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September 29, 2005

    My baby.


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Wait, did you get a new laptop? Or are you showing off your cool wallpaper photo that I can only assume is a really tricked out photo of La? Regardless, cool photo. And wouldn't it be freaky to make that your wallpaper?

I got to drool over a buncha Apple laptops last weekend, and now that you have one? I'm adding you to the list of people that I am So. Very. Envious of.

Oh, how exciting... welcome, welcome, welcome to the wonderful world of Macs! :) Its a happy day for me when I see someone loving their new Mac.

hey! it looks just like MYmac! (minus the Lala wallpaper) You've got great taste in many things, laptops too, apparently. Congrats on the new toy.

So cute! I named my powerbook, Tina. Was going to call her Tinny coz she's made out of aluminium but Tina sounder cuter. My shuffle is called Tiny. Powerbooks just look and feel so good. Oh yeah and they work pretty good too!!

Does it do the Hanky Panky?

I'm just askin'.

Name, birth weight, is it sleeping through the night....where are the specs?

This seems to be *the* gift to give the lady in one's life this year. A friend of mine recently bought his girlfriend one, too. Hm.

Very, very droolworthy.

Welcome to the Powerbook Grrls! Yeah!

me jealous!

Please tell me you got a C-section because -- ow!

OK, I'm a little late to the party, but had to comment on how perfectly elegant your Sailor be. Wow! I have the same Bible, but would never have thought to put together the stitches in such a beautiful way. The Whoreshoe cable rocks!

very pretty...can it clone itself? my p2 laptop is slowly (but i'm fairly sure surely) imploding, with frequent crashes, and has very little compatibility with the programs out there now. how sad for me. but i'm very happy that you have such a pretty machine. i'm not sure if your shuffle sounds better on a mac. truly i'll never find out. it would be too hard to switch to mac. the boy's a pc boy and does computer stuff for a living, and his side of the sunroom/office has five machines (7 hard-drives) and it would just make life too hard if i were to switch...we wouldn't be able to pass things back and forth...funny thing is...we can't share. we each need our own key board and monitor. ah well. i'm very happy you have your new toy to play with. the sailor sweater was lovely, and now you can plot all sorts of new pretties on your machine! good luck with the new job!


It's weird looking at your laptop on the screen of my identical laptop - like those pics of people looking in a mirror at a reflection of themselves looking in a mirror at a reflection of themselves... Enioy! I know I do.

I picked up a Mac powerbook this afternoon, still trying to figure it out, but yay!

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