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September 23, 2005

California readers who like me and believe in civil rights, this is for you (and it really did take less than 30 seconds):

If you support equal civil rights, please read. 
This takes less than 30 seconds of time.

CA is so close to the passage of a same-sex marriage
bill. All we need
now is the Governor's signature. Though he's
threatened to veto it, he
HASN'T yet. He's claiming he is going to veto
it because the voters voiced
their opinion on the issue already, but that
was five years ago - and this
guy just announced that he's running for
reelection, so he should care what
you think. We need to tell him that the
people of CA are for legalizing
same sex marriage.

So please call him! It only takes a few seconds.

Call his office at (916) 445-2841 and follow
these simple steps. (You
don't even have to talk to anyone!)

1. Press "2" to comment on legislation

2. Press "1" to comment on AB 849 (AB 849 is the
gender neutral bill that
will allow same-sex couples to marry)

3. Press "1" to support it

That's all there is to it!

Please forward to friends and family who might
lend their support.


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Done and done (now can I do it 500 more times?). Thanks for posting this.

I will call and try to get more folks to call. At least we can put Arnold's reelection bid to good use.

I'm not even a CA resident and I did it.

Makes me wish I was still a California Resident.

Darn it, I tried...when I called, the comment on legislation thing said something about SB60, which is something about immigration. :(

So is there anything us Massachusetts folks can do about this? I'll write letters or something! I'm good at lobbying. Really, I am.

Our bill in Oregon was defeated to my utter disappointment. Good luck in CA!!

Did it, doll. Easy as pie. I'll pass it on, too. Great idea to put it on the blog.

Good lord, if only changing the hearts and minds of the people were was that easy. Wow, that was way more fun than doing those online petition thingies.

Done :) finally a phone call to a bureaucrat that was fun and for a good reason!! I'm passing this on to all those that I know. smootches!!

I called, from my still-510 cell phone. Damn, I hope he listens.

Done, from the office phone AND the cell phone! :) Thanks for posting this; I didn't realize the gov's office had an automated system for registering support/opposition to legislation, and you bet I will be taking advantage of it in future.

I called from Georgia...I hope my opinion counts. Good luck out there. I'm hoping you'll set a precendent for GA.

Thanks for posting this! It's done!

Brilliant. I called!!

I'm posting this on my blog.

I'm in WA, but passed this on to ALL of my friends in CA, and some even let me know the progress they made (if the line was busy, when they got through, etc.)

Really hope this makes a difference. Thanks for posting it!

I called Arnold for ya, doll. Man, do I regret voting for him... I shouldn't even admit it, but you know, he's my practically my homie from the old country.

Good luck! I hope he doesn't veto it ... if he does he's dumber than I already thought. Dumber than dirt even. I'd call if I could, but I'm in Canada and I really don't think Arnold gives a you-know-what about what we Canucks think ...

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