be young, gorgeous, footloose and going to a bluegrass festival with loved ones! You suck! ;-) Kidding, dearest. I'm totally jealous. I remember the days though...pulling over on the thruway at 3:00am to sleep (45 minutes from home, but I couldn't make it!) and then just driving straight to work and washing up in the ladies room. And turning the undies inside out. That's a rule. ;-)

Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

I started watching Wonderfalls RIGHT before they canceled it. Doh! Is the Logo Channel available on regular cable?

Wonderfalls was great and the dvd is worth getting!

Hope you have a really good time. And hope someone has an extra chair.

No one told you about Wonderfalls because it got cancelled after airing 3 or 4 episodes. The good news is that they'd already made the entire first season and it's available on DVD (4 discs or so). The interviews have them talking about things they wanted to have happen during season 3, so if they decided to do some more there's material there to do it with, but getting a network to air something that sacreligious at the moment seems unfortunately unlikely.

As it's been said -- no one had a CHANCE to tell you about the show! I am one of the 12 people who watched all 3 episodes. I seriously mourned the passing of yet another great show (Firefly was another).

But anyway, I'm commenting to suggest you watch for all the fun knit wear in the show, seeing as how it's set at Niagra Falls in the winter (long winter!). Lots of fun scarves, mittens, hats, sweaters. In the commentary, they comment on the sleeves of one sweater, which had - once upon a time - been a scarf.

It's my fault that Wonderfalls was cancelled. I get hooked on all of these excellent shows and then they get cancelled. Sorry.

He Rachael,

I hope you enjoyed your trip.

Fox cancelled Wonderfalls too quickly. At least the box set has the whole season, but it is sad to watch knowing that there will be no more. Now I am spreading the virus amongst my friends by giving them the DVDs for birthday presents.

Hope you had a good time (I guess I'll find out if I read the next post).

Dude, I did tell you about that show. Last time you were at my place. I'm glad you found it. If that channel doesn't air all the episodes get 'em from netflix -- some of the unaired ones are the best.

The note--priceless! The only way it could have been better is if you tucked a 20 dollar bill in with the note when you wrote it.

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