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Vacay!August 29, 2005

I'm out, peeps. I'm working for the next couple of days on some writing things, tying up loose ends, so I'll be busy with that, and then I'm out of town for a long, long weekend to Strawberry, our annual bluegrass festival trip. Lala gets to go this year! Yay! Oh, my god, I HAVE to remember the tickets! I have such a huge fear of driving four and a half hours, only to be turned away at the gate. It's a valid fear, too. I'd do it.

But dude, I can't wait to be sitting, listening to music, doing some knitting, and some spinning, and some napping. If I owe you an email, I'll catch you next week. I'm tired of online, you know? Gotta take a little break.

In the meantime, here's some new music for you: Nora O'Connor. I lurve her. Go check her out in iTunes, or I noticed that Amazon has some quick sound samples. She also has a new album out with Lala's other girlfriend, Kelly Hogan (HOT) and John Wesley Harding. And they're playing tonight  in San Francisco, at Cafe du Nord. So starts my Music Week. Oh, yeah.

(vacation) MWAH!


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You and LaLa have a Super time!

have a great vay-kay, dude! :)

Re: forgetting tickets.

Why not put them in the glove compartment of your car (if you're driving) or in a bag you know for sure you're taking. And do it now while you're not totally paniced with packing?

Kelly Hogan = dreamy! She used to have a regular Thursday night gig at a place not too far from my apartment, and I tried to get over there to see her as often as I could. Voice like smokey velvet, that one has...

Enjoy your vacation!

Have a great time.

tee-hee. leaving without the tickets is SO something I'd do. Have done. Whatever.

Have fun!!!!

Put the tickets in the car RIGHT NOW!! It will help you sleep better. Have fun!

Have a wonderful time at Strawberry. I wish I was going! Maybe someday.

Oy. Greg Brown is going to be there and I so luh-uh-uvvv him. Dang, wish I was going. Well have fun and Treo me a pic of him, eh?

Have fun! We'll be expecting a full report. And, also, pictures.

You've de-lurked me with the mention of Kelly Hogan! A concert by Kelly, along with her former band The Jody Grind, was the site of my first blind date at the Roxy in Atlanta, well nigh 13 or 14 years ago. The blind date with Mike fizzled, the crush on Kelly has been goin' strong. Thanks for letting me know about her new album.

Well, aren't you the bluegrass-fest-attending fool? I hope you and LaLa have an awesome time!

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