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September 13, 2005

Bad sleep-brain today. I either like to sleep in on Tuesday mornings until about noon, or go back to bed if I get up in the morning and take a good nap, since it's my Monday and I'm going to work all night.

Today, however, I got home from going out to coffee with Lala nice and early, and then I did things. You know those mornings, where you make all the unpleasant calls you have to make, and then you think of more you could make, and call those people too because it hasn't killed you yet. It's not like I'm calling debtors or debtees, nothing unhappy like that, but I was taking care of things like the HOA insurance of which I seem to be in charge (and NO ONE wants to renew our insurance -- companies aren't happy to take new HOA clients, and we have to leave our old insurance because of an ex-owner's screw-up). Calls for that. Been struggling with that for two months. Calls about housing -- should we rent out my place and rent another place when we move in together, or should we sell my little condo and buy something bigger?

All right, that's the thing that kept me from napping, right there. Erg. I can't even think about it. It's exciting (I typoed sexciting, so it must be), but the stress we're in for! It was hard enough to buy. It must be so much harder to sell and buy at the same time. And if we rent, we'll still have to MOVE, my third move in two years, and Lala's twenty-seventh or something like that. We just kind of groan when we start thinking about it. But I wanna live with her. Isn't that the weirdest? It is. I do. It's awesome. And such a problem to have. Diamonds on the soles of my shoes and all that. But still puts the brain into spin-cycle.

So not much nap today, which means that by about 4:30am I'll be uncomfortably stupid. Not sleepy, because the job and adrenaline keep me awake, but I'll be able to feel my brain turning into a plate of spaghetti. The phone will ring, it'll be a crisis, my head will clear, I'll ask the questions and send the right help and do the right research, and be quick and smart and fast, and then I'll go back to doing my own writing and forget how to spell "floor." I'll just sit there and stare at it, willing myself to remember, which is a stunningly good time-waster.

Enough babbling. I'm so upset about Alison's loss. It's so awful to lose an animal, but to lose one to something as crude and ugly as an automobile adds egregious insult to what's already unbearable. Remember when we met Bea? In Taiwan? Oh, I'm just so sad. And my heart hurts for Al.

This is for our Bea, may she be climbing palms and walls and piles o'yarn just around the corner, where we can't quite see her:



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I know...Bea... Times like this, it really sucks that the four of us don't live close enough for in-person hugs and for drop-bys with comfort food.

Bea, an angel in fur, that one. Awful.

How tiny is your place, exactly? (Whoops just forgot about the dogs. That's a lot of mammals in one small spot, isn't it?)

Selling while buying and buying while selling and then moving only hurts for a little while. Take a deep breath and dive in. It'll be worth it.

I had a little one who looked exactly like Bea, and the same thing happened. So when I saw the photo and the title of Al's post...owwwwwww....

She's sort of closer to me, but still not close enough to hug and bring a chocolate cake or something...

By the way, moving in really IS sexciting. Although an international move makes you so damned tired you have to wait a while for the first part of that feeling to recuperate...so at least you ladies are sort of close by and not, you know, filling out customs forms and shit. It'll be SO COOL waking up in the same place together all the time.

Steady girl. One breath at a time, step at a time and it will be alllllll good. I promise...Sending you incredible 'it shall be effortless' vibes...

forgot to say, you are the WOMAN WHO RUNS MARATHONS...and also THE WOMAN WHO BOUGHT HER OWN PLACE..and, um, THE WOMAN WHO WASN'T GONNA FALL IN LOVE...and fell in love with the most amazing woman ever...Ahem.

say it with me: i can do ANYTHING!!!

(you know you can)

When we were buying a house, I did most of the stuff. I didn't mind doing it and I know if The Husband had done it, I'd always be questioning him about how he went about doing things. I'm not usually so anal-retentive, but it was a big thing, you know? So anyhoo, I just did it all myself. So we're sitting there in the closing (in Pennsylvania the buyers and sellers have to meet with other people to fill out the paperwork) and he whispers to me, "Jeez, aren't we done yet?" Not the right thing to say to someone who knocked herself out getting everything ready. I told him to enjoy it because it was never going to be this easy again. But! You shouldn't have any problem selling your condo because I'm sure your housing market is wonderful out there.

I was gonna ask, like Leslie did, about how tiny your place is and yeah, I forgot about the dogs. Good thing Lala doesn't have Saint Bernards!

And I forgot to mention that "sexciting" made me giggle.

Moving in together is so worth all the headaches of selling and buying and renting and moving. :D

And hey, if your place has appreciated it should take care of the IO loan!

Thanks for writing just the right thing about Bea.

"sexciting" made me gigglesnort, thank you.

Oh god, combining two households ... never again. You can do anything, I have faith in you. Me? Not so much. Next time I'm just burning to the ground.

Um, are you insured?

I'm just askin'

lovely elegy to bea. i can't get the tears out of my eyes when i think about it. :( it's hard enough when they die of old age.

Aw, sweet Bea. I totally remember 'meeting' her for the first time. The sweetest kitty schmoo ever. So sad.

My heart broke a little when I heard about Bea, my family lost most cats to cars where we lived, it's the reason I keep mine indoors. My parents house was too packed for litterboxes and the like, but I'll deal, for fear of losing another like I lost my fuzzers when I was younger.

And you'll be fine lovey, this is just a life marathon, and you've been training for a while :)

I do remember when we met Bea. What a beautiful kitty! She reminded me of my Izzy. And I was sitting here at the office, crying, when I read of her untimely death.

Lucky for me it was before hours so I didn't have to explain to any coworkers.

The moving and selling and buying will be okay. It really will. I recommend not doing it at the same time as the wedding, though. Talk about brain in spin cycle.

And Bea... I just don't have words for that. Our cats have discovered the pet door, and the thought of things like cars just makes my heart freeze.

Thank you, Rachael, and everybody.

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