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August 15, 2005

We got back into town late last night, after one of the best music festivals I've ever been to. I have so much to tell you, but I need a day or two, please. After not sleeping well last week, then getting four hours sleep before the plane ride up to Portland on Friday, then partying like the rockstar Whoreshoes I was with for two days and a fourteen hour drive home yesterday, I am a sick puppy. Flu, I think, with fever and sore throat and headache and various ills. I've slept all day, and I'm planning on keeping that up.

So I'll tell you about it later, and for now, here's just a taste of the fun:

    Lala sets up bar

    Always tip well


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I cannot tell you how bummed I am that you were here, and we didn't get to play! I was *way* too busy anyway, but next time you head this way, hollar, no? Would love to do lunch and knit some. Cooking lessons? Anytime ;-)


Hope you get to feelin' better.

Aha! I thought that place looked familiar, and then checked the Pickathon link (oops, accidentally typed Pickathong the first time). I did alot of sock knitting at Pudding River a few weeks ago. That was reggae and ONLY a 12 hour drive home the next day for us. I would've given anything to be there for bluegrass.
Who am I to complain, though? At my SIL's wedding this weekend, when the band had to shut down at 10:30 for the neighbors, they wouldn't stop for another hour, then unplugged and went inside. We shoved the dining room table aside and had our very own little bluegrass house party into the wee hours of the night. We're still in recovery, too.
Sorry you're not feeling well. Waiting for more details on the show.

Welcome back! I'll look forward to enjoying the festival vicariously through your eyes.

Wish I could email chicken soops ...

yay knob creek!

Glad you had a good time. Rest and take care of yourself. We want you better soon.

Nice to have you back! I hope you feel better soon...lots of bad bugs going around this summer.

I am in mourning for that gentle man Vassar Clements. He could play a fiddle like no other.

OO, I Hope you feel better soon. Get thee some Emergen-C packets and drink as much of it as you can!

lala looks fabulous in that beautiful cardigan that you knit her. that must be her favorite thing!

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