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BetterSeptember 23, 2005

To all my Bay Area peeps, two chances to catch The Whoreshoes this weekend! Info on their site: Saturday night will be great at the 12 Galaxies, and I'll be at the Sunday afternoon show at the Ivy Room in Berkeley. I'll be knitting, of course, so come sit by me and watch the gals kick up their boots! It's a good show, yo.

Well, I'm much better now. I must say, going home yesterday morning from work, curling up on the couch with a glass of wine, and flipping my TiVo to The Apprentice, Martha-Stewart-style, did wonders for my mood. Oh, my god, that show is so BAD, and therefore, so GOOD. She's so trying to be the anti-Trump, and she's almost pulling it off. Her creepy sweetness prevents her from getting away with it, though. I love it. Instead of saying, "You're FIRED," she says, "You'll have to go home." She writes a handwritten note of encouragement after the releasing. She smiles a lot.

I've never really been a Martha fan, but ever since the scandal I'm way more on her side. She's interesting to me now, whereas before she was just too tasteful for garage-sale-me. So that was nice.

Also nice was waking up and meeting La for a little yarn therapy. There's a baby being born soon who will need a cushy warm sweater, and isn't that a fine excuse to go to the yarn store? After all, I have NO yarn. Nope. None at all. In the tub. Right now. That's the truth.

So I'm pretty much over the loss of the house that wasn't ours. It certainly is the right way to go, though, this whole fall-in-love, make offer next day, counter the next, lose it the next. None of those weeks of wondering and hoping. Now we can do it right, the way we'd planned, take our time, sell the condo if possible, and then buy a house with a little teeny cushion underneath us.

Tonight is my last night of work at this job! Hooray! It's been great, but the climate is changing, and I'm getting out while the getting's good. I've been stationary for a while now, and I'm looking forward to motion and learning. I need a new challenge. Yup.

So sayonara.



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Aw, I'm sorry the house didn't work out. Dare I suggest that the house of your dreams is somewhere, I don't know, on the East Coast? Or is it too soon for that?

I watched Martha too, and thought the same thing. But it's worse--she actually told the first booted candidate, "You just don't fit in." Flash me back to high school and laugh at my clothes, because DAYUM! And then she writes a note. A note! WTF! Didn't the writers realize she didn't have to be exactly like the sweeter side of Trump? Bah. (But oh yes, I'm watching next week.)

Finally, here's to greater things! Congrats on the last night!

What a nice Cheery Rachael post.

Onward and upward darling!

i read kelly's tribute to you - beauty! it must be nice to know you've affected people this way :)

Yay, glad you're better... and you get to go start a new job soon, which will be fun. And I can share a bit of better news, which is that I'll be in SF a week earlier than previously though :-) and hence, a week longer!

Best of luck with your new job!

I've always like Martha - I used to watch her holiday special on PBS back in the 80s. I thought you got a raw deal with the securities exchange crap. Yeah, here's my surprise face.
Anyway, I'm glad the Apprentice is good because the morning show is lame. This warm and fuzzy Martha ain't doing it for me. C'mon, her whole schtick is how over-the-top everything is. I don't want to watch her teaching Usher how to make Buffalo Wings!
Have a great weekend, enjoy your last day at the job.

Congrats on the new gig. A fresh start can do wonders sometimes and it's always a good feeling to get out when the gettin's good.

The house? Although I could almost feel the charm, was just not yours and your attitudes are to be commended. Yea you!

No yarn? That's the saddest thing I've heard all day! That is SO NOT acceptable and I'm sure me saying that is all the justification you might need. Load UP!

Again, congrats and very best wishes from Arkansas!


Oh I'm so sorry about the house. But it's true--you'll find something even more perfect, but you'll never forget that house. My sweetie and I are moving to a house (renting only) in Alameda, after we fell in love with and lost a house. But assure you, you house is waiting out there for you with big closets to hold lots of yarn and sunny windows for the cats.

Good luck with the new job. Everything falls into place when it's meant to.

I MUST see this martha show!

When Martha was first coming on the scene, my mom used to always make fun of her by using Martha phrases while she was doing things like cleaning the bathroom or doing dishes. It's hard to explain - I just know it's still funny to me now, like 15 years later.

I'm so upset I missed the Martha Apprentice. I watched Don last night though. Congrats on your last day!

Hey look, there's always Canada. ;-) we have houses here too you know.

It's meant to be or it's not, and you're right, much much better to know right away than to spend weeks and weeks and weeks wondering.

Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything.

Enjoy your week between jobs! Good luck in the new position. And about the house, it's coming.

Yay new job! It is a little scary to start a new job sometimes, but it's also shiny and new and fun. I know you will be a bad-ass worker at the new job like you were at the old job.

have a great weekend! mwah!

I wanna go to the Sunday show, but I dont know if I will be able to-- I have a feeling I am going to have to work all weekend. Sigh.

the martha apprentice show is so bad it's good. i was sucked in within minutes. i have to say though, if the contestants prove to be as heinously obnoxious as the first guy who got the boot, it'll be hard to watch. i lose interest if i don't have at least one contestant to cheer on.

Yes Martha does seem a bit creepy. Makes you wonder if she has really turned out that nice or if she just wants everyone to like her again.

We also got overbid on our dream house, and while I won't say I love our current house, it is a roof, and there is the dream of the perfect house.......

Leaving a job is so bittersweet. There's always something or someone that has kept you going over the years... Kelly sounds like a gem. Good luck with the new job! (love the winking dispatcher photo - I always look like a pale-faced freak in self portraits.)

I like the idea of Martha's Apprentice b/c (and I'm hoping here) it's the kind of creativity I can understand.

we have been cheated out of a photo of you in the oft maligned uniform. Also: the big long's store? Dudette, it has batik supplies. It has statues of Kwan Yin. It has plants. It has Burt's Bees rhubabrb lip shine. It now has $75 of my money, and my longing (snorf, a pun) to return

So sorry about the house. But, hot damn! on the new job. When I last switched jobs, I took an up front cut in pay for better hours and less stress, and haven't looked back. It helped that I surpassed my old salary within 3 years.

But your new schedule will be way worth it, in personal freedom. And you are a light to shine any where you go.

And, dear Rachael, I made a startling discovery today when I realized that your email address has noting to do with spiders. I'm so ashamed.

And totally serious.

erachnaphobia. Was what i thought. I know, A not E. but...sorry again.

hi peach! let's have lunch (why ask via comments? to show that I actually turned on the computer, natch!) ugh, time to go back to sleep. xoxo

So what's next for our hero and her friends?

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